channeled by Lauren O. Thyme

Dear Gentle Souls:

We are Lemurian Elders and bring you messages of hope and renewal from ages past. We are overjoyed that so many of you have awakened to your memories and have joined with us in bringing Lemurian energy to this beautiful planet. There is much to be done, and we thank you for your desire to play your part.

Our Motherland existed tens of thousands of years ago on a large, lovely, lush and harmonious continent between two seas. After its destruction, much of the land was submerged under what is now the Pacific Ocean - an appropriate name. Those of you who resonate to dolphins and whales lived near the sea. Those who vibrate to the sound of waterfalls and scenes of forest glades lived inland. We Lemurians used crystals and gemstones in our daily lives and rituals, which is why you're so drawn to them. We placed messages in them a long time ago. They are your friends and can help you remember Universal Laws and Wisdom and to open up your chakras and auras to Gold Light. Gold Light comes from Creator Source and is the most potent Light in physical manifestation to transform and transmute. As you meditate on Gold Light, invoking it into your physical and spiritual bodies, you will transform yourselves. Gold Light is being beamed onto your planet in ever-increasing waves of Creator Source's love and guidance. Your body/mind, that part of you that KNOWS, is connected to the Gold Light and Creator Source. We practiced listening to our body/minds and follow their instructions, no matter what our intellectual minds told us. This body/mind is also connected to Universal Conscience, so we could never go wrong.

We had physical bodies, like you do today. However, like you, we found physical bodies difficult and painful to live in and live with. Although we were connected to physical bodies, we chose to avoid the physical and maintain our spiritual Light Bodies most of the time, similar to living in the Dreamworld of aboriginal peoples, highly meditative states or out-of-body travel. Because we never fully lived in our physical bodies, we failed at our task of becoming totally physical. Yes, you heard us correctly. We failed. That is why we have spent millennia sending messages from the spirit world, to advise and help people learn. BOTH the physical body and the spirit body are valuable, important, and vital to live in this three-dimensional world. Living in physical manifestation is the most important task human beings are here to perfect. The job of being human is to learn from our mistakes and live in the physical.

The second task is remembering your essential spiritual nature, to utilize the realms of Wisdom and knowledge in order to live in harmony, cooperation, peace unconditional love and forgiveness with each other.

The most important facet of our civilization was unity - unity with self, others, the planet including all animate and inanimate life, other dimensions and stars, and with Creator Source. That is a concept we visualized and intended. Unity for all humans on this planet. All are a part of Creation and the universe. All are perfect, regardless of what the intellect says. All are here to fulfill important missions in the tapestry of existence. Do you cringe at violence? Suffer at injustice? Wail about poverty and famine and war? These are all perfect within Creator Source's grand design. You are here to learn - together.

We learned to embrace the All. Avoided no thing and no one. We saw strangers as potential friends and saw the Creator's Face in every person we encountered. We trod softly on Creator Source's earth. Taught and practiced what we knew in our body/minds for the highest good of all. Does this sound familiar? We have been around for awhile teaching these concepts to many individuals, cultures, religions, and groups. The time is coming when your visions of a Golden Age will emerge as reality from the ashes of the old world. Are you ready? We are with you, to encourage, to remind you, to whisper Universal Truth in your ear to make it come true. We hope it is your primary INTENTION, as it is ours, to birth a new and loving cradle of humanity here on earth.

Blessings - The Elders


The Elders are channeled by fellow Lemurian Lauren O. Thyme, a lifelong psychic and spiritual counselor, healer, channel and teacher. The Elders have created a book (with Lauren's help) entitled The Lemurian Way, Remembering Your Essential Nature due to be published soon.

Also, Lauren has graciously offered to answer general questions on behalf of the Lemurian Elders. Send your questions by e-mail to: Lauren.

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