Beloved masters, allow us to elaborate on the information we shared with you last month. The Cosmic Life Force energies being radiated to your solar system and the Earth from the Great Central Sun have reached the maximum level that humanity at large can incorporate in its present state/form. Humanity and the Earth are undergoing another quantum step in the ever-evolving process of transformation/evolution. The progression of the cosmos can wait no longer for the next winding of the spiral to take place which will move your planet into its proper position in the solar/galactic lineup. Many cycles are coming to a close, both great and small, and your Earth, solar system and galaxy are now in a configuration that will cause an ignition of gigantic proportions to take place which will bring into manifestation the changes that are indelibly written into the Divine Schematic of Evolution.

As you and the Earth return to balance in the STILL POINT of perfected harmony, polarity consciousness will no longer be able to dance and weave between the Light and the shadows - there will be no need for conflict, separation or anything which will hinder you in perfecting your mastership and creating that which will bring peace, prosperity and great joy for all. It is surely being brought into your awareness that the Light is becoming more predominant in certain people and areas, as the shadow/negativity is becoming more pronounced and frenetic in other areas. That is because a separation is taking place, both within each of you and all around you. There have been a world of Light and a world of shadows co-existing on Earth and within humanity for thousands of years. It is time, once again, for the Light to manifest itself, unimpeded upon the Earth, and you are the bearers of this wondrous gift. Yes, the shadows and those who are caught in its web may continue their downward spiral, if that is their choice, but the door will always be open for ALL to step into the Light of transformation, harmony and balance, at any point in time. And no matter what takes place, it will not affect you if you stay in the Still Point of the Heart. A few months ago, we placed an etheric rose quartz heart within your Solar Power Center which contains a beautiful, pure white lotus flower with a center composed of the radiant Violet Flame. Now we tell you that within the core of this rose quartz heart resides the Still Point of Creation. This is the sacred place where the Essence of our Father/Mother Creator is waiting to unfold within you, announcing to the world that you are indeed sons and daughters of the First Cause of Creation. The INFINITY-8-Gateway is now open and is filtering to you the empowering Light frequencies of the Photon Belt - a precursor or advanced infiltration of the refined cosmic rays of Creation which will help you adapt to the all-encompassing infusion which will take place in the near future. Only those who have done their "home/heart/soul" work will be able to access, incorporate and make use of these highly rarified energies, thereby becoming masters and co-creators of Light as foretold.

The flow of this magnificent infusion of Creator Light has it origins in the heart of our Father/Mother Creator. See it spiraling down to the Earth which is presently the designated Zero Point - crossing over itself as it sweeps out beyond manifested reality into the great void and back to Earth as it crosses the Zero Point of polarity again, and then returns to its point of origination once more. These powerful spirals took a long time to reach the Earth - there were many zero points of focus along the way as the sweeping spirals grew larger and larger, encompassing more and more territory within this universe.

As this energy of Future Creations moves through the previously manifested worlds, it gathers or harvests all the glory, magnificence and beauty of that which was brought forth into a state of consciousness or individualization down through the aeons of time. This great diversity of Creation is added to the melting pot of Divine Potential, and made available to any who are daring enough or ready to tap into this Cosmic Treasure Chest. We previously explained to you how this wondrous energy was being stored and made available to you-in Pyramids of Light. That was the beginning and a very effective way of accessing and using this refined level of Cosmic Life Force Substance. Now the energy is coming to Earth and it is stirring up all that needs to be refined or balanced, as well as bringing a wondrous opportunity to you, the Light Warriors of Peace. But be aware that this infusion of Creator Light is a two-edged sword, indeed. It will seek to tear down or bring into neutrality the shadow lands where fear, greed, hatred, bigotry and the desire to control reign supreme, just as it will reinforce, add to, and complement those who are receptacles or bearers of the Light and the areas they have made safe by their radiance.

Twelve major portal openings had to be anchored on Earth which represent the twelve major chakras of the Earth, one for each of the twelve galactic Rays, in order to make ready for the feminine/Mother Christed Light of new creation to merge with the masculine/Father Christ energy of the past 2000 years. The cosmic flow of energy moves in a spiraling infinity sign back and forth across the grid system of the Earth, touching each of these major pulse points of the Earth's structure, as well as many minor energy vortices. Some of these star grid points are of masculine energy and some are feminine and these are melded together as they sweep around the Earth.

That is why it is so imperative that you make yourselves ready to accommodate the maximum influx of this refined Light by releasing and healing/clearing the old cellular patterns and imbalances. This infusion of refined Energy will renew and enliven your cellular structure, which in turn will enhance your health, vitality and well-being. By moving into your personal Pyramid of Light several times a day and especially before you allow yourself to go into a sleep state, you will accelerate the process of attuning your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies to this Christed energy. Yes, this is the return of the Christ - the return of the Christ Light to Earth - but it is being birthed in each of you - and as you integrate this awesome gift you become a facet of the COLLECTIVE MESSIAH. You will also become a major force within the collective cosmic mind which is overriding the primal collective mind matrix of humanity - or the third-dimensional mass consciousness belief system. Your major focus and task in these coming years will be to cleanse and nurture the Earth, and return it to a beautiful, perfected statement of Divine Love/Light in harmony with the universal laws of Creation.

Remember, you helped to create the shadow lands, the distortions and imbalances on Earth and within your physical vessel. Just as the Creator embraces all facets of Creation, so must you acknowledge, bless, and release or separate from your shadow side, the denied parts of yourself, or the energies within that stubbornly refuse to transmute into balance and harmony.

We offer a simple, but profound method to accelerate the process of separating the Light from the shadows. As always, we ask you to begin with yourself first and then after you have perfected the process, to share it with others.


Lie or sit comfortably as you take a few deep cleansing breaths. Draw up through your feet and root chakra the vibrant energies of the Earth and center your consciousness within the Essence of your heart as you begin to feel the pulsations of the rose quartz heart therein. Ask that your I AM Presence send down a Cell of Light through your Crown Chakra and feel it settle within your solar plexus. Declare that this cell will be representative of your entire physical vessel. See this cell of Creator Light draw unto itself all the distorted thought-forms, denied levels of consciousness, all imperfections, distortions and shadows within you, which includes the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies, as well any imbalanced parallel/probable futures and time lines, in this or any other reality, as well as any fragmented parts of yourself that you have created and given energy to. Observe as they move toward the cell of Light and are securely encapsulated therein. Feel these energies begin to drift free from wherever they are lodged within your multiple bodily systems, from the deepest core of your DNA and cellular structure, along with the memories lodged within your bloodstream, muscles, organs, tissue, bone structure, and within your chakra system and brain structure as well. Demand and declare that any imbalances or disharmony you have ever created are now safely and lovingly enclosed within this cell of Light, and as the creator of this energy you give it permission to continue its own path of evolution, whatever and however that may be. Until now, your shadow side has clung desperately to you, fearful of not surviving the separation. It has been fed by your fears, guilt and shame, all of those debilitating and dis-empowering thought forms from ages past. Lovingly assure all the energies that are enclosed within this cell that this is not so, and it is time to separate, so that each of you may go forward on your chosen path. This separation will allow these distorted thought forms/vibrations which are still bound to lower density/polarity, and which are unable, or not yet ready to transmute into the frequencies of balance, to move at their own pace of evolution. By setting them free, you will no longer be hindered by negative forms of polarity. Breathe deeply, envision the Breath of Infinity sweeping throughout your body. Now see this cell of Light burst forth from your solar plexus and float free out into the Ethers. By surrounding your shadow side in Creator Light, and moving it out of your four lower bodily systems, it becomes a free agent which has been given the gift of free will, just as you were. There will be viable cells of consciousness within the Cell of Light, and as such, they can continue on their path within the vibrations of the shadow lands, or begin the process of reuniting with the Light and Source. Be sure to radiate compassion, mercy and a sense of gratitude to this aspect of self which you created during your many sojourns on Earth - all part of the learning process on your return to en-LIGHTEN-ment. When you feel that the process is complete, move into the STILL POINT of your rose heart center and begin the Infinity Breath once more, as you feel this wondrous energy sweep throughout your physical vessel. This process will bring in the refined energy of Creation and will surely transmute into harmony any minor imbalances that remain within. To complete the process, focus again on the Crown Chakra and see a radiant outpouring of diamond crystal pyramids flowing down from your I AM Presence and filling all the vacancies with Light. Bask in the glory of what has taken place and when you feel complete, state: IT IS DONE, IT IS DONE, IT IS DONE!

Beloved friends, we sense that some of you are moving into doubt as you watch the madness in your world, and as your safety and security are threatened. You may think that you cannot make a difference. You may fear that in your world of chaos there are no places of safety. You may think that it is impossible to shift the mass conscious beliefs toward love, harmony and peaceful co-existence. Please be assured that none of this is true.

There are many changes taking place in the world that you are not privy to: changes within your government and within various world governments, as well. Corporations and the big conglomerates, whose major criteria has been to make huge profits, are now being forced to review their unfair practices. No longer will they be allowed to reap large profits at the expense of the common man/woman and the Earth. Do you think that we do not have the ability to place spiritual warriors in strategic positions within the government, and in places of influence and authority in the powerful business community? Much is happening behind the scenes, and when you see a fresh new ideology that stresses human/earth rights emerge within the business community or world governments, know that messengers/warriors of Light are responsible and they are infiltrating every facet of world politics and commerce.

Let us make you a promise. If you will stay focused on the Still Point of the moment; if you will practice non-judgment and endeavor to live each day in harmony with nature and all those around you; if you will spend time in your Pyramid of Light/Power radiating unconditional love to the Earth and humanity, asking for the highest good for all--you will be safe. You will make a difference. You will have miracles untold reigning down upon you, and you will, indeed, experience peace, harmony and abundance. You will create a world within a world where conflict, suffering, lack and discord have no place. And, we will walk beside you as we draw closer and closer together within the harmony, peace and joy of the Unified Dimensions of Spirit.

I AM your friend, protector and constant companion. I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna Herman

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