“Meet My Sky Doc, Rafael”

Rafael through Candace Frieze
11th May, 2005

Osteoarthritis, Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactivity, Excess Phosphates

Candace: I thought it would be nice to cover some more health issues, and regards how star treatment might be of benefit. This is more relevant topic at this time. My sky doc's name is Rafael, and I think we will be doing two or three messages together. This message is going to cover the most common cause of everyday osteoarthritis, and Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactivity, the excess of phosphate in our diets.

Rafael: Dearest Readers, I AM Rafael, Candace's "Sky Doc." I am what is known as a Descending Son, meaning I am angelic in origin. I am going to bring you some information, requiring more than one paper. There have been many questions, wondering about "Star Medicine." Many of you are requesting our help at this time, particularly since Candace has told you that she goes to ship for treatment.


Many of you have asked how to get our attention, and if you can be beamed to ship. Generally, all you have to do to get our attention is to make a simple request of your needs, done in your mind, and not spoken. It is very difficult for us to pick up on spoken language. This is the erroneous teaching of your clerics, with their prayer technique.

Spoken language interferes with telepathy. When speaking, you often say words that are not actually formed in your mind. Notice when you are in excited talking with someone, and the words just seem to pop out of your mouth. This is exactly what happens, they come from a different part of your brain, when you are speaking, and are not formed in the part of the brain that does telepathy.

We at this time have a very long waiting list for the many "hospital" ships. Yes, there are quite a few, from many star nations. Different ships have different personnel and different capabilities. Some of these ships treat only those from their particular star nations, who are incarnate. The population of Earth is quite huge, with many people from many places besides the Earth at this time.

We cannot tend to everyone immediately, just as sometimes you have difficulty getting treatment from your own medical systems. Also, an issue at hand, regards treatment on the ships, some can't be beamed up safely. In fact, beaming could cause serious injury or death, due to the difference in energies between ships, and earth bodies.

This energy difference has nothing to do with your spiritual development. It simply has to do with the genetics of mankind. Many star people bring some of their own genetics with them, into incarnation, and these are more easily treated aboard ship. You have advantage of this also in the long run, as when these star people reproduce on Earth, their genetics enter into Earth, and are passed on, uplifting your overall genetics.

If you are ill, and have insurance and a good doctor, try to use you own facilities first. After there is sufficient contact made, and definitely after the Second Coming event, we will be on the ground ourselves, and will work at re teaching in your standard medical facilities in existence, so that more of you may receive the benefits of our knowledge in this manner.

This of course will take a bit of time, but is the most efficient method. Understand that you, in many areas of medicine already benefit from star medicine. Notice in the last several years your surgeons have less invasive techniques for surgery, much being done through small incisions and tubes. There is ultra sound, which is used to break up kidney stones, and gall stones, greatly lessening the need for invasive procedures. There are many new scanning and diagnostic techniques.

Candace: I am undergoing periodic treatment, similar in nature to ultrasound that breaks up and dissolves calcium deposits. My kidneys then eliminate this debris. Also, with the recent major procedure on my spine, I did not have incisions with stitches or staples. My incisions were "knitted" back together, in some other manner. Remember seeing this done in the Star Trek films?


Rafael: There are some whom we will not be able to help. Advanced cancer, especially if the person has received radiation or chemotherapy is an example. These terrible methods of treating cancer, are the creation of the BBB&Gs [Illuminati], for the purpose mostly of making a great deal of money, and also not having the patient survive. These treatments damage the DNA so badly, that healing is made much more difficult, and at times impossible.

Some have extremely damaged immune systems, and this is a difficult task to correct also, although less of a problem than the DNA damage. Candace has received several requests for emergency intervention of family that are seriously ill, and the condition is past our ability to help, even if we were on the ground and beaming was not an issue. Regards beaming, this stresses even the bodies that tolerate it, with the lower DNA, and could actually impair the healing that we might do. We cannot beam up people in advanced stages of cancer.

There are many situations where we can beam into someone's home, and take tissue and blood samples, and do simple healing, and actually small surgical procedures. We have installed little devices that accelerate healing of damaged tissue from injuries in many of you, and you are probably totally unaware this has been done.

Candace: An example of this healing, inside one's home, would include the removal of some viral infections. I have had my herpes, as an example, taken care of in this manner. Rafael once brought a small machine with him, and I laid beside it for an hour. I felt a bit of energy, tingling, etc., from this, but otherwise no discomfort.

Rafael: How much we would have loved to be able to have had contact way back when Mr. Kennedy was President. I have been informed that his speech, which he would have given the day he was murdered, has been reprinted in one of these messages.

The good news, if you would call it that, is that in the ensuing years, many more have come from the stars, and we will be able to accomplish much, after the Second Coming event. You have already been informed that it is a massive contact event. We are literally going to fall out of your skies. I will note here, many shuttles and the small ships will fall out of your skies. The larger ships are not for landing. Some are so huge, they have to be kept quite a distance from Earth, so as not to interfere with gravity. These are the size of your moon or larger.

One of the first of our projects will be to work on those most seriously ill, especially those with conditions like AIDS. AIDS can be cured most simply, and we are bringing quite a few of the machines necessary for this. These can be brought via shuttle, or beamed down. We are already selecting certain areas around the world where there is a concentration of AIDS to install these devices and teach their use.

Candace: For those yet unaware, AIDS is a man made laboratory created disease, given to Africa through the smallpox vaccine given in the 1970s, and through Hepatitis vaccine, and other avenues since then.

Rafael: Every cell type and every virus has its own electrical frequency. It is quite easy to determine this frequency, and destroy only the sick cells, viruses, and bacteria, without damage to the surrounding tissues. Many cases of AIDS can be cured with two short treatments a couple of weeks apart. The same applies to many cancers. Cancer cells also have a different frequency from normal cells. This technique was brought to Earth long ago, by several, including Raymond Rife. Your medical establishment at the time chose to not use this, no money to be made.

One of the greatest "diseases" in your society is that of money and its use for power and control. I will say, quickly here, that within a number of years, and I hope ten or less, you will give up money entirely. Advanced peoples do not use it. You have many cities in your Inner Earth that have been off money for a very long time. Everyone gets cared for very well, and everyone contributes to their society, as required for balance.

Many of your diseases result from bad food, and poor nutrition. As you ascend, you will no longer consume anything from animals. During transition of your body, you might consume a little dairy and eggs, but no meat. Advanced societies do not bring harm to animals that provide any of their needs. They are respected, and loved. There are no slaughter houses such as you have on Earth. This is completely appalling.

I would suggest that the very first thing you can do to improve your general health, is to improve your diet. Stop the meat entirely, and switch to organic dairy and eggs. Yes, these cost more, but you need very little of them. The reason to use organic, is in the care of the animal that graciously gives of itself to you.

Chickens are extremely abused, and this is reflected in the quality of the life giving force in their eggs. The eggs are high in stress hormones, and then you take these into your body. The same applies to milk. Your standard dairies treat the animals terribly also, and this is reflected in their milk. The animals are fed poorly and given many substances not good for your health or the animal's health. Cows should not be fed grain. It changes the composition of their fat, which increases inflammation in your bodies. Cows eat grass. Animals used for consumption should be fed their natural foods. Nature does know best.


First I will discuss the problems associated with excess consumption of protein. In this case, it makes little difference whether the protein comes from plants, animals, or the assorted protein powders. Too much protein leads to a condition of excess acidity in the body. In this process, much calcium can be lost, both from the teeth and the bones. This can produce osteoporosis, especially with the changes of life that occur after the childbearing years. Men get some osteoporosis also as they age.

Currently you are seeing new teaching that the body should be kept slightly alkaline. For most of you this is correct. The eating of concentrated protein, such as in meat and dairy products, and protein powders greatly encourages the condition of acidity in the body. When you consume protein in whole plant foods, there is considerably less risk of this occurrence.

Ideally the pH of your body should be very close to 7.0, which is neutral. For most, a slightly alkaline condition is desired. You can acquire pH test strips from your pharmacy or a chemical supply house, or maybe a place selling products to test the soil. Use these to test your saliva, usually in the morning before consuming food or brushing the teeth. If you are feeling badly a couple hours after eating certain foods, you may want to test again.

Your pH should not be higher in alkalinity than 7.3, or more acidic than 6.7. Some of you have bodies that will prefer the slight acidic environment. This would most likely be someone with type O blood, but due to the great mixing of genetics on earth, this is not a fast rule.


There is a growing problem on the planet with ADD, attention deficit disorder, sometimes further complicated by hyperactivity. This is increasing for two reasons. First, indigo and crystal children being born, who are very definitely bringing in some better DNA; Second, the increase in your society of adding phosphorus in many manners and combinations to your processed foods. Not even older style earth bodies can handle this onslaught of phosphate in the food.


We have placed Candace on an extremely low phosphate diet, and I will let her explain what it is she does. She has absolutely horrid arthritis as a result of this phosphate problem. I need to explain one more thing here, quickly. Many of you have this problem because you have the better DNA, and you as a result, have different kidneys. In this sense your better DNA has been a curse. Candace herself had no idea this was the cause of her arthritis, and she too has some of the better DNA. This is definitely the issue with the Indigo and Crystal children.

Read labels, it [phosphates] is in your meats to retain moisture, in dairy products to change the texture, on your chips in many cases. Any time you eat processed "foods", they have been degraded in one way or another with phosphates and many other chemicals. Coke and similar pops have phosphoric acid in them. You are drowning yourselves in phosphate in one form or another.

The symptoms of ADD/Hyperactivity are mostly related to a very high alkalinity in the body. The medications for these conditions treat the symptoms by making the body acidic. This not only does not solve the problem, but the high acidity is harmful also. You should not have your ADD/hyperactive children on these medications, as they do not lower the phosphate level appropriately. They are only a Band-Aid, and a poor one at that. If you keep you children on these medicines, their teeth will rot from the acidic saliva. They will suffer also other health problems from the acidity.

A high phosphorus level in the blood causes loss of concentration, what some call "brain fog." In some people hyperactivity also results. Many will get restless leg syndrome. This is often the result of inadequate magnesium in the body. Excess dietary phosphate decreases the ability of the digestive tract to absorb magnesium, calcium, potassium and zinc from food. The chronic elevated phosphate level eventually damages many tissues, including the digestive tract, making matters worse.

The excess phosphate must go somewhere. It doesn't exist alone. It requires calcium in its stabilization. This calcium can come from your bones, and your diet. The excess phosphate causes the muscles to be in a state of constant contraction. This constant contraction causes severe damage to nearby joints. This is the major cause of loss of the spinal discs over time. It is also a cause of muscle fatigue. The muscles never get a rest.

Candace has this problem. So do many of you. As you "rupture" your discs, there is pressure placed on the nerves that exit the spine This excess phosphate is also the cause of many cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, knee problems, fingers getting bent out of shape, and overall muscle stiffness that does not seem to go away. If these problems start when you are young, you have the problem, period. The arthritis that does not start up until in later years is still caused by the same thing, except in these cases, it results from the kidneys aging, and therefore not processing the phosphate. The treatment is the same.

Now to the treatment: first you must get off dairy, period. You are not a cow, and you do not need this quantity of phosphorus. Phosphorus is required by the body, it is an important part of your energy system. Those with a little knowledge from school, will remember studying something about ATP and ADP. The "P" stands for phosphate. Phosphate is very necessary in the carbon DNA systems. It is much less important in the crystalline DNA systems. If you desire to ascend your current body, into crystalline DNA, you will give up dairy, and meat, (because of its acidic tendency) period. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

If you have children with ADD/H, you will lower their phosphate consumption, by taking them off milk, (other than the newer formulas), and off processed food. Phosphate is required for very rapid growth. It is also present in seeds, in the plant kingdom for this reason, but it is not as high as it is in dairy food. If you have a phosphate problem, you can usually consume plant seeds in reasonable quantities. The lower protein level in plant food prevents the excess acidity problem also, that can result from high protein intake.

I want to point out again, that the excess phosphorus produces too much alkalinity in the body. Many of these children have blood pH above 8.5. This is horrible, and very destructive to these little ones, and those of you who are Indigos here since around 1970. Your BBB&Gs [Illuminati] know this, this is why they dump phosphate into these non-foods, that you call junk foods.

They also put MSG into many junk foods and this substance will hurt your brain pretty badly over time. MSG increases the rate of hyperactivity in these children and in many adults. This is why consumption of dairy is encouraged in your commercials. They want you sick and disabled. The MSG in food affects your appetite, as the chemical causes craving of food, causing you to eat more of the same junk food. This contributes also to overweight.

The excess phosphate will also injure your kidneys as you age, making matters worse, and it causes problems with the parathyroid glands that regulate the kidneys ability to process phosphate. Now we should get to some of the treatment.

Obviously, removal of excess phosphate is a primary issue. Depending on the severity of your condition, you will require calcium to balance the excess of the phosphate. This is required to store the excess in your various tissues, such as your muscles and joints. If you do not consume adequate dietary calcium, you will borrow it from your bones, causing "thinning." If you consume milk, you will probably get much of this extra calcium from this source. The calcium will relieve the charley horse problem. But you pay the bill later.

The chronic problem of excess dietary phosphate in the gut will cause you to not absorb enough of other minerals, discussed above. Over time, there is also damage to the lining of the gut, causing swelling and further problems with absorption. Many of you with irritable bowel syndrome, have a phosphate problem of long standing. It may have started when you were formula fed as an infant. Many of you know you do not tolerate milk, and this is a major reason why. It is not people food, period.

So, you can continue the phosphate in your diet from dairy foods, and processed foods, and take calcium, magnesium, and potassium as supplements. Candace requires all of these on a daily basis to prevent cramps, and restless legs, and weakened muscles (from the low potassium) and nervous system symptoms. And you will still feel awful.

If you are quite young still, you will be able to correct things by greatly decreasing your phosphate consumption. If you have started to build up debris from storing the phosphate and calcium, there is a simple medicine you can buy, called Guaifenesin. This is the medicine in cough formulations that helps clear congestion in the airways. You need larger doses than what is in these medicines, and should not use them for this purpose, because of the other ingredients. You should purchase pure Guaifenesin.

You should start with 400 mg twice a day in general. If you have difficulty with the Guaifenesin lasting a full 12 hours, than you may need to take it every 8 hours. This enables the kidneys to flush the phosphate through them. Some of you may need small doses of this for life, if your kidneys have been damaged.

You must decrease you phosphate for this plan to work effectively; you can't use it and continue to eat poorly. By taking this medicine, and reducing the phosphate, you put yourself into a deficit situation, and then you will draw on the stored material and remove it from your body over time. Following this protocol, you can reduce several years of build up for each year you adhere to the plan.

We have been accelerating Candace's clearance additionally with another substance not available on Earth, plus we take her on ship and give treatments to further dissolve deposits. This is a long-term project, this healing. It is not an overnight affair, and the length of treatment depends on the severity of the problem to begin with.

On this treatment you will feel worse at intervals, when your phosphate builds up faster than your kidneys excrete it. During these times you will have increased brain fog, irritable muscles, and blurred vision. You can increase the Guaifenesin a bit, and take in plenty of liquids during these times, which can persist for a number of hours or a few days. We have no instant treatment. Many of you expect instant treatment for illness, and many of you are going to have to take the long road, and be patient as your body heals itself. You will have to make the changes. No one can do it for you.

After the Second Coming many of the star people will approach your food production companies and encourage changes. Others will inform about better farming techniques to improve the nutrition in the food, which includes restoring depleted soils. Food of the proper type is at the corner stone of long lasting health. Either you change how you eat, or you do not ascend. No amount of spiritual ascension work will correct what you stuff in your face.

We realize you are not in control of the food production. But you can chose not to eat artificial fake food. You must eat lots of fruits and vegetables of many colors. The color is the healing part in them. You must come off meat, especially your improperly fed and processed meat. By processed meat, we include the additives to what appears as ordinary meat, to make it more juicy and tender. Real meat is tough my folks, and very lean. If it is tender and fat, it will cause you harm.

If you do not yet have some arthritis, eliminating your phosphate from dairy and processed foods may be enough. Enjoy the foods made from seeds, but still eat mostly fruits and vegetables. Seeds, include wheat and other grains, dry beans, nuts, peas, corn, flax seed, sesame seeds, and so on. Flour is ground seeds. White flour has less phosphate, but it has less of everything else you need also.



14th June, 2005

Rafael: Now my dearest ones, I will address a number of your questions that we have received the last few weeks. First, I will discuss organ repair and regeneration via the use of stem cells. You have heard from your media and Mr. Bush various opinions about the use of embryonic stem cells. The use of embryonic cells is not only not necessary, but in fact does not work well, as the genetics belong to the embryo and not one's self. You are seeing techniques discussed which imply that the DNA from one's self is inserted into the embryonic stem cell after its DNA is removed. Pray tell, to use a common earth expression, what then is the point?

You all have a huge variety of stem cells in your own body. These do decrease with advancing age, and more attention must then be placed on the culturing of these to get sufficient numbers, but that is only a small issue. You have stem cells in the lining of your mouth, in the fat around your abdomen, in your blood, in your nervous system, in your bone tissue even. The presence of these cells is one significant way your body heals itself.

I am going to let Candace tell her story here now about what we have done for her in this area.

Candace: In 1991, I experienced failure of the anterior lobe of my pituitary gland. This condition actually started years before, after the C-section delivery of my first child in 1971. I had a great deal of blood loss. I won't spend time here in this message which is long to describe why, but let it suffice to say, I should have sued a few people, and the hospital.

Over the years of multiple stresses, including many surgeries, my MS resulting from the Swine Flu vaccine, the damage from the aspartame and several other issues, my pituitary gave up in 1991. I have been on supplementary hormones since, which include hydrocortisone, thyroid, and estrogen. One can live without the pituitary, but life is compromised. The name of this condition is "Simmonds’ disease." To function at my desired level as a member of the Second Coming committee, and my organization being created as a part of this, this tired body needs to work a little better.

About 1 1/2 years ago, I had a stem cell transplant to create a new pituitary. These cells were taken from the lining of my mouth, and cultured, and then simply inserted where they were to grow. Stem cell transplants will pick up information from the surrounding tissues, and know what to do! My new pituitary is functioning well. My thyroid gland recovered very well from the years of inactivity from my using Synthroid and I have been off this now for about 14 months. My adrenal glands, that is another story. They are responding, but not adequately. I do make now about 1/2 the steroid hormones I need for a quiet day, but can't manufacture anywhere near enough for a stressful day.

So, the procedure I had almost 2 weeks ago, that I mentioned recently, was to help out the Adrenals. This time the stem cells came from my fat. (I have plenty of this!) These are apparently more appropriate, and are also in greater abundance. After the cells were taken, they were cultured for about 3 weeks. They then were inserted into multiple areas of my adrenal glands, which sit on top of the kidneys. This required a labroscopic procedure, quite similar to what is performed on earth. Gas is put into the belly to distend it, to create space to reach the kidneys, and the cells put injected into place.

Excess gas is removed, but some remains, to be absorbed. This produces abdominal pain, and nausea, and this I had. However, I did not have angry incisions due to the knitting technique! This is a major improvement over previous laparoscopies I have experienced. The cells will have to multiply over time, so this is not an instant cure. Rafael said I might begin to notice a difference in a couple weeks. Last Sunday I began to cut my hydrocortisone down, and am beginning to have more energy in the evenings, a very good sign.

Rafael: As you see in her story, important glands such as the pituitary and the adrenals can be healed with this technology. We harvest the desired cells, culture them, many times in the presence of assorted hormones or growth factors to prepare them for the job, insert them, and they follow the directions of the surrounding tissues. We can replace lost or missing limbs, build cartilage, new lenses for the eye to replace cataracts and corneas, new cells for the lungs to use and repair themselves, and even the replacement and repair of tissue in the gastrointestinal intestinal tract. We had a question about the repair of detached retinas. Here we are a bit limited. If the damage is slight, and splotchy, the insertion of cells usually will cause repair to occur, but if the damage is major and of long standing, then the answer is no. But we do have a very good substitute for the eye in general. This substitute will work, even for those born blind in many cases. The case being, what the blindness is from. There must be normal development of the visual areas of the brain for this to work. Our substitute for vision, looks like an eye, it is not as your character in Star Trek used that looks like a set of blinders. There must be training to condition the person and the brain to this substitute eye.

You are already aware, many of you, what is happening already in your world for those that are deaf. Here, if it is deafness due to disorder of the hearing mechanism in formation of the body, we can do more than with the eye, but the sounds are not as normal. This technique involves using the bone conduction for sound, which works, but not as well as natural hearing, but is still of great benefit. Deafness due to injuries is very workable with, and can involve stem cells, or electrical technologies, just as you are seeing now for your deaf peoples. You already have a good deal of star medicine.

What can be done for spinal cord injury? A great deal, especially with the use of stem cells, which can be conditioned and implanted to create new circuits. This is time consuming, not an instant cure. The best "cure" results in the treatment of the injury immediately following the accident, if an accident is the cause of the problem. There must be rapid decompression of pressure. This is very true also of head injury, the resultant swelling putting prolonged pressure on tissue causing the damage. You are being taught now some techniques already, which include the use of temporary comma, to assist healing. We will show more techniques after we are on your soil.

Some have had joint replacement, and this is good therapy, and you should settle for this, if your joints are working well. The Titanium used does not cause rejection problems, and in fact, having a bit of titanium in the body can be very beneficial to the immune system. You have been given new techniques that are much less invasive in joint repair, and after we come, the knitting technique further reduces tissue injury and makes surgery much more comfortable. You already have cartilage replacement now, but I know it is not yet widespread. Bone can be grown in culture, from your own bone cells and shaped and implanted to repair a variety of injuries. If you had our knitting technique, many injuries from accidents can be repaired without scarring.

Many want to know about getting rid of addictions. There are a variety of helpful aids, but these are aids, and will only be of real benefit, if you truly desire to heal the addiction. Addiction is a spiritual issue, and you must take charge of your problem, or the addition will come right back. In this area, the results are totally dependent on your desire to be whole.

In fact, for successful healing in any area, your cooperation is needed spiritually. You can be given antibiotics, as a simple example for a pneumonia, and knock that back, but another infection will come in its place, or the lungs might sustain other damage, if there is not the spiritual desire to heal. And some succumb anyway, despite the treatment, as there is a desire to end the incarnation. Antibiotics become obsolete with the use of frequencies to remove infection. Another substance, which is good for many infections, in fact all of them, is the use of colloidal metals, namely silver, gold and titanium.

I think I already discussed cancer treatment, using the idea of frequencies to identify and eliminate cells. Another useful treatment, which in the USA is rather depressed, in favor of noxious drugs and radiation, is the use of heat to kill localized cancers. Heat would be most simple and effective for skin cancers. Heat is also useful to kill surface bacterial infections. Many of you know to use heat on boils, as an example. The local heat will kill many microbes. In Europe and Russia there is the development of technologies using heat to kill cancers that are localized still, or only with minor spread.

As I mentioned before, we can't treat widespread cancer aboard ship, and it is also difficult to treat on the ground. The problem is related to damaged genetics from your current "therapies." It is also related to damaged genetics, when there is advancing age. The immune system is less able to do its job. When you are in these advanced stages of illness, it takes mighty spiritual abilities to help effect your cure, and if you had these abilities to begin with, you probably wouldn't have the advanced cancer. Spiritual work on your world is still vastly unknown, which can be used to help in your survival. Do not put yourself down, if you fail to heal illness with the use of mind. You know not how to do this, although some are occasionally successful.

The BBB&G’s (Illuminati) are responsible quite intentionally for many diseases. These include the "bird flu" they are currently working on, to begin the fear tactics. Many, who might die from this flu, will do so, out of fear of it. They are banking on this fear factor, as the flu itself, is easily overcome by someone that does not let getting the flu get them down.

Of course, many with poor immune systems, again in part a spiritual problem, will succumb to it. This disease has been unleashed upon your world. But not to worry, as we can get treatment to many very quickly. In the USA, they want to use the bird flu to further enhance the patriot act, and your imprisonment. You will be forbidden to travel, and others won't be able to come to the USA, it will be quarantined. That is the plan at least at this point, to use flu to further install marital law.

We are working in the background in many areas of the world to slow down the progress of this bird flu, and others of a similar nature such as the West Nile Virus, and SARS. This is why you have not seen major problems with these diseases to this point.

Many of the starships have been manufacturing devices that detect the frequencies of viruses and destroy them. These will be available in abundance after the Second Coming event, to handle the variety of problems that crop up from both nature, and the work of the BBB&Gs (Illuminati). I mentioned before, we are going to work heavily with AIDS and get this scourge under control, and people healed, so that they have opportunity to make the ascension decision.

Many of you complain of a low-grade tinnitus (ringing of the ears). Often the source of this is the low energy beams from the cell phone towers. It may also be the result of an implant, if you are a star person, and your people have placed such a device to enable better communications after our coming. Many are doing this at this time in anticipation of the coming events.

In fact, until such time as you become telepathic, such an implant is quite useful and much better than the radiation from your cell phones. There is some very interesting technology coming your way, that will suffice quite well until there is telepathy.

We have also received some questions regards the long-term effects of the use of interferon. If you recovered from its use, you are probably going to be all right. If you didn't recover, you aren't on the planet anymore. Interferon is not the greatest of substances, in the hands of your scientists at this time. They should have given up long ago on this idea, given its lack of results, and the horrid symptoms it can cause. Your scientists are still too stuck in the use of chemical this and chemical that, to fix things. Yes, some chemicals are valuable, but in general there is too much emphasis, as a chemical can be used to make money. Especially if it doesn't work but some of the time. The chemicals used for cancer treatment would be an example.

Every planet has in its plants, for the most part, all that is needed to heal, if the plants are grown healthily. These plants can be utilized, best in their whole form, most of the time, in the very early stages of disease. This reflects the importance of evolution on each evolutionary planet, and the importance of not making a mess of it and interfering in the lack of knowledge.

As evolution progresses, so do many solutions to illness on a planet. Some of your scientists are getting smart and observing how animals in the wild treat their problems. These animals do not separate from the plants what they need and condense the substance. They eat the entire plant or portion of the plant that works.

Many of your companies involved in the manufacture of substances sold in the natural food stores are after the money. I am talking about the supplement extracts. An example would be the assorted carotenes available. Better to get them in the food. I have Candace eating a large quantity of low calorie vegetables, pureeing them to help release these natural substances. Many of the plant nutrients and substances work best in concert with the other parts of the plant. You will be most amazed at how much better you will be, when you learn to eat whole foods, grown properly.

This money would be better used put into healthy farming, and the growing of fully healthy and nutritional food. You need to feed the people the plants, and not use the plants to feed the cows you eat. Much is lost in the process. And even your cows are considerably less healthy than they used to be, for the lack of proper food for them. An example, I think we mentioned another time, is the using of unnatural foods for the cow, which eats grasses, and is given grains and soy to grow faster, and get fatter.

Soy is people food, and a fine protein source for most of you, to supplement your diet with a useful food that can be made into milk, tofu, Tempeh, and a variety of seasonings, such as miso and soy sauce. I deplore the genetic engineering going on the with soy bean, that was perfect in the first place and needs no "engineering."

You have many perfect foods that have been messed with, to create further supposed perfection. I would like to say, that the human genes should not be used in plants, as is being done. Then others eat of the plants and this can create problems. The BBB&Gs (Illuminati) are doing this intentionally as another game of population control.

Now, we have had some questions about teeth, and some asked, how do you get them to last, considering that you will be living longer. Good care is one idea, keeping the mouth free of infection. Good nutrition helps. Fluoride does not. Many of you have calcium loss from your teeth; you are using the calcium to bind your excess phosphate, or using it up from the over consumption of protein, particularly animal protein.

All teeth will still wear down over time. There are a variety of options available. On your planet at this time, you have crowns for example. If teeth are lost, you can use a titanium implant to hold a new tooth. Some of your dentists are now using titanium implants to hold the entire denture in place, with much better results than the stickem type pastes. Of course these are currently expensive, and only available to a few. That will change.

Now back to stem cells: guess what else they can be grown in to! Tooth buds, than can be placed in the gums, and a new tooth will form in a properly prepared socket. We had several letters, over these weeks. Apparently someone has put out the word about these, and people have written, giving their addresses, and requesting these to just be dropped off. However, my friends, we need your stem cells for the process, and it also requires a competent health care professional. Drop offs not possible!

We also have questions about the mercury in fillings. Some of you are bothered by this, others not. As the changes come, and better care becomes available and affordable, you should probably get rid of these fillings, but if you are healthy and have other priorities, this can wait. We do have techniques to remove metals from the body, and you already have some of these, what you label chelation. I have Candace adding large amounts of parsley to her ground up salad mixture, as the parsley type plants tend to draw metals. Your naturopathic type doctors usually know more about this than your medical doctors.

Now, what about weight and diabetes. Usually there is a connection between the two. Many of excess weight will often develop adult diabetes. Excess weight causes many problems for the body. The cure, no matter what is put out on your TV and by your pharmaceutical companies, remains to pay attention to what you eat, and to get off your behinds and move around. Some of your excess eating may be related to the fact that the food is lacking in nutrients, and you eat to excess to take them in. Even though your whole food is not what it used to be, the problem comes mostly from eating white, white, and more white, plus way too much fat. White flour, white sugar, white fats (Crisco) with food coloring maybe added and then called margarine.

Our favorite example of diet misunderstanding, is the fat person, who lines up at the salad bar, eating a ton of salad. Healthy, yes, if you just have the vegetables with a bit of dressing. But instead, there is 1/4 to 1/2 cup of salad dressing, lots of cheese, maybe some eggs, add some meat, then that muffin (or several) on the side, made with lots of grease and sugar, and white flour, and then you complain, that you only had a salad for lunch!

Another example, you had only coffee and a muffin for breakfast. But that fancy coffee, say from Starbucks or whatever, may have up to 800 calories of nothing but goo in it. And that giant muffin, well there's another possible 500 calories, if you eat it minus any extra butter or jam. And how many calories are in the many super sized, or even the regular sized burger meals? You pile your plates full, and know not when to quit.

Some of you eat out of a different reason for your hunger. You hunger for a more meaningful life. That too, usually is in your hands, and if not, then the solution is in your attitude. (Candace: That would be me, folks!) The problem with excess weight, is nearly always the result of too much food, and not enough exercise. It rarely is related to glandular problems alone.

Then there is the condition of hypoglycemia, low blood sugar. This is the result of training your pancreas to dump too much insulin all the time, because of consuming too much sugar frequently. Only you can un-train this problem, by eating whole foods, and stopping the sugar and white breads etc. Try eating a little less at a meal also. You have to put out a huge quantity of insulin to process this sugar. When it is processed, there is usually some left over and this drives down the sugar a bit more. Over time, the body conditions its self to constantly putting out insulin.

Only you can stop it. You can do it by cutting back to no more than 1/2 to 1 small serving of whole carbohydrates at a time, until the extra insulin goes away. This will work in a few days time, but you must use will power during the process. A carbohydrate free diet will also work, but usually people feel pretty bad during the process, and a high protein, low carbohydrate diet is not conducive to good health, in anyone over a long period of time. (Candace: I used this diet for an extended period of time, and my adult onset diabetes worsened on it. I was not eating enough carbohydrate to stimulate insulin production, the exact opposite of too much insulin.)

The diet that will work is paying attention to what you eat, conscious attention. You need top quality carbohydrates, whole grains, some protein, such as from beans, and soy products, many good vegetables, a few whole fruits, and some healthy fat, most of which should come from nuts and other high fat vegetable foods.

Large quantities of oils are still separated parts of food, and should be used in small quantities, and not fried with at high temperatures. We have no diet pills to offer you. This is a nutritional and spiritual issue. The above is what works for adult diabetes also, which is usually the result of long term hyperinsulinism and excess weight. You can fix your diabetes, unless you have the type requiring insulin, by simply stopping all the bad foods, and getting the weight off. Period.

And now, one more diet question. Many asked if fish and seafood are OK on a vegetarian diet. During transition, in small quantities, maybe, but animal flesh is animal flesh. Granted the fats in general are better in seafood for you, than other meats, unless of course, you eat that fish fried in oil that has been overused and full of transfats from the process. Heat causes the oil to hydrogenate. Your fries and fish, especially in restaurants, are often cooked in oil until it darkens. If you cook with oil at home, you notice that after a while it becomes solidified, or at least gets thicker? This is hydrogenation. Bake the fries and fish!

There is one area where we can't help that much, and this is the area of severe brain damage from strokes, accidents, and surgery. We can repair very small areas, again with stem cells, but there is too much that is lost from major injuries.

There is yet another option, if ones genetics are reasonably OK, and that is cloning. However, most of you would be better off to start over with a fresh body. There is here is the possibility this way, of having some improved genetics, the being brought up in a better environment, your new earth. Clones age much more rapidly, no matter the technique used. What works the best is still the time honored method of conception and incarnation.

You will also receive technology, some of it spiritual, some of it using manipulation of time, to restore yourself to your younger years. Much of this will come with the aid of your Inner Earth peoples, who have become quite advanced with this concept, of maintaining the body, for as long as the body is needed for the incarnation at hand.

I think this answers the great majority of the health questions sent in. Candace made a list of them. I will end by saying, again, what you eat is probably the most important issue in good health, and living on processed foods is at the root of many health problems. Regular use of the body, as in get off the couch, is also quite valuable. I was told that Sananda covered a good deal on food in a couple of previous messages, so review them also.

Myself, and many others, will be working heavily after the Second Coming to update your medicine, and your food. Be patient please, as it does take time to change. You will need to participate in the changes. We want to work with those most ill first, as I have said before. Your medical people need a great deal of retraining, with an emphasis on holistic techniques. Those of you interested, start now to change, and take charge of your own health. We have great medicine, but we have no magic wands.

Salu, I AM Archangel Rafael (or Raphael, as those who speak English prefer to spell it).

Candace: Last week, I chose a domain name for my upcoming website and a kind person registered it for me. The site is There is nothing on it yet! I have a bit to learn about websites so I can converse intelligently with whomever I will have to assist in the development of the site. On this site, I will have information, written in a manner that most can understand, about such issues as how the light body is built, how our soul gathers and stores the information of all our lifetimes and related issues. It will have much information about a variety of subjects regards ascension. I am inviting you to write me questions in this area, to use as an aid to development of this area of the website. I won't be sending you answers to these, but rather putting them into a file for future use. Please note this in the subject line! I lost some letters recently. I have to put the ones I don't get to on my hard drive within about 3 weeks or these disappear. With being out of town, and some days off, I neglected to do this. I am sorry. Once I have some secretarial help, I will get to the letters I have yet to answer. There is no way I can answer or even read all of them anymore. Take care, Candace

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