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The Romance of Ranma and 

Just where would we be without Ranma 1/2? Lucky for us, though, we have fanfiction. Here's you'll find stories authored by us. We hope you'll enjoy them just as we did writing them.

Disclaimer: Ranma 1/2 is a copyright of Rumiko Takahashi. The original Ranma 1/2 cast was used in each fanfiction for entertainment purposes only. No profits were made, collected, or gained from these stories.

Before we begin with *our* fanfiction...we would also like you to check out our "Tribute to the Authors" page. This is where we archive first chapters of our favorite fanfics! Click the image link below!

A Tribute to the Authors


Now! On with our fics!
(Click on the image title of the fanfic to read it.)

Bing's first fanfic...

Do You Remember...?
by Bing

A tale of lost love....heartaches...and forgiveness...

Do You Remember...?

Thank you, Kim, for this award!



An unforgettable, gripping side story from
Do You Remember...?

Through a Glass Wall
by Bing and Kalaong

Ranma returns to Nerima to try to reclaim his dreams - only to find that time waits for no man, and that bittersweet memories wait to change the way he sees the world...

Note: This fanfic contains lime-scenes. If you wish to read the lemon version, please send you requests to


Another Ranma and Akane fanfic for you!

Some Things Were Just
Meant to Be

by Kaiki Houjun


Ranma and Akane


Upcoming Fics

These are stories that are soon to be working on.


The Perfect Akane

The Perfect Akane
by Bing

One struggles for the life and honor she rightfully deserves...the other for the love and dignity she lost...


by Bing

A thrilling story of love and betrayal.

Ranma as the Jiei


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