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The Romance of Ranma and 
Quotable Quotes

This page contains quotes between our favorite couple from Ranma 1/2 episodes. (Yes, we know some of them by heart...)Some are touching. Some are pretty hilarious. But...if you guys are crazy like us to remember any quotes at all between them...we would be happy to put them up. Send them to Bing. You'll be given credit, of course. Don't worry. We are nice people. Anyway, as superficial as these quotes may be, some of them really have a deeper meaning. Without further delay, I now present Ranma and Akane expressing their feelings to one another... their best... their best...
...and and at their worst. ...and at their worst.

All of the quotes will be commented on by Bing.

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"Akane is my fiancee! You touch her, and I'll kill you!"
                    - Ranma, Close Call! The Dance of Death on Ice!

My comment: I don't know about you, guys, but I always loved the way Ranma stood up for Akane in this episode. It was amazing just how far he could he get when it comes to showing his feelings.


"I love you, Ranma! I believe in us! I believe in our love!"
"Well, now that I've got this all wrong..."
"Dream on, sucker!"
                    - Akane and Ranma, The Curse of the Reversal Jewel

My comment: BWAHAHA!!! I'm sorry! I just had to laugh at this one. I guess it was the way Ranma learned his lesson for making a fool of all his fiancees. Shame on you, Ranma. Sigh! Typical male indeed! But I'm drifting here. Though Akane was wearing the reversal jewel, I still think that deep down inside, she does have a place in her heart for him.


"I liked you better when you were evil. You were a lot more nicer. Definitely more sexy."
                    - Ranma, The Two Akanes. Ranma, Look at Me!

My comment: In this episode, Akane was trapped in a doll's body who's evil spirit went inside Akane's body. The evil 'Akane' then tried to kill Ranma by seducing him. Woah, Akane. Luckily, Akane managed to get back to her own body. But why was the doll after Ranma? He accidently knocked it off while fighting with his father for a bottle of milk. Can't Ranma ever stay out of trouble?
....Never mind!!! Don't answer that!!!


"There is no way I could ever marry such a person!!!"
"Oh, yeah? My sentiments exactly!!!"
                    - Akane and Ranma, Here's Ranma

My comment: Ah, yes. Their first meeting, and both have been very direct to each other about how they feel about the arranged engagement. Still, when I look back at this episode, me thinks they protest too much, and those are "my sentiments exactly!!!"


"Maybe we should try it...without the tape."
                    - Akane, Ranma and Juliet

My comment: Well, we all know what Akane was talking about in that episode. Their kiss. : ) Sorry I had to ruin it for those who haven't watched this episode. If you haven't, do so!!! But darn it all! Why couldn't the kiss be a bit more authentic? Then again, that would be the end of all episodes now, wouldn't it?


"Akane, don't you ever get tired of getting angry?"
"I like being angry!"
"Well, that's too bad...because you're really cute when you smile."
                    - Ranma and Akane, (Gasp! Can't think of the title. All I know is that this was the episode where Akane was broked hearted when she found out that her crush, Dr. Tofu was in love with Kasumi).

My comment: Ohhh, Ranma, how sweet!!!


"If he makes you happy, then I won't get in the way. But first...first tell me why. Tell me right now why you're choosing him instead of me?"
"That's enough! Can't you see you're hurting her?"
"Stay the hell out of this!"
"Do I have to teach you a lesson?"
"Your move. But I know something you don't know...Akane is MINE!"
                    - Ranma and Shinnosuke, An Akane to Remember

My comment: WOW! Now that was one intense moment! This is one of my favorite scenes in this OAV. Ranma's feelings for Akane are so strong that he refuses to give her up so easily.


"I'm going to go help Ranma. He's ...he's my fiancee."
                    - Akane, An Akane to Remember

My comment: You rarely hear those words from Akane. It was such a very courageous scene when she set out to save Ranma from that eight headed monster. She was ready to lay down her life for him just as he was ready to lay his for her.


Here are the quotes submitted to me by my friend Chette. Like I said before, you will be given credit. Chette has given me some wonderful quotes made by Akane and Ranma. I also included her comments as well as mine. So here we go!

"No one's gonna take her from me...Akane's mine...and she's engaged to me!!!!!!"
                    - Ranma from the movie Nihao! My Concubine!

My comment: Chette really liked this movie...especially when Ranma declared that Touma can't get Akane since she's his fiancee. I watched this movie, and I can't believe I missed this, but yes, this has got to be one of the best Ranma quote ever made.


"Bride? Hey, pal...what exactly do you mean by bride, huh?"
"The word bride is a destination giving to a newly wed woman, also known as a wife.
That's not what I meant! There's no way you're gonna make Akane a bride! You've got that?"
"And why do we need your permission pretale?"
"Because! She's my fiancee!"
" liar..."
"I'm not gonna lie about a thing like that!"
"'re a woman..."
"I...I forgot..."
"You dolt."
"Never mind that! There's no way you're gonna make Akane a bride! You've got that? If you take her..."
"If Kirin takes her..."
"All of you will..."
"And all of us will what?"
"DIE! From Akane's terrible cooking!"
                    - Ranma-chan, Kirin, and Akane from the movie Big Trouble in Nekoron, China

My comment: Chette just absolutely loved it when Kirin and Ranma were debating if Akane was to be Kirin's bride and when Ranma had tried to make his point that there was no way that Kirin was going to marry Akane...My opinion is: This is the best and worst way of expressing his feelings to Akane.


"Akane's my fiancee...the one that's gonna fight for her is gonna be me."
                    - Ranma-chan, An Akane to Remember

My comment: Although she (Ranma-chan) was depressed because she thought Akane dumped her for Shinnosuke, Ranma-chan still tried to save her. Yes, indeed. Very sweet and noble of Ranma.


"Ouch! Will you knock it out?...You're a tomboy, I know, but you're the most cutest tomboy I've seen!"
"Yeah...and I really mean it."
                    - Ranma and Akane, The Love Band-Aid

My comment: I've never watched this episode, but Chette told me that although Ranma became Mr. Casanova because of Happosai's love band-aid, his feelings for Akane had grown deeper.


Here's a couple more of sets quotes from Chette. Both are from episodes of Season five. I don't know what the titles are exactly, and Chette really doesn't remember them. I'll have do some research on that. But I'll put them up anyway.

Ranma sighs.
Kasumi: Oh my. Ranma, why aren't you celebrating?
Ranma: Why would I celebrate? Akane is not here.
Kasumi: You really do care for her.
Ranma: (blushes) N-no way!
Kasumi: Anyway, here are some clothes of Akane's. Go to the hospital and bring them to her.

My comment: Not exactly sure what they were celebrating here, but this was the episode where Akane broke her leg and hadto spend some time in the hospital. Ranma was missed her, but good ol' Kasumi here is giving him some kind of an excuse to see her. And it's pretty sweet of him to think of her...even if he is playing that old game of denial.


Nabiki points out towards the duck sign hanging at Akane's door. It said: Akane and Ranma's.
"I won't sleep with that tomboy!"
Ukyou peeked. Aware they were being watched, Ranma scooped up Akane in his arms and smiled.
"Let's go to our room, Akane."
"Yes, my darling."

My comment: Ukyou was staying at the Tendos for the time being. Ranma and Akane had to pretend that they were actually married. Kinda hard to imagine Ranma and Akane saying the last two lines, but it makes you wonder just how much pretending they had to do. ^_~


More sets of quotes from Kaiki!

"Oh, Romeo, do you really hate me that much?"
"Of...of course not! If I did, this would be easy."

                    - Akane and Ranma, Ranma and Juliet

My comment: Kaiki thought this scene was cute, and I agree. Ranma was able to show his affections here in the middle of the play.


"Oh, yeah? OH YEAH? OH YEAH? So you like him better than me, is that it? IS THAT SO? IS THAT SO? HUH?....AKANE, YOU DUMMY!!"
                    - Ranma, An Akane to Remember

My comment: Ah! My favorite OAV! Akane refused to come home with Ranma, who misunderstood that she had feelings for Shinnosuke, ran through the forest and shouted those words with all his might! It showed how jealous he was.


(Akane's whiskers falls off after eating antidote)
"Ranma, I uh, I guess I got a little carried away back there. I thought you were just jealous of me...but-"
"I'm disappointed, I thought you would know me better by now, Akane."
"Now that's the Akane I know. I'm sure glad you're back."
                    - Ranma and Akane, Transform! Akane, The Super-Duper Girl!

My comment: Another episode, I haven't watched. Sigh! But judging from the quote, Akane underestimated him and Ranma was not expecting this since he and Akane went through a lot of things. And I'm surprised that Ranma is actually being forward for once.


(Ranma looks at doll in his hands)
"Geez, the two of you are identical. You're both tomboys...and so cute when you wanna be."
                    - Ranma, The Two Akanes. Ranma, Look at Me!

My comment: Aww! Ain't that so sweet? And who said that Ranma is always so mean to Akane? He is just not the type of guy who likes to make these nice comments all the time since he's pretty shy when it comes to Akane. Funny thing about this scene, though Ranma doesn't realize it, Akane heard him!


These quotes were contributed by Silver Star.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'll weigh him down! I'll drown him in the bathtub! ...There's a PERVERT in the BATHROOM!"
                    - Akane, Here's Ranma

My comment: Not exactly the most romantic thing to say about your would-to-be fiancee, ne? But this is one of the funniest (and memorable) lines Akane ever had.


Soun: "*whispers* Juliet."
Ranma: "*holds Akane's hands* Uh, Juliet."
Akane: "Oh, Romeo."
Soun: "*whispers* I pledge to marry thee and take over thy father's dojo.
Ranma: "I pledge to marry thee and take over thy father's d-"
*Both Akane and Ranma looks at the audiance with weird expression on their faces*
Both: Dojo?!
                    - Soun, Ranma and Akane, Here's Ranma

My comment: Hilarious! Ranma and Akane were so caught up in their acting that they didn't almost realize the trap Soun has set. Ah! Well, he tried.

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