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The Romance of Ranma and 
You Know You Love Ranma and Akane Too Much When...

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1. You make a site about them and defend why they're such a great couple.

2. You say, "awww!" after reading a touching moment about them.

3. You watched An Akane to Remember over and over (gee, I wonder who could that be? *twiddles thumbs*)

4. You go through Ranma 1/2 sites looking for a fanfic about them.

5. You desperately try to find an episode that is just mainly about them and know that you just have to get it.

6. Remember a quote or two (or maybe even more) made by the couple during one of their special moments.

7. You realize that they're the only reason you're reading fanfics.

8. You dream about Ranma and Akane and then turn your dream into a fanfic. (by Andrew)

9. You shout at the TV when Shampoo or some other female besides Akane hugs Ranma. (by Andrew)

10. You avoid all other Anime just because they don't have Ranma and Akane in them. (by Andrew)

11. You turned down plans with friends because you're waiting for Ranma and Akane's wedding. (by Andrew)

12. You don't like Ramen just because Shampoo sells it, and you don't like Okonomiyaki for similar reasons. (by Andrew)

13. You hit other people with large objects as a sign of affection. (by Andrew)

14. You bought an expensive adapter for your computer just so you could share their love with the rest of the world via the internet. (by Andrew)

15. You think that the moon's surface looks like Ranma holding Akane. (by Andrew)

16. You named your kid(s) Ranma and/or Akane. (by Andrew)

17. You think that 1,000 megabytes of Ranma and Akane multimedia isn't enough. (by there some sort of pattern forming?)

18. You play the entire Ranma 1/2 RPG for the SNES in Japanese (and you don't know it) just so you can make sure you have seen EVERYTHING that involves Ranma and Akane. (by Andrew)

19. You call your wife 'uncute'/husband 'pervert'. (by Andrew)

20. You actually tried to pull chestnuts out of an open fire. (by Andrew)

21. You look on the map for Jusenkyo just so you can cure Ranma. (by...yup you guessed it, Andrew)

22. You traveled to Japan in search of Ranma and Akane. (by Andrew)

23. I talk with my computer when I see a site about them and I say AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! beautiful!!!!! (by Vivian)

24. You mess up a recipie on accident...and you're proud of it ^_^. (by Meeka-chan)

25. You yell "GET YOUR HANDS OFF YOU HUSSIES! HE'S MINE! I mean...AKANE'S!" when you watch the show. ^_^;;; (by Meeka-chan)

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You Know You Love Ranma and Akane Too Much When...


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