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Kaiki: Uh...I'm working on updating the site right now. Updating the critics' corner..ykylraatmw...and the caption this stuff. Augh..I know I haven't updated in the longest time. But..well...BING'S NOT HERE! Sniff...which means no fanfic for me to read. motivation anymore. But...I'll see if I can update a lot of good stuff later.

If you think you can help this site out and get an account at
You gotta put in addresses and I can't do it cause I'm in the U.S.A. If you can get me 1 or 2'd be very helpful! Then I can put videos and mp3s in there for everyone to enjoy!

Oh yeah! BING HAS A NEW MEMO FOR YOU GUYS! Scroll down to read it!

Also...must...delete...evil Ryouga/Akane supporters in guestbook...Actually, I believe that only ONE person signed the guestbook like 4 times saying that Ryouga and Akane are meant to be. I mean, it's the same date, and look at the time difference! It's only like a 3 minute difference! Evil people...



Kaiki: WAAAH! I MADE A BOO-BOO! In the Caption This games...I put the WRONG names for the forms. Like for the first game, I was asking what RANMA-CHAN was saying, yet for the forms i put "Cologne says:" Grr...!! Cologne's game was the last game! I forgot to change it! I also messed up on the third Caption This game..but I changed it it's ok. Aiya!!



Kaiki: Finally! Another update! Man...without Bing here these updates are so boring. It used to be funny...and stuff. Anyhow...I received a postcard from Bing! WAI WAI!! I think she's doing okay wherever she is...Umm...yeah. Here's what's been updated for now.

  • More entires for the YKYLRAATMW list
  • There are now winners for the Caption This game, and also a NEW image!
  • New entries for the Critics' Corner! Go read now!
  • Chapter 2 of JIEI has been posted.

    That's pretty much it for sucks...HIGH SCHOOL sucks...

    As you all know (well, maybe not everyone), The Romance of Ranma and Akane is a shared site between Bing and me. But for now, it will be maintained by me. Why? Because Bing has something important to do and left us for a while...but she didn't forget you guys! She left a memo for me to post up here. Please take the time to read it because some stuff are really important. Sniff...don't you just miss Bing already?

    BING'S MEMO Version 2.0

    DATE: January 1, 2001
    TO: You (Yes, you! You're reading this, aren't you?)
    FR: Bing G
    SUBJECT: Bing's Memo Version 2.0/

    Hello again, everyone! Ah, yes! Yet another memo from Bing! Bing loves memos! Can't you tell? Hope you all enjoyed the holidays (I know I certainly enjoyed my freedom) and look forward to start the new year with full of optimism.

    Once again, I had to leave. If any of you cared, I happen to be a soldier in training in the US Army. Contact with the civilian world is pretty much limited for me (i.e. internet surfing and know...stuff we can't live without).

    So, anyway, here are just a few things I'd like to mention...

    I won't be able to reply to you right away, but please keep them coming. When I came home for the holidays, I was so thrilled that I got so much mail. ^_^ So please write! I will get back to you. Promise!

    Pre-reading and Side-stories
    I decided not to do any more pre-reading or accept side-stories, but this is just temporary. The only reason for this is that I'm not sure if I will have time to read them especially with such limited internet access. I won't be able to do a thorough job if I don't spend enough time with it. Make sense? I would recommend reading Gary Kleppe's A Guide to Writing a Really, Really Good Fanfiction. This helped me a lot and he really hit the nail on the head. You can find this jewel at the FAQ section of the Daigakusei No Ranma/Daigakusei No Ukyou site. New writers or would to be writers...take your time in writing fics and have fun when you do.

    My Fanfics

    Yes, The Perfect Akane and Jiei will continue but I will be slow in putting them up. I've started on the rough draft of Chapter 1 - The Stalker in The Perfect Akane and re-wrote the outline of Chapter 3 - Coronation in Jiei during vacation. I found that Jiei needed some improvement and developed new ideas for this fic and make it more a bit on the fantasy/sorcery side. (Darn! I knew I shouldn't have watched Record of Lodoss War!) I know it isn't much, but it's progress, and I do have a life.

    DYR Lemon Requesters

    In case any of didn't know, Remi posted a link to the lemon version of DYR page at her site. You can find the link to her site at our Links page.

    There! That's long enough! So Happy Three Kings! Happy Valentine's Day! Happy St. Patrick's Day and so on...and so on...

    Thanks for your time!

    Bing G


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