"Raising Your Frequency"

"Find a way to look forward to life and enjoy the experience - AND YOU WILL BE FULL OF ENERGY! Now let us look at some of the other factors which contribute to YOUR energy levels.

First of all, you will need to raise your frequencies as much as you can. The MECHANICS of how to do this have been peovided to you. Besides mental attitude, I would suggest most emphatically that you get products which have been offered such as Gaiandriana or Aquagaia [cannot be imported into Canada, for instance, but should be available here shortly in an improved version called Silver Colloid Mitochondrial or "SCM"], all the colloids [silver, gold, titanium] and all the Gaiasorb products that are applicable to you [these counteract habit-forming products or those causing allergic reactions].

Ones say that they cannot afford all these things, yet they can afford cigarettes, alcohol, carbonated sugar drinks and such. Well, where there is a TRUE desire for balanced physical health, the appropriate steps will be taken and there WILL be balanced health.

Let us look at what some of you are putting into your bodies: Cigarettes are laced with all kinds of poisons; nicotine is perhaps one of the least of concern. The papers are laced with addictive substances [eg opium]. These additives, when burned together, chemically combine into highly toxic carcinogens. Yet, ones will regularly intake these "cancer sticks" - all the while wondering why they are not hearing, personally, the call of we of the Hosts!

Alcohol is another problem with Ground Crew members [those physically on Planet Earth as leaders]. Some go through the experience of drinking their sorrows away while others claim "I am only a casual drinker." In either case, plus all the grey area inbetween) excuses are plentiful for hanging on to this habit.

I am not going to tell anyone how to live their life. I will, however, suggest that you refrain from these toxic and addictive substances IF you desire clarity of mind, sharper senses, a greater level of stamina, and a higher frequency level. Furthermore, such will bring about conditions more favorable for we of the Hosts to work with and through you!

Please keep in mind that whether you are addicted to these substances or not, you are fast approaching a time when they will not be available, and you will have to do without them! So, if you feel you cannot possibly go to sleep without at least one drink first, then you may be in for some very sleepless nights in the not-very-distant future.

Now let us turn to the subject of nutrition. As most of you should well know by now, your food supplies have been purposely depleted of necessary vitamins and minerals. To counteract this, I simply suggest that you get the necessary supplements not only of vitamins, but of common minerals AND trace minerals as well.

Furthermore, avoid "fast food" places. They run on such low profit margins that they must buy the cheapest meats, produce etc in order just to stay open. Thus the foodstuffs from these "fast food" places may, for instance, contain meats laced with dangerous pesticides - including some pesticides banned from use in America [although their export and subsequent re-entry is NOT banned!]

Remember, throughout ALL your daily experiences, call in the Light, and ask for constant protection and guidance. And keep in mind that we can do more to assist you in meeting the challenges presented by any situation WHEN YOU REMEMBER TO ASK!

Speaking of guidance, let me suggest another method of frequency-raising. This technique is in essence a matter of mental attitude, but some prefer the term "meditation." What do I mean by this? I mean clearing one's mind of mental garbage and asking for guidance and insight on what it is you need to be doing.

When you make a conscious effort to connect to Higher Source, there will be a "meeting of the minds" at some inbetween frequency plane. And the more often you put forth this effort, the more easily such shall come about for you.

The Lighted Higher-Energy Beings will meet you more than half-way, and in so doing, will add some of their high-frequency energy to your energy field. This will "stretch" you by raising your frequency slightly. With constant and continued effort to make connection, the easier it shall become, for you shall be moving up in frequency with each encounter.

Slowly perhaps at first, but certainly with diligence and persistence you will make connection with increasing ease, until you are almost always in constant, conscious contact with we of the Higher Realms. Actually you are ALWAYS "in contact"- you are just not usually very CONSCIOUS of the nature of this interaction.

As far as helping others, I would suggest that you share these messages with them and answer their questions the best that you honestly can. If they are asking YOU, then recognize that they are probably being guided to you, and you can feel confident that you have the insights or knowledge that they need to hear. If ones are not asking, then don't force anything down their throats. Respect the choices of another and move on.

Since this writing addresses the subject of health and well-being, let me offer some further information to you ones who are constantly worried and preoccupied with your weight.

Ones constantly go on and off diets. This causes an unbalanced condition and thus there develops the "roller-coaster" effect of weight loss followed by gain again.

Weight, or more accurately size due to fat cells, should be controlled from the inside out, not the outside in. However, for practical reasons, do not jump to the conclusion that this statement exclusively means "controlled from the mind" - though ultimately that is indeeed true.

One common cause for an overweight condition (which may or may not also include chronic fatigue) is parasites. For those of you who think that you could not possibly have parasites, I would suggest that you consider most carefully WHY you would think such a thing. Is it because your ego will not allow you confront this possibility?!?

Parasites store food, that they scavenge from your body, in the form of fat. Thus you eat more in order to get the proper nutrition that your body needs. In a heavily infested body, you may consume massive amounts of food and still not get all the nutrients that you need. Meanwhile your body is ballooning up due to the fat stored by the parasites for their future use.

In the larger picture, reduction of fat is probably the VERY LEAST IMPORTANT reason to rid self of parasites. Much disease and otherwise compromised body and brain functioning is also due to parasitic infestations of some kind.

When you prepare your food, it is far more important to do so with LOVE in your heart, than it is important to be concerned about how fancy a dish you prepare. Joyous vibrational frequencies that you pump into the food during preparation shall not only make the simplest dish taste better, but the food will be better for you.

Have you ever known someone who can prepare a dish that is absolutely delicious, yet, when others try to duplicate it, it comes out flat or otherwise does not taste anywhere near as good? This factor is a most important "secret ingredient" of good meal preparation!

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables whenever practical: save the canned foods for your emergency supplies. If you grow, yourself, or you can find fruits and vegetables in the marketplace, which have been grown under more natural or "organic" farming conditions, free from lethal pesticides, then by all means please partake of these more alive, and thus frequency-raising and health-giving, products.

Let us now turn to the subject of electromagnetic pulse bombardment. It is perhaps one of the trickiest problems to overcome. First KNOW that it is there, it is real, and can and does have an effect on you - whether you realise it or not.

Here the counteractive mechanics are not going to be so simple. You must try and match these bombardment frequencies if at all possible. For some, you will have raised your vibrational frequency to a point where the impact is minimized. However, again, if you hold on to those addictive substances, you will be hard pressed to overcome some of these electromagnetically-induced irritations.

The various mind-control pulse systems are specifically engineered to operate in the frequency range of human brain activity. The brain, being in the physical, operates in the same general frequency range as the body. The mind is NON-physical: the brain is quite physical.

What the pulse systems effectively do is, they operate in such a way as to flood the interface junction (brain) with "noise". Some actually hear pulse system broadcasts as background ringing tones in the ears. This "noise" interferes with the brain's ability to communicate effectively in certain frequency ranges. As a result of this now-impeded coupling between mind and brain, tempers may flare or ones may become agitated for no real reason, and yet others perhaps may lapse into states of depression and/or confusion.

The higher YOU are able to raise the background frequency of your body (and thus your brain too) the less impact the pulse systems will have on you. Again, MENTAL ATTITUDE has, perhaps, the greatest single impact on one's vibrational frequency.

The next point may seem circular in reasoning, BUT - why do you ones think that the adverserial forces would utilize such a weapon? Could the answer perhaps be: IN ORDER TO KEEP YOU FROM REALIZING YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL?

Laughter, Humor, Joy and Love are perhaps the best ingredients for raising one's frequency. These are the higher frequency emotions that will lift you out of boredom and depression IF you make the effort to cultivate these higher-frequency emotions within you. Allowing such as anger, frustration and self-pity to linger within you only lowers your vibrational level.

Summarizing what I have been discussing as "action items": eating high-energy fresh foods, prepared with Joy and Love, will help increase one's frequency, as will avoiding drugs such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and such.

Keep in mind that, as you raise your frequency, the parasites become more and more uncomfortable living in such an environment. Thus frequency, which is again largely governed by MENTAL ATTITUDE, also plays an important role in the weight issue. So, to state this point in another, more comprehensive way: THE BODY WILL REFLECT THE INNER EMOTIONAL SELF.

Ones who are plagued by great emotional pains most often put on more weight (fat) in order to insulate themselves from the impact of these emotional events. The fat serves as a "wave barrier" between you and the "vibes" of the outside, potentially harmful world.

When ones are being constantly bombarded with the energies of low-frequency emotions, they will most often place a physical barrier between themselves and those sending out these corrosive emotional energy waves or "negative vibrations."

On a side-matter related to this subject, we of the Hosts must maintain padding (fat) in the Solar Plexus area of some Light Workers among the Ground Crew in order to protect them from the electronically-induced pulse waves and the negative emotional energies of those who strike out in fear or anger.

This is why it can be a most annoying, uncomfortable (when your clothes don't fit) and difficult endurance situation for some of the Light Workers who have agreed to serve under these most adverse conditions.

Often this is a particular problem for designated receivers. Since our receivers can get worn down mentally, we must have this physical "back-up" in place.

For some of you who gladly read and enjoy these messages, this sort of attack on a receiver may not even cross your minds. But be assured that there are evil (dark) ones who overtly attack and send negative energy pulses against the Light Workers. Moreover, there are witches and black magic, and some of the more serious dark ones DO practise spiritual warfare. If they can't get the Light Workers themselves, which they usually cannot, then they will go after family members and friends.

Back to the subject of weight. Some are indeed plagued with physical problems such as thyroid imbalance. Some are just lazy and inactive and simply just don't want to give up their addictive compulsions towards eating.

If you really look at the possibilities, you can trace the weight problem back to the root cause - which is emotional imbalance in some way. So, if you TRULY want to drop these pounds, then you would do well to look within and search for those things that emotionally pull you down.

The fat is the EFFECT. The real CAUSE, even of something as physical as an unbalanced thyroid condition, is emotional in nature.

Find those things that pull you down; go within and bring them up. If you have a close friend or relative with whom you can talk about these things, and release them, then do so. The emotional release will do wonders for your mental attitude.

Walking or physical work, outside, each day, will also help you come into balance. A walk can further serve as an opportunity to take in the frequency-raising and cleansing gifts of Nature (God).

Balance begins within. May you be an example for others to follow.

I AM Violinio St Germain, come in the Light of Creator God. Salu."

1996 09 21

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