The following summary details all that has to be taken into account in maintaining a healthy physical body, establishing and understanding the root causes of disease and in remedying any shortcomings. More detailed information should be sought on any specific aspect referred to herein which is not fully understood.

Revised: March, 1996.

1. One must first understand that the health of the physical body depends upon several 'prior to birth' factors, namely:-

2. From the time of birth onwards the further factors which contribute to good health may be summarised as follows:- 3. The quality of life may be further enhanced by:-
4. When something does go wrong, or one has failed to live up to these guidelines, take action as follows:- 5. For the more technically minded we provide this further explanation. It helps to have an understanding of scalar electromagnetics (SEM) - the 'life electromagnetic system' - and phase conjugation: 6. Final steps in returning the physical body to optimum condition, subject to any limiting factors already referred to:
Progredere in luce .....


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