Missing in Greece
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Missing in Greece

Have you seen Gert?
Gert disappeared Sunday, on the 20th of August 2000 during his holiday in Athens and Varkiza (Attica), Greece.

He was last seen by his friends, who left him around 16:00 hrs. at the beach.

Thursday night the 24th the police found his shoes and bag. His passport was missing, but he might have it with him,
Gert was 36 years old in 2000, tall (1.91 metres, 6'2" feet), middle blond hair, a red beard, and he wears glasses.
If you have seen him from August 20th 2000 onwards, please contact your local police (in Greece: 100) or call ++31 35 6715234.

Gert's profession is architect, interested in Feng Shui.
and he planned to visit the island Evia.

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