Towards Greater Understanding


Church or campus belonging to a community of monks under the rule of an abbot (which is a life appointment).
One who lights the altar candles, carries processional candles, prepares the elements for the Eucharist.
(Greek) Love; a religious meal (the love feast of the early church); parish breakfast of today; united services on the eve of Whitsunday.
A period of some 2,000 years, named after signs of the zodiac, the last one ended in September 1987, when the Piscean Age ended and the Aquarian Age began.
Age of Chaos
The last decade of an Age, when great confusion is created by physical changes on the planet and there is a lack of understanding of what is happening by its inhabitants; intensified at ending of a Great Cycle.
[Origin - Buddhist] The subterranean world, believed in by all true Buddhists. Its capital city is called Shamballah, where the Supreme Ruler is known as King of the World. Connected by tunnels to Lhasa in Tibet and the pyramid of Gizeh - which enabled the pharaohs to establish contact with the gods or super race - they are believed to be remnants of Lemurian and Atlantean times. This coincides with the belief in the Hollow Earth, the outskirts of which appeared to have been reached by the explorer Admiral Byrd.
Denotes the philosophy that anything beyond this world is unknown and cannot be known.
(Greek) Unwritten - sayings recorded but omitted from what is known as the Gospels.
Doctrine of non-violence, harmlessness, respect for life.
Sanskrit word, meaning primary substance; first stage of the crystalisation of spirit; this primary substance is of exquisite fineness and is so sensitive that the slightest vibrations of an ether any place in the universe registers an indelible impression upon it; referred to by some as the "Universal Mind"; the spirit of Supreme Intelligence; the Record Galleries of Visel (q.v.) where every thought and word and deed of every living thing is written down; the Record Books of God, the Book of God?s Remembrance (Hebrew), Akashic Records (Oriental).
Akashic Records
(Sanskrit) a recording of everything that has ever happened. The akasha (q.v.) is a substance which records the cosmic records of God.
Elevated surface, place of change or transformation in a place of worship; in satanic sense, where sacrifice takes place. [Should have NO place in Christian religions or spiritual organizations]
A messenger from the Hosts of Heaven whose purpose is to help Mankind in their experience on this Earth plane, to comfort, protect, guide, strengthen, teach, counsel and warn, but who must be specifically summoned for help; may or may not assume a physical shape at any point in time; especially active at the ending of an Age - as at the present time. They minister to the needs of Mankind by magnetizing Light to their auras, intensifying feelings of faith, hope and charity, honour, integrity, courage, truth and freedom, mercy and justice, and every aspect of the crystal clarity of the Mind of God. Angels are concerned with families and individuals in the family: they work with Man, animals and plants. [Man works with the Minerals (being "a little lower than the Angels"]
  • There are seven levels of Angels: Seraphim, Cherubim (keepers of the celestial records, who guard the entrances to the thrones and dominions which form the base of the Father's Thrones); Thrones or Wheels (the heavenly counselors); Dominions, Virtues and Powers (the heavenly governors); and the Principalities, Archangels and [Guardian] Angels (the heavenly messengers).
  • Archangels work with the nations and races of Earth, and as the helpers of the Group Spirits of the animals.
  • A Guardian Angel is appointed as a specific, life-time helper for each individual, often orchestrates the events in our lives, and is the personified embodiment of our good deeds in all our past lives.
  • There are also fallen angels, Angels of Darkness, limited to life around planet Earth, led by Lucifer or Satan.
  • "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."
Egyptian symbol of life: crux ansata. The tau or looped cross means both life and hand mirror. It is a symbol of regeneration, an amulet against bad luck and a talisman for good fortune. It is also said to represent the union of the male principle (the staff) and the female principle (the closed loop). There is much more to it than this: it is a powerful tool, focussing positive energy, which is still not fully understood.
Study of Man as a member of the animal kingdom, primitive life and culture.
Religious, philosophical system based on the writings of Rudolf Steiner.
Every force within and without the psyche of Man that would put down that true and living God within each one; often a person who appears at a certain time in history as Evil personified; currently applied to a Middle East figure, due to rise to prominence in the middle of the 1990s, taking over the Vatican in uncontrollable hatred for Christian institutions, who will try to put himself forward as the natural leader of humanity before his downfall; an embodiment of the destructive forces of the universe to put out the light of freedom, nation by nation.
Hidden; books excluded from the Hebrew bible or the New Testament.
Chief or leading angel, with specific responsibilities: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael (biblical); Uriel, Raguel, Sariel, and Jerahmeel (Book of Enoch); other works refer to Izidkiel, Hanael, and Kepharel .
Archangel Michael
leader of God?s Heavenly Host; Defender of Truth and of the Throne of God; Defender and Advocate of Mankind on planet Earth; serves Creator of All That Is with great honour and respect; his Sword of Justice draws its power from the White Light of Creation.
Metropolitan bishop or one with jurisdiction over an ecclesiastical province.
Has been delegated administrative responsibility by the bishop over the whole or part of the diocese.
Believed to be the final battle in the war to end all wars, ending all life on the planet, and taking place near the Mountain of Megiddo in the Middle East; the most likely location for a nuclear conflagration with enormous loss of life, expected about the year 1998, followed by cataclysmic geophysical changes on all continents of planet Earth.
No longer on this third dimensional plane, having graduated to a higher dimension. Ascended beings may sometime reappear on Earth as ordinary mortals, with physical garments appropriate to the region where they appear, in order to fulfil some particular purpose. St Germain is the best known example of this, as he re-appeared in Europe many times after his accepted life-span.
Ascended Master
A highly evolved non-physical being who has achieved "ascension", in that he no longer is obliged to incarnate in earthly form. Ascended Masters continue to help humans evolve in consciousness from their abode in the higher realms. Masters who have served several incarnations in the lower dimensions teaching Cosmic Law and who have ascended once more in order to receive new assignments to teach a wide variety of worlds because of their greater love.
In its elementary sense, a spiritual awakening. When one completes one's lessons, one graduates or ascends to the next level. There is periodic individual ascension as well as waves of mass ascension.
The transportation of believers or enlightened souls, the faithful and true, complete with their physical body, at the ending of this Age when conditions on this Earth become unbearable or fraught with danger, to a place of safety and further training, varying according to each individual's achievement to date or prior to being transported again to this planet when it will be fourth dimensional.
The ritual whereby the soul reunites with the Spirit of the Living God, signifying the end of the rounds of karma and rebirth, and is the goal of life for the sons and daughters of God. Experienced by such personages in the Bible as Enoch, Elijah (in the "chariot of fire"), Zarathustra ("in a great flame") and Esu Immanuel (Jesus). Obviates the need for re-entry by birth if a further reincarnation in the third dimension is required.
Normally only the subtle bodies accompany the soul upon "death", the physical body being allowed to die, but by raising the vibratory rate of the molecular structure the entire body is taken on to a higher level.
Asclepius or Aesculapius
Greek God of Healing, "the blameless physician" (The Iliad); chief temple was at Epidaurus.
Denial of the existence of a supreme being or deity.
The One True God; meaning "The One Light"; a symbolic label for the Creator Source,
as no one label can encompass the entirety of Creator Source.
At-one-ment: reconciliation between Man and God; restoration of the relationship and understanding.
A field of energy surrounding all living things. Invisible to the naked eye, it can be photographed with Kirlian photography.
Authorized Version of 'the Bible' produced by 54 scholars appointed by King James I in 1604, published in 1611.
One (a Master) who has descended. 'Entities who move from higher vibrations into the lower vibrations, sometimes in order to work off karma which they have not yet completed, sometimes to help others who are working off their karma, or they may simply move into those areas for greater experience and understanding of what those areas are about.' One who becomes a pure channel and such an opening that the Pure Light may emanate through the being.
Zoroastrian scripture, only 25% of which is said to be extant.
One who did once believe but has gone back to his former ways.
A symbolic ritual involving the sprinkling of (holy) water on the brow of a newborn babe, giving it a 'Christian' name, signifying its acceptance into the Church (without its knowledge) and right to a 'Christian' burial upon death; in Baptist churches only an adult is baptized (by full immersion) and in full knowledge of what is taking place. Originates from the knowledge that water is purifying both physically and spiritually. Rite of initiation into a religious faith.
A compilation of history and philosophy from sacred texts and writings by 35 German clerics, appointed by the Vatican; designed to be an instrument of control over the populace (a 'Control Manual') by its designation as the 'Word of God' (and therefore not to be questioned), allowing the Church to define God and its representatives to be the ultimate authority on all aspects of living, ensuring that any divergent views (i.e. alternative information) be rejected as 'heresy.'
The time when the soul has decided to enter the Earth plane and has chosen the particular physical body as the appropriate vessel for this experience; usually at the time of conception but could be some time after the actual physical birth (although this may in fact be a replacement soul).
Speech or thought expressing contempt for God, or profanity.
Blood Donations
the real reason behind the policy of certain religious groups, such as Jehovah's Witnesses, not to accept nor to give blood transfusions lies in the fact that 'the mixture of one's blood with that of others can have an effect on the original donor, even though he or she has never met the recipient of the blood' - the radionic principle that a portion of the entity is affected and affects the whole entity.
Blood of the Lamb
The true essence or Spirit of the Cosmic Christ.
Book of Life
The life record of all incarnations of an evolving soul, held by the Keeper of the Scrolls, an angel assigned as custodian of these archives, and maintained by the recording angel assigned to a particular life-stream (soul), in order to act as a source of information when the Ascended Masters and Karmic Board ask questions, or for the purpose of counseling and assigning duties and the mission from lifetime to lifetime, including granting dispensations (of mercy or talents), initiations, or appointment to an office in the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood, and for the final judgment. "And at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the Book ..... and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the Book of Life." [Dan 12:1; Rev 20:12]
Buffalo, The Great White see Esu Immanuel.

The site of the crucifixion of Esu Immanuel (Jesus Christ), popularized in Christian doctrines as the place where sin is washed away.
Carnal Mind
The human ego, the human will and the human intellect; self-awareness without the Christ; the animal nature of Man; also referred to as the dweller on the threshold in esoteric tradition.
Elementary introduction to a faith, often in Question and Answer form.
Celtic Cross
The "IHS motif," the "radial motif," and the "ringed cross motif" are three elements often occurring together in the Celtic Cross. These three elements characterize the modern gravestones (of the past few centuries), and all of the other elements can be seen throughout its 1400-year recorded history.
The "IHS motif" (the letters "IHS)" often super-imposed on each other to assume the form of a single icon or emblem. "IHS" is said to be an abbreviation for "in hocs sign," an abbreviated version of "in hocs sign vinces." This Latin phrase is translated as "in this sign, thou shalt conquer." Other accounts identify "IHS" as representing the words "In His Service." Yet another important note is that it might represent the first three letters of the name "Jesus" in the Greek alphabet.
The phrase "in hocs sign vinces" (or "in this sign, thou shalt conquer") is traced back to AD 312. Constantine reportedly saw this phrase in the sky along with a cross of light over the sun. So the "sign" is "a cross over the sun." In this case, the "cross" may more accurately be called a "Chi-Rho emblem," associated with the development of the Christian "cross" cult.
(Sanskrit) word meaning "wheel". Chakras are energy centres, which spin and distribute energy throughout the body. They cannot be seen physically, but can be seen via etheric vision. The seven principal chakras, each associated with a colour, are the same seven colours which make up a rainbow, and which together constitute light.
A path along which signals can be sent in the education of a soul via spiritual commands. Not the same as revelations or direct transmissions.
The love of one's fellow-man; from caritas, dearness, affection, high regard; an act of goodwill; liberality to the poor; an institution, organization or fund for giving help to those in need; in law - grants or devices which include relief of the poor and friendless, education, religious culture and public institutions.
(Sanskrit) word referring to a student on the spiritual path
wear a crown. Ramasa is the Cherubim of the Piscean Age, Guardian Spirit of the Piscean Age; Archeris the Cherubim of the Aquarian Age, Guardian Spirit of the Aquarian Age, male
(Chinese) word meaning energy, the vital energy of which all things are formed. Also known as prana. See also Tai-chi, and Qi-Gong.
An office in the Hierarchy relative to one of the Rays or creation, eg Chohan of the Violet Ray. Each ray has qualities and specialties which are coordinated by the Chohan of that ray.
A state of being; commonly limited in interpretation by Christian Churches to the Man of Galilee, Esu Immanuel, known as Jesus Christ or Jesus of Nazareth, 'born' of Judean parents. The 'Christed one,' one fully endued and in-filled - anointed - by the Light of God, who has earned the right to be called son or daughter of God, initially a Child of God who graduates to being a Son of God.
Christ Consciousness
The consciousness or awareness of the self in and as the Christ; the attainment of a level of consciousness commensurate with that which was realized by Jesus, the Christ.
Christ Light
'When the Christ Consciousness, the pure Spirit, that which is the Christos, enters into the body ... it expresses itself through his speech, through his actions, through his life.' 'The Christ Light is available for any entity who is open to channel that purity, those concepts and energies of oneness, unity, of the void, consciousness, or bliss which is associated with the Christos. The only thing which prevents this is the personality, the personal identity, the personal needs of an individual with the physical realities that interfere with the spiritual realities. The Christ Light of Celestria must not be confused with the (physical) body of the entity who represents the physical Jesus, Buddha etc for it is not the physical body that is of great significance, rather, it is the Christ Light expressing through these entities which is of significance, for this Christ Light is that which can come to any entity who is open to receive this.' [confused as salvation by most religious groups].
A follower of the messenger known as Jesus Christ according to the doctrines laid down by one or other of the 1,500 'Christian' denominations or Churches, who follows one of the 300 English language versions (or translations thereof) of the 'Bible.' It is unlikely that Jesus Christ himself would accept most of the doctrines imputed to him today.
The physical body; that group of beings that have come into higher understanding; the popular interpretation as a building in which religious services are held is non-biblical in origin.
From the Latin collegium, which means a body of clergy living together and supported by a foundation; society
Universal Laws or Cosmic Codes; the Laws of God and Creation; The Laws of Nature; the Laws of Balance; amended and adulterated throughout the ages by those who would take control over mankind and commonly called 'The Ten Commandments'. The originals are as follows:-
  1. You shall have no gods other than the God Creator before you and abide with the Laws of the Creation which encompasses all. Also known as "The Law of One."
  2. You shall not make for yourselves idols and false images to worship as gods for therein you give power into the hands of Evil.
  3. You shall love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and being (you must love thineself as God and God as self).
  4. You shall not use the name of God irreverently, nor use of it to swear to a falsehood.
  5. 5. Remember God's "day" and keep it Holy (this means every day).
  6. You shall honor your mother and father.
  7. You shall not murder your fellow-man.
  8. You must not commit adultery.
  9. You must not steal (materially or emotionally).
  10. You must not covet or envy that which belongs to your neighbor.
  11. You must not impose nor force your free-will upon the free-will of another. Also known as "The Law of Non-Interference."
  12. You must not judge others, but you must wisely judge all behaviour and actions which are contrary to the Laws of Balance of God and the Creation.
  13. As ye sow so shall ye reap. Also called "The Law of Cause and Effect."
  14. You must honor all commitments made in service to God, the Father, the One within.
  15. You must obey the wisdom of God for the responsible and balanced procreation of the species.
  16. You must do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Also called "The Golden Rule."
  17. Evil (adversaries of God) must always wear a sign of their Evilness (By their fruits shall ye know them).
  18. You must not commit the act of slavery upon any human being of God
    Communion A talk between Man and God; does not require intercession by a third party, such as a member of the Church; commonly used as a satanic ritual whereby the bread and wine is transformed magically into the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ, partaken of by 'believers' at regular intervals throughout the year.
Rite of admission into full membership.
The blessing of a church or furnishings for divine service, usually performed by a bishop.
Non-discursive mental prayer; considered a more advanced form of spiritual exercise than meditation.
Control over others is not an enlightened policy and is indicative of those who seek power over others: this is implemented through the 'four pillars of control' which are Guilt, Fear, Ignorance and Poverty - all of which were most effectively used by early churches, and is still perpetrated today.
Cosmic Christ
The universal christ or state of christedness.
Cosmic Law
see Commandments
Agreement. The Ark of the Covenant has been found to be a highly charged electrical transformer +.
Garment with a hood, worn by most monastic orders.
The Source or Supreme Being, which had no Beginning and has no Ending and who created the various universes in the Cosmos, and from whom all souls originated, each individual being referred to as a spark of the Creator; the Creator of Creators; the Great White Spirit; Father; the Alpha and Omega.
Formal statement of religious belief.
Disposal of the physical body of the dead by burning, three days or more after physical death, giving the tardy soul time to depart the physical body.
Symbol of the waxing moon, thus a symbol of increasing power - the emblem of Islam.
Symbol of the meeting of two planes of consciousness - horizontally, the human plane; vertically, the energies of God descending from the realm of Spirit into the quadrants of Matter.
Crux ansata
The Ankh (q.v.)
System of religious worship; devotion to a person or object. According to the Roman Catholic Church, any church, sect or religious group other than the Roman Catholic Church.
Clergyman in charge of a parish (as rector or vicar), now more often used to denote an assistant priest who looks after the parish during a vacancy
see "Tao"
In New Testament church officers, probably administrative: a preliminary post before being ordained priest or consecrated as bishop.
A woman appointed to care for the sick, instructing other women, assisting in the baptism of women, dedicated to lifelong service in the church.
In rank next to bishop; head of a chapter when dean of a cathedral; a rural dean assists the bishop in the administration of part of an archdeaconry.
The demise of the physical body, from the point when the soul departs, which may or not be simultaneous with the official time of death; does not apply to the soul, which continues its experience at a later date, when the time is appropriate for the next experience.
The setting aside of a building to be used as a church.
In Scripture and in Catholic theology this word has come to mean much the same as devil and denotes one of the evil spirits or fallen angels And in fact in some places in the New Testament where the Vulgate, in agreement with the Greek, has daemonium, our vernacular versions read devil. The precise distinction between the two terms in ecclesiastical usage may be seen in the phrase used in the decree of the Fourth Lateran Council: "Diabolus enim et alii daemones" (The devil and the other demons), i.e. all are demons, and the chief of the demons is called the devil.
The level at which one experiences: of the seven levels of experience, rock life constitutes the first dimension; plant and animal kingdoms constitute the second dimension; Man is on the third dimension, as is planet Earth; but as the planet moves into the fourth dimension, Man must evolve likewise or experience physical death and transfer to another appropriate realm or planet to continue experiencing; the sixth dimension consists of a civilization of Light intelligence living on spiritual planets and utilizing the equivalent powers that apply to the Masters of Light in their work with the materials worlds; these energies no longer have the ability to see entities on the third dimension, but recognize their energy and can still communicate with them as Guides or Helpers.
Discarnate 'without a body' but a term generally reserved for negative energies without a physical body
Pupil, learner or follower.
The state of being an adherent of the Christ: as student, disciple or friend.
Doctor of the Church
Title of honour originally conferred upon four outstanding Christian theologians: Ambrose, Augustine, Gregory the Great, and Jerome
A specific belief imposed by a Church on its members as a precursor to acceptance into the Church. May on occasion be used wrongly - see "Dogma" below.
Tenet or principle of belief stated to be true and acceptance of which is obligatory in the Christian church, as opposed to doctrine, which is taught as true, but acceptance is not considered a matter of obligation.
Part of the intricate geometry of genetic coding existing as two polynucleotide chains that are twisted together and held together by hydrogen bonds between the bases, which are anchored by a sugar-phosphate background. The bases adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine bond the nucleotides in this spiral DNA molecule.
Dweller on the Threshold
Designates the anti-self, the not-self, the synthetic self, the antithesis of the Real Self, the conglomerate of the self-created ego, ill-conceived through the inordinate use of the gift of free-will, consisting of the carnal mind and a constellation of mis-qualified energies, force-fields, focuses, animal magnetism comprising the subconscious mind. Confrontation with this not-self is the most serious initiation on the path of the disciple of Christ.
The principal feast of the ecclesiastical year. The English term, according to the Venerable Bede (De temporum ratione, I, v), relates to Estre, a Teutonic goddess of the rising light of day and spring, which deity, however, is otherwise unknown, even in the Edda (Simrock, Mythol., 362); Anglo-Saxon, eâster, eâstron; Old High German, ôstra, ôstrara, ôstrarûn; German, Ostern. April was called easter-monadh. The plural eâstron is used, because the feast lasts seven days. Like the French plural Pâques, it is a translation from the Latin Festa Paschalia, the entire octave of Easter. The Greek term for Easter, pascha, has nothing in common with the verb paschein, "to suffer," although by the later symbolic writers it was connected with it; it is the Aramaic form of the Hebrew word pesach (transitus, passover). The Greeks called Easter the pascha anastasimon; Good Friday the pascha staurosimon. The respective terms used by the Latins are Pascha resurrectionis and Pascha crucifixionis. In the Roman and Monastic Breviaries the feast bears the title Dominica Resurrectionis; in the Mozarbic Breviary, In L?tatione Dei Pasch Resurrectionis; in the Ambrosian Breviary, In Die Sancto Paschæ.
The Romance languages have adopted the Hebrew-Greek term: Latin, Pascha; Italian, Pasqua; Spanish, Pascua; French, *** Also some Celtic and Teutonic nations use it:
Scottish, Pask; Dutch, Paschen; Danish, Paaske; Swedish, Pask; even in the German provinces of the Lower Rhine the people call the feast Paisken not Ostern.
The word is, principally in Spain and Italy, identified with the word "solemnity" and extended to other feasts, e.g. Sp., Pascua florida, Palm Sunday; Pascua de Pentecostes, Pentecost; Pascua de la Natividad, Christmas; Pascua de Epifania, Epiphany. In some parts of France First Communion is also called Pâques, regardless of the time of year administered.
This term covers all matters related to the celebration of liturgical acts, whatever the name given to them:-- in church, chapel, oratory, basilica, etc.
Beings of earth, air, fire and water; nature spirits who are the servants of God and Man in the planes of matter for the establishment and maintenance of the physical plane as the platform for the soul's evolution. Those who serve the Fire element are called salamanders; Air, sylphs; Water, undines; and Earth, gnomes.
El Morya
Master of the First (Red) Ray of Leadership; statesmanship; Abraham; one of the three Magi - Melchior; King Arthur, of Camelot; the martyrs Thomas Becket and Thomas More; Akbar, greatest of Mogul emperors; Thomas Moore, Irish poet laureate; and finally as a Rajput prince, El Morya Khan; his work principally involved merging the spiritual truths of the East with the traditions of the West. Oversees both the awakening of Humanity in the New Age and spiritual schools, working with structure and finances.
"Creator Gods"
The word Epiphany means a revelatory manifestation of a divine being. A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something, enlightenment. We understand enlightenment to take place through meditation as the energy rises up the spine and through the chakras or seals impacting at the Pineal Gland of the brain. The word Epiphany has it's roots in the word epiphysis. It you will look in Stedmans Medical Dictionary you will find an amazing thing: the Pineal Gland of the brain (The Single Eye) is also called epiphysis.
Hidden spiritual or philosophical messages intended only for the initiated.
Extra-sensory perception: clairvoyance, precognition or telepathy.
When a soul no longer needs to incarnate, part of that soul essence may still be imparted to someone who has incarnated, thereby creating a soul connection. There will be shared (invested) basic characteristics of the soul?s nature. See Soul Family.
A secret association attuned to the secrets of nature, said to have been specially trained to prepare for the crucifixion of the Messiah and to revive him through the understanding and use of herbal preparations for greater work thereafter, and who tended Esu Immanuel in the cave at Gethsemane until he was well enough to continue his teachings. They gathered much of his teachings and pretended they were their own; also proclaimed widely that he had joined their association, which he in fact refused to do.
Esu Immanuel
The Great Master of this solar system; known also as the Man of Galilee, the Son of Man, Jesus Christ (also erroneously as the Son of God), The Great White Buffalo (North American Indian), the Prince of Peace, and now as Sananda, born of Mary and the Angel Gabriel as the Messenger for the ending of the Age of Aries, preceding the Age of Pisces, trained and well-versed in the knowledge of the ancients, but rejected by most of the people of his time, endured extreme privations and experiences in that incarnation, but was better received after his crucifixion, when he moved to India; revered by other leaders who came later, such as Mohammed, but not so by their followers; due to return at the Second Coming early in the 21st century, as Commander in Chief of the Hosts of Heaven in the ascension awaited by his believers.
Gr. eucharistia, thanksgiving. The name given to the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar its twofold aspect of sacrament and Sacrifice of Mass, and in which Jesus Christ is claimed to be present under the bread and wine. Other titles are used, such as "Lord's Supper" (Coena Domini), "Table of the Lord" (Mensa Domini), the "Lord's Body" (Corpus Domini), and the "Holy of Holies" (Sanctissimum).
The act of bringing Truth (as one understands it) to the multitudes, more particularly by travelling around to do so.
Evangelist One who travels outside his immediate church area to bring the Truth to others.
In general, any one who exorcises or professes to exorcise demons (cf. Acts. XIX, 13); (2) in particular, one ordained by a bishop for this office, ordination to which is the second of the four minor orders of the Western Church.
Any being who does not exist on the third dimensional plane of planet Earth.
That indispensable trust in higher authority, necessary due to the limitation of Man's thinking and understanding, but sometimes taken advantage of in religious circles by the imposed interpretation of conditions or doctrines by Church representatives for the benefit of the Church.
An attribute of the soul. The inner spiritual knowledge of the Creative Forces of the universe: it can be denied or renounced until it ceases to exist within the consciousness of the physical mind; it can be acknowledged and exercised until it will remove mountains. That which is brought into consciousness through the activity of spiritual forces, manifesting in and through the spiritual force of the individual, becomes the essence of faith itself. Faith without works is nothing: works without Grace is nothing.
As used in The Bible means 'High Self' and 'Universal Deity'; the Heavenly Father or that which is the Spirit which inhabits and fills the universe, or that which is symbolic of such Spirit or spiritual energy.
A condition which must be eliminated in order to progress on life's path; Fear of God has no place in the life of an enlightened being, but is commonly promoted by churches as a means of continuing their control over the populace.
Does not absolve the soul of the requirement to balance the energies misused by the alchemical fires of transmutation. The balancing of wrongs done to every part of life, including the self, must be fulfilled in full with cosmic precision, hence every jot and tittle of the law must be fulfilled either here or hereafter. Every wrong thread must be withdrawn from the garment of life which we have woven.
Twin flames, flame mates and soul mates are labels given to help us understand soul relationships (q.v. Soul Family).
Free Will
Indicative of life on planet Earth as the human race is unique in that it has complete freedom to do what it wants: but there is also responsibility and an accounting for all actions after each incarnation. The freedom to create; the option to choose between the Right- and Left-hand paths, Life and Death. Means that the individual may accept or reject the divine plan, the Laws of God, and the opportunity to live in the consciousness of Love. The use that the soul (which is limited to a certain number of life-cycles) makes of free-will determines its ultimate fate. Garden of Eden The early environment of Man, often referred to as 'paradise', but vacated when Man's knowledge increased to such an extent that he knew too much, having failed to comply with divine instruction.
The 'supremo' for each universe; used biblically for 'the gods' or Elohim, the superior race which seeded the race of Mankind on this planet, then interbred with this race, creating a 'higher society' which remained privy to knowledge withheld from ordinary Man.
Christian grace is a fundamental idea of the Christian religion, the pillar on which, by a special ordination of God, the edifice of Christianity rests in its entirety. Among the three fundamental ideas - sin, redemption, and grace - grace plays the part of the means, indispensable and Divinely ordained, to effect the redemption from sin through Christ and to lead men to their eternal destiny in heaven.
(Gratia, Charis), in general, is considered by the Church to be a supernatural gift of God to intellectual creatures (men, angels) for their eternal salvation, whether the latter be furthered and attained through salutary acts or a state of holiness.
Great Cycle
A period of approximately 52,000 years. Midway through this cycle planet Earth enters the Milky Way, or Photon Belt, which heralds a 2,000 year Age of Light, or enlightenment, bringing about an opportunity for Man to evolve from the current third dimension to the fourth dimension, a more spiritually evolved state.
Great White Brotherhood
A universal order of brotherhood existing in Spirit, seeking a union with embodied humanity; the multitude of saints robed in white witnessed by Saint John. The seventy orders or brotherhoods serving as a field of intelligence serving the Father.
"Make Truth, Honesty and Integrity your guides, your strengths and convictions"; spiritual beings, who may or may not have incarnated on the third dimension amd who have agreed to help others in the third dimension, whenever they call for help. As teaching is more of a 'masculine' energy, guides are usually seen as 'male'. A female guide may be perceived as healing and comforting.
Teacher or spiritual guide.
Race of historical biblical importance but inconclusive on account of conflicting 'evidence.'
Higher Realms
Dimensions beyond the third dimension (i.e. higher than that of planet Earth)
Holy Spirit
a newer translation (post 19th century) of the term Holy Ghost (qv)
For example, what is now referred to as Holy Spirit in the Bible was, before the 20th century, translated as
Holy Ghost
. The word ghost originally meant "the soul regarded as the seat of life, the principle of life," as when somebody died and "gave up the ghost."
Hosts of God (/Heaven or Heavenly Hosts)
A military term - quite literally the Army or Military of God, under the leadership of Archangel Michael. There is none mightier, none with greater strength - either in weaponry or in sheer numbers, or in terms of determination and focus - than this Army of God. Also used to define the team of Lightworkers who come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source and whose purpose it is to assist any and all who wish to have inner spiritual guidance and are willing to go within and connect for themselves to this Higher Knowing. They monitor closely the frequency of our intent, and when it is in alignment with the high frequency nature of the Higher Self, then there will be the miracle "Soul-ution" brought forth into conscious recognition.
Higher Universal MAN. The sixth attempt at creating a race on planet Earth: the previous five were eliminated or removed due to cataclysmic change.
A spiritual song, not included in the Bible, but written subsequently, which has been adopted by one church or another and gathered into selections called Hymnals.
I am
"I am that I am ..... I am the wind which rustles your hair. I am the sun which warms your body. I am the rain which dances on your face. I am the smell of flowers in the air, and I am the flowers which send their fragrance upward. I am the air which carries the fragrance. I am the beginning of your first thought. I am the end of your last. I am the idea which sparked your most brilliant moment. I am the glory of its fulfillment. I am the feeling which fuelled the most loving thing you ever did. I am the part of you which yearns for that feeling again and again." (Conversations with God)
I Ching
In its essence, the I Ching is a book of accumulated wisdom: it means 'The Book of Change'. Its origin is traceable to early antiquity, even before written languages. In its earliest form it served as a way of telling oracles for rulers. From these markings, sages, rulers and priests made commentaries. The I Ching consists of 64 hexagrams and commentaries on each of these hexagrams.
Being unaware of the Law or a Law; that which is done in ignorance is forgivable. Contrary to man-made interpretation or practice.
Those on this earth plane who have been enlightened with knowledge but use it for negative purposes: generally referred to as the international bankers, but also includes royalty and certain 'religious' groups. Backed by negative forces from beyond this plane.
One who does not share nor practise your particular religious views or philosophy.
An idea formulated by the early Church to exercise control over the masses by insisting that an authorized representative of the Church had to act as intermediary between God and Man, because of the sinful nature of Man; also included the confession of sins and the exacting of penance for sins. Only the Heavenly Hosts can intercede on behalf of mankind. Jesus Christ, in his appellation as 'Saviour' did accomplish a 'holding action' - postponing the day of judgment and affording humanity additional opportunity in time and space to fulfil the requirements of immortality.
A state of being of Oneness and Balance of Holy Divine God and the Creation. Commonly called today the state of Israel.
Modern metropolis, over 3000 years old, now serving as the capital of modern Israel; claimed to be the birthplace of three of today's modern religions. The 'New Jerusalem' has more than one meaning. The most important being the name of the great new city coming down from the sky (space-craft, some three miles long) as a rescue mission shortly after the beginning of this Millennium (2012?).
See Esu Immanuel.

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