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...join him in the work he does, the good work he has gotten ready for us to do, work we had better be doing." (The Message)

Mission Update:  Oct.17th, 2006 - Andy Coats

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 This is the online issue of StreetLife, written and edited by Andy Coats as a periodical update for Ekklesia Inner City Ministries - Project 417 ©2006


 Hurricane Katrina New Orleans Lower 9th Ward flood damage

View of New Orleans devastation..


Recent Article: "Article: Helping one man rebuild in New Orleans - This is a newspaper piece on an 82 year old gentleman, Mr. Gettridge, that we are assisting in his rebuilding efforts in the devastated Lower Ninth Ward of Orleans Parish, New Orleans.; more...

The above is an article as posted on the Philedelphia News website...

Article: "New Article: Caledonia - A Multidimensional Issue. The current government, in choosing to ignore inflammatory court orders and continue negotiations, is actually observing the true spirit of the law. by Andy Coats more...

The above is an article as posted on the Christianity.ca website...

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Fall Update - Oct. 2006    TDot2NOLA  

Project417 mission teams helping rebuild New Orleans Sept 2006
his has been a year of challenges. Project417 teamed with a group from The Salvation Army Corps 614 in Toronto and travelled to New Orleans for continuing Hurricane Katrina disaster relief work. Our Director, Rev. Joe Elkerton, had come to New Orleans last September as a first responder with the S.A. Corps and this year we have assembled several small short-term mission teams to return. (to be continued...)


"He will guide your path...".


Please consider supporting my mission work in both New Orleans and Toronto. I will be returning to New Orleans regularly to lead teams of volunteers as long as the rebuilding work continues. The destruction is unimaginable, and the media has not kept us up to date on the continuing misery faced by the tens of thousands of homeless, displaced poor citizens of New Orleans. Even after 13 months little real re-contsruction has been done! I have served the homeless street people in Toronto, and now am called to bring this outreach experience to those made homeless in New Orleans by disaster. Project417's work also continues in Toronto under the guidance of Rev. Joe Elkerton. Consider contacting him to help out locally, or join a short-term mission to New Orleans. Click on the links for details of Toronto ministries to the homeless :

Support The Homeless

 Street Youth Craft Program


 Sandwich Runs to the Homeless


 Street Outreach


 Knox Foodbank Volunteer


 Corps 614 Regent Park Fellowship


 Knox Church Summer Fellowship


Project417 will need your financial support this fall and winter to continue our mission. Needs are critical for ongoing programs and the time for expansion is now. Consider donating gifts in kind such as office equipment or craft materials or make a tax deductible financial donation to Ekklesia Inner City Ministries - Project417.   Ekklesia receives no government funding. Your individual support and our partnering churches will continue to play a key role in supporting our work with the homeless. It is possible to arrange automated bank debit withdrawals for even small monthly pledges. Visit the website www.project417.com for this and other planned giving alternatives or check out the links below for some online options.

Andy Coats
Ekklesia Inner City Ministries - Project417

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