My beloved Father, who is Creator of all, please dwell with me in your Omnipotent glory. Your name is Holy, that mine might be recognized within YOU. In that way may I ever be such that Your realm is incarnate within me. May Your power reveal itself unto and within me, on Earth as Yours resounds throughout the Heavens AND the Earth. May my presence upon the physical journey of life be a reflection of YOUR WILL, not mine. I need, this day, my daily bread - that substance which sustains me in Your service as You wish me to serve, and thus, let me see and recognize my transgressions and errors as I also come into the recognition of TRUTH. Let me not "judge" any other and allow forgiveness for myself as well, as only YOU can see my soul and guide my feet and heart within your LIGHT.

Please do not let me fall into temptation and confusion through the putting aside THY WILL in favour of my human ego wants. Yours is the realm within me and Yours is the POWER and the KNOWLEDGE forever - if I but seek it. For, Thine promise is that if I seek diligently in Truth - so shall I find!

Please allow me to reflect Your LIGHT into the dark corners of the shadowed valleys in this journey. May I example my ways that I show unto others that which You have shown unto me and may I only act unto others as in the gentle and wondrous giving which YOU offer unto me - if I but accept Thine gift.

Be ever constant within me, Father, that I may ever see Your will and serve in Your way for I would live for You if You but show me my path.

May all the Creatures and Creation be blessed by Your Grace and may I ever revere and respect that which is put into my care and stewardship and in this way I shall KNOW that Your will IS - everlasting and infinite as I am allowed, also, to become everlasting and infinite in Your LIGHT, not just within Your universe.

Give unto me the ability and desire to serve my brother and think FIRST upon his needs before my own - but let me know the difference in giving and assuming responsibility for self that I do not give of Thine great gifts into the places of the carnal consciousness. Let me learn clearly how to "receive" that I turn not away that which You have sent unto me. Abundance is Thine; Truth and Love are YOU and I humbly ask that I discern well and reflect each as it is given unto me - in glory and use, not in greed for self.

Please strengthen my commitments that I do not fail in Your generous commissions placed in my care for I AM the reflection of Yourself as gifted unto me - that I may BE, may grow, and may BECOME.

I place no "Amen" upon this prayer, Father, that I may be a continuing reflection without beginning and without ending - but residing ever WITHIN your Grace.

In my impatience let me ever be mindful that "impatience is only brought about by my lack of FAITH" - so, Father, please allow me the KNOWING that my FAITH can sustain me in the waiting upon my journey. Let me understand that the delays are NOT the denials - but only my own perception - for the greater wisdom lies within YOU.

Commander Hatonn, 1994 03 23

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