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The Romance of Ranma and 
A True Couple

Fiancées and the Suitors
Written by Bing


The relationship of Ranma and Akane is often challenged by other fiancées and suitors. There are other sites out there that have been supporting the idea that Ranma should be with one of his other fiancées while Akane should pair off with one of her suitors, and have come up with reasons why Ranma and Akane are such a bad match. Several of these reasons are invalid and just plain ignorant that there is just no foundation why Ranma and Akane would be paired up with them. Who knew if they even watched the anime version or read the manga?


Ranma's Other Fiancées
Akane's Suitors
Freaky and Grossed Out Matches


Ranma's Other Fiancées (Well, at least one of them thinks so.)

  1. Ukyou Kuonji
  2. Ranma considers her to be his best friend...and his best friend alone. Ukyou loves him very much, but for Ranma his feelings would never go beyond that. He always sees her as "one of the guys," and he's already too devoted to Akane. For more arguments why Ranma and Ukyou's relationship would never work, read the article Ranma and Ukyou Together Forever? I Think Not!

  3. Shampoo

    Ah! Shampoo the Amazon warrior! There are several strikes against her. According to her law, she and Ranma are already married although that would be considered unjust since her law doesn't work in Japan. She also tries to win him by trying to trick him or tries to kill Akane. Of course, this never works since she drives Ranma further and further away from her. Shampoo also turns into a cat, and Ranma freaks all the time when he sees one. Clearly, he doesn't return her affections for him. Ranma isn't obviously happy whenever she grabs him.

    Mousse, the man who adored Shampoo since childhood, is the right guy for her. He obviously cares for her and totally dedicates himself to Shampoo. He would give the love Shampoo needs that Ranma won't. Though she would never admit it, deep down inside, Shampoo really does like him. It may not seem that way in the anime, but the manga version features Shampoo's nicer side to Mousse.

  4. Kodachi Kuno
  5. The self-proclaimed and very persistent fiancée. She's like Shampoo. She bribes and cheats her way into Ranma's heart. A total turn off for Ranma. She also hates girl-type Ranma...and Ranma no matter what form he is in is Ranma. The relationship would not work.

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Akane's Suitors

  1. Ryouga Hibiki
  2. His case is the same as Ukyou. Although he is in love with Akane as much as Ranma is in love with her, Akane sees him as a friend. He's also keeping the fact that he is P-chan. He's being dishonest with her right there and takes advantage of it whenever the opportunity arises. Not a good start for a relationship.

    Still Ryouga is a real sweetheart, and he deserves someone who loves him. In the manga version, he is paired up with Akari, a real sweet girl who loves pigs. Ryouga would need someone who can accept him as a man and as a pig.

    Another girl who is often paired up with him is Ukyou. This, too, is also a great match although some may not agree. Since their situation is pretty much hopeless with Ranma and Akane, it is possible that Ryouga and Ukyou can bring comfort to one another.

  3. Shinnosuke
  4. Again, Akane sees him as a friend. She is grateful for him for saving her life, but that doesn't mean that she loves him. She also took pity in him when she learned that he was dying and tried to save his life. Shinnosuke has a real bad memory, too. So bad that he ultimately forgot that he already confessed his love for Akane. That might have been a good thing for him though since Akane can't return his feelings.

  5. Tatewaki Kuno
  6. Ha! Akane can't stand him! Every time he tries and grabs her, she gives him that old soccer-like kick. Also, he can't make up his mind between Ranma-chan and Akane. He's already unfaithful to her right there.

  7. Prince Kirin
  8. Another suitor of Akane, but that's only because she had the other half of the scroll. No love there. Besides, Kirin would marry any girl who has the scroll. In the movie Big Trouble in Nekonron, China, Lychee was the real holder of that scroll so she is the true bride for Kirin.

  9. Prince Touma
  10. This guy had his eye on Akane too, he is way too young for Akane. And she was trying to tell Touma that she wasn't interested after he picked her over the brides, but he was stubborn and Ranma had to show him a thing or two before he realized that he had to give Akane up.

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Freaky and Grossed Out Matches

  1. Ranma-chan and Kuno
  2. Ew. Just reading it gives me the creeps. There is just no way that this match would work out. Ranma is a guy, and he hates Kuno. Also, Kuno hates boy-type Ranma so he can kiss his pig-tailed girl goodbye. Uhh...sorry, Ranma. I didn't mean that literally.

  3. Ranma-chan and Ryouga
  4. Now here's another couple that some people also favor, and the thought of them together is just waay too sick. Ranma is a guy for God's sakes! There is no way that he'd go for Ryouga. Rumiko Takahashi just made the pairing really humorous in her story, but still some actually liked the idea and took the Ranma-Ryouga relationship into a much level. Shudders. Like come on, people! Get real.

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