1. When the mind is easily distracted and in a constant state of shifting from one random thought to the next, there is very little alignment between the heart (emotional energy) and the head (analytical thought energy). This is the primary reason why the majority miss the fact that they are a co-Creator with unlimited potential to focus and flow this infinite Life-Force energy.
  2. The collective heart emanations (electromagnetic vibrations) of all experiencing individuals is summed together and the resulting call for energy is answered perfectly from moment to moment.
  3. Those who have mastered control over their mind and heart have the ability to quite literally warp space and time within their localized area of attention, and thus give the appearance of "supernatural" abilities.

  • All experience has positive value when viewed from the larger, infinite perspective of the soul. There are no mistakes: each will experience what they need in order to come into conscious recognition of the next step they need to take in their own journey.
  • No two will walk the EXACT same path, though you may very well travel segments of your journey in both large and small groups.
  • Never stop asking questions: never stop seeking answers. You each have much to learn and much to teach.
  • Learn to go within and discern for yourself that the answers to your questions lie within. Learn to recognize your own connection to the ALL THAT IS - Creator Source. Within this inner awareness one can find the answer to any question that you deliberately FOCUS and HOLD your attention upon. There are no exceptions and the greatest challenges which you must overcome will be the "chatter" of your own mind and the erroneous beliefs you hold on to as "Gospel Truth".
  • Sometimes your teacher will only be a step ahead of you; many times you will find that your teacher is the very one you are trying to help. Learn to be humble and understand that there will ALWAYS be room for growth - and you can learn a great many things from the layman, the scholar and everyone inbetween.
  • Take time out to play, as children do, and to do the things that you enjoy. Taking life too seriously can be just as debilitating as not taking it seriously enough.
  • When you balance the heart energy (emotional, Yin) with the head energy (analytical, Yang) your life will smooth out, and you will be much better able to perceive what path is correct for you at any given point in time.

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