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Law of the Transfer of Energy

Christ's demonstration of walking upon the waters of the Sea of Galilee was a manifestation of the natural law of levitation operating within an energy framework of cohesion, adhesion and magnetism - the very principles which make orbital flight possible.

The light atoms composing the body of Christ absorbed at will an additional quantity of cosmic rays and spiritual substance whose kinship to physical light made his whole body light, thereby making it as easy for him to walk upon the sea as upon dry land.

His ability to transfer this authority over energy was demonstrated through the power of Peter's own vision of the Christ, a pure ray of light upon the waters.

Peter, by taking his eyes temporarily from the Christ, entered a human fear vibration and vortex which immediately densified his body, causing it to sink partially beneath the raging seas.

The law of transfer of energy is vital to the science of alchemy, for without it it is impossible to "create" Matter. It is a law that nothing cannot create something.

The inner meaning of alchemy is simply all-composition, implying the relationship of the all of creation to the parts which compose it. Thus alchemy, when properly understood, deals with the conscious power of controlling mutations and transmutations within Matter and energy and even within life itself. It is the science of the mystic and it is the forte of the self-realised man who, having sought, has found himself to be one with God and is willing to play his part.

When you have the inner degree of Alchemist of the Sacred Fire conferred upon you by your own Christ self, you immediately become a candidate for admission to the outer court of the Great White Brotherhood.

The Sacred Science

Self-mastery is the key to all self-knowledge. It must then be understood and used, at least in part. You must acknowledge without question that you yourself are the alchemist who shall determine the design of your creation. Furthermore, you must know your self as the Real Self and your creation as coming forth from that Self.

Seething vortices of humanly discordant thoughts and feelings daily impose a hypnotic effect upon almost everyone on earth. These tend to nullify the great concentration of intelligent, creative power that is the birthright of every man, woman and child on this planet, though it is consciously employed by far too few.

When it suited their purposes, men in high places have ever so often instructed their hirelings to keep secret the very knowledge which belongs to the ages and which is the very heritage of the people of all nations, so we constantly have suppression of inventions and new ideas for economic and political reasons.

Dare to Do!

The accepted tenets of modern science, being but partially true, are incomplete and therefore provide an inadequate foundation upon which to base advanced research and the control of the elements.

If man expects to succeed in alchemy, which is in truth dependent upon the higher laws of spiritual science, he must nurture the faith on which the strength of his invocation and concentration will rest.

While you are preparing your consciousness for the reception of the knowledge of tomorrow, be aware, then, of the need to ponder the origin of concepts involving limitation. True science borders upon the miraculous to those who do not understand its formulas. Without faith it is impossible to manifest the perfection of God's laws.

An alchemist is enlightened by the torch of divine knowledge.

Physical death merely divides eternal life into compartments of identity and experience whereby expansion and opportunity can be utilised to the fullest and each outworn mold discarded.

Methods of Transfer

Light is the alchemical key. Let there be light! - the first fiat of the creation and the first step in proper precipitation.

The art of precipitation. First create a mind blueprint of the object you wish to produce. This should incorporate definite size, proportion, substance, density, colour and quality in detailed picture form. When the visualisation of the blueprint within your mind is complete, it ought to be immediately sealed. This is a vital step in its speedy and effective release into the world of Matter-form.

This is not closing the door: improvements to the design can be made in future models, but unless you release the blueprint to the elementals and builders of form as a finished work, they cannot properly bring it into manifestation. The words "It is finished!" are therefore the second fiat of creation following "Let there be light!"

Now that you have created a mind matrix and sealed it against the intrusion of impinging mind radiation from others, set up either consciously (through jealousy or ego, for instance) or unconsciously by the mass mind's collective resistance to progress, you must observe the third rule to protect your creative intent and "tell no man." This too is a law of precipitation - one that allows you to circumvent concentrated beams of human thought and feeling patterns which can be most disturbing to a successful alchemical experiment unless certain safeguards are activated.

Avoid, then, the dissipation of energy by the intrusion of a multiplicity of minds, except where two or more individuals are specifically cooperating in joint precipitation.

Those who are of a scientific nature and are familiar with Coulomb scattering and Rutherford's law will understand how thought-energy, as waves scattering other waves as if composed of minute particles, can set up a penetration of great enough intensity to break down the field of magnetic thought-energy focusing the specific pattern of the creative matrix.

One should recognise that geometric figures such as the square, the triangle, the circle, the ellipse and the parallelogram are employed almost universally in creating within the macrocosmic as well as the microcosmic three-dimensional world. Although higher forms of creativity are found in the mathematical world of algebra, calculus and trigonometry, the highest symbology of all known to us at inner spiritual levels is the science of engrammic rhythms.

This study deals with the control and release of energy, with engrams (which term we use to refer to the causative key behind the effects observed by worldly scientists and called by them engrams), with the use of mantras, with the storing of fohatic energy, and with safeguards activating principles of demarcation between the evolutions of the human consciousness in the planes of Matter and the world of perfect divine order that exists in the planes of Spirit.

When contemplating this science, one should bear in mind that even the infinite, omnipresent consciousness of God, as it extends itself into the realm of the material creation, moves through the gamut of creative expression from simple patterns to those of increasing complexity.

Consider the memory, when employed as the instrument of the Higher Mind, as an invaluable adjunct to this experiment, for the processes of the human memory are remarkable indeed. And when these are coordinated with the mental body, superlative action is always forthcoming. There are many individuals who can for instance memorise and execute an entire symphony without noticeable flaw. Mathematicians can also demonstrate marvelous faculties of mental control in their calculations which approximate infinite precision.

Recognise therefore that you have within yourself a Higher Mind that is capable of holding patterns of infinite dimensions. This Mind functions independently of the outer mind without human restriction of any kind. Hence, as the vehicle for the Higher Mind, a purified memory body, feeding as it does the impressions of that Mind to the outer mind, is indispensable.

Acquire the habit therefore of consciously giving to this blessed Higher Mind, or Christ Self, the responsibility for designing and perfecting the embryonic ideas and patterns of your creation.

It would help to study wave propagation, the mechanics of the quantum theory, elementary and advanced chemistry and physics, seismology, astronomy, geology and related subjects. One should also take courses in the humanities, the world's religions, and the Shakespearean plays. These are not in any way mandatory, but will be found to be of immense value in increasing understanding.

Transmutation is simply changing one form into another, such as water into wine; amplification and multiplication of the atomic and molecular substance, such as multiplying the loaves and fishes; and the precipitation of elements, such as calling down fire from heaven - indicating a most exact science of control over Matter.

These secrets cannot justifiably be concealed from the worthy, but neither can they be written down or spelled out in full, as it would be unwise to upset the present economic system before greater Justice is established by mankind upon earth.

The necessary mind control is established by discipline, faith and meditative quietude.

"All these things shall be added unto you" includes the power of control over wind and wave, of substance and energy, once man has made the kingdom of God his first and most important objective. But balance is needed, and the use of alchemy to work change in the physical octave is not inordinate in the least if it is properly used.

First design a matrix of the desired object, then determine where you wish it to manifest. If you know the material substance of which it is composed. memorise its atomic pattern; if not, call to the Divine Intelligence within your Higher Mind to register the pattern for you from the Universal Intelligence and impress it upon your memory body and your mind.

Recognise that light is an energy substance universally manifesting upon earth, thanks to the sun centre of being, the focal point of the Christ in this solar system. Call for light to take on the atomic pattern you are holding, to coalesce around that pattern, and then to "densify" into form. Call for the multiplication of this atomic structure until molecules of substance begin to fill the void occupying the space in which you desire the object to appear.

When the total outline is filled with the vibratory action of the fourth-dimensional substance representing the desired manifestation, ask for the full lowering of the atomic density into three-dimensional form and substance within the pattern established by the matrix of your mind; and then await results.

Do not be tense if your manifestation is not immediate or if after a reasonable length of time it appears that results are not forthcoming. Remember, despair destroys the very faith upon which your experiment is built. For faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, and you must hold your faith as you hold the gossamer veil composing the mental image.

In most cases where direct precipitation does not occur, if the effort and the technique be pursued in full faith that the call compels the answer, an indirect precipitation will sooner or later be brought about whereby through one hand or another the desired manifestation does take place. The law itself does not fail.

This divine artistry is of the highest type. It is also co-creation with God and, as such, is best used by those whose purposes parallel the divine. Thus when the will of man is aligned with the will of God, the light of God does not fail to precipitate that will in the fullness of time, space and opportunity.

Both inner and outer peace and a sense of persona1 well-being are required for the successful development of one's spiritual powers, albeit some individuals may thrive in the midst of conflict.

In addition to the alchemy of instant precipitation, the alchemy of preparation is needed, whereby the use of one's energies and opportunities is planned in an intelligent manner so that Life does not receive a hit-and-miss return on its investment of energy in an individual lifestream.

If you have spent years in the grip of human emotions absorbing the discord of the mass consciousness and the doubts and fears by humankind, these records must be consumed by alchemical fires to make way for these nobler ideas and forms which you would image forth. To your new ideas you must give your time and energy. Thus you begin to weave a web of fruition dedicated to spirituality, to the spiritualisation of the material consciousness ....

The scanning method used in the projection of TV pictures, whereby an electronic stream effect fluoresces on a screen and the electronic particles sweep in a horizontal linear pattern to create within a microsecond an eye picture, cannot be successfully used in alchemical precipitation, but is most suitable for the projection of mental pictures at a distance. In precipitation, a rapid expansion of the light rays in three dimensions must occur; and in the screen method, the optical image is on a flat, single-plane dimension.

A study of cytology and embryology will provide some understanding of how a single cell multiplies and reproduces. When dealing with instantaneous manifestation, the velocity and intensity of light must reach startling speed and power.

Commanding Consciousness

Now we approach with reverent hush, with the awe of sacred awareness, the great spiritual laws governing all outer manifestation. The purposes of God become more near to each one as they become more dear to him.

To know nature, know thyself; but master the art of sacred synthesis.

The service of ordered prayer. The daily offering of petitions has saved the lives of millions, expanded the lives of other millions, and blessed all life without limit.

Prayer opens the door of God's intervention in human affairs. It provides an avenue whereby the Ascended Masters and cosmic beings who desire to serve the planet earth and its evolutions can walk within the folds of universal justice and render special assistance because they have been called upon to do so. For the law decrees that the heavenly hosts must be petitioned by some among mankind, must be invited to intervene, before they are permitted to intercede on behalf of humanity.

"Nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done" teaches a more advanced law of alchemy. When spoken by the alchemist at the moment of the sealing of the matrix, this call ensures that the guiding forces of power, wisdom and love will amend the precipitated pattern where necessary in order that the more perfect designs of the Creator may come forth in the world of form.

This places the whole process of precipitation within the forcefields of eternal perceptions and provides man, as a co-creator with God, with the added benefit of the assistance of the Almighty as he forms and develops his own idea-pattern of destiny in accordance with cosmic purpose.

Each one should be alert to protect himself by guarded silence, without being fearful of it, but there is always the risk of other minds interfering with the process of precipitation.

Guarded action and guarded meditation are additional guarantees that the freedom to create, which God intends all of you to have, will be the lot of everyone. Your visualization of a blue light around yourself, your matrix and its manifestation will serve to focalise the desired protection.

The alchemist's understanding of consciousness is the supreme ingredient. With God all things are possible. If you possess his consciousness, then all things are immediately possible to you in manifestation. If not, you need more of his consciousness!

How does one go about acquiring this nebulous commodity called consciousness?

The minute specks of physical Matter or energy, atomic in nature, are composed of particles of light held within orbital paths, prescribed and imbued with intelligent action. This spiritual magnetism, infused with creative intelligence, power and love, is a flux whose density permeates the entire sphere and realm of each atom, extending outward into molecular and cellular composition and thence through the elemental phases of nature, manifesting unto planetary scale. And when correctly understood, these particles shall be known to be whirling in infinitely fantastic orbital paths through solar, galactic and universal densities.

The Crucible of Being

The purpose of thought and feeling is to form the mold of fruitful and progressive experience which in turn endows mankind with the highest aspects of his Divine Self. Your thoughts and feelings are the collimation lines that adjust and align your energies, focusing them through the lens of consciousness according to your free will for either constructive or destructive designs in the world of form.

The soul which desires to climb the hill of attainment to reach the summit peaks will neither find fault with nor reject the necessary chain of experiences that are intended to broaden the mind, sharpen the intellect, exalt the spirit and test the mettle of man.

Jealousy is rooted in the doubt and the fear that Almighty God himself is unable to bestow upon each one every good and necessary talent contributing to the fulfillment of his divine plan. Jealousy and competition between individual expressions of God are among the basic causes of all unhappiness upon earth, and are a threat to the alchemist's self-mastery, so must be submitted to the flames of the Refiner's fire for transmutation, as well as false identification with family and friends; the acceptance of limitations through heredity and environment; attachment to persons and places, to one's race, religion, nationality or ethnic group.

When the purposes of heaven are truly understood, man will welcome the dawn and receive each new day with joy.

Every good deed which man does while in the body is recorded to his credit in the great concentric rings of light and electronic substance which comprise his causal body - the body of First Cause - which is the dwelling place of the Presence of the Most High God.

Just as heaven is not lost by a single thought or deed of a lifestream, so heaven is not gained by a single thought or deed.

A glimpse of the future .....

The development of the mind-switch will enable men to direct mechanical apparatus and electrical functions through brain-waves by the mastery of the energy currents flowing through the mind [see video-film entitled "Top Gun" - which describes the piloting of advanced aircraft by mind-control].

Kirlian photography - photographing the human aura - will enable physicians to discover the fundamental causes of many physical diseases as well as the solution to psychiatric problems related to the emotions and subconscious records of past experiences, even in previous lives unknown to the patients themselves.

The wave patterns caused by criminal tendencies and crimes recorded in the etheric body will also be 'photographed' or recorded by sensitive instruments in graphic form similar to the process now used to record brain-waves and impulses of the nervous system. Evidence of guilt or innocence will therefore be afforded those administrators of Justice who formerly relied on incomplete knowledge of events in the penalizing of delinquent individuals.

A new form of aeronavigation and transportation will be made possible by utilising an electronic ray played upon the metal of which the airship itself is composed, negating the gravitational influences upon it and giving it a quality of lightness similar to helium. This will enable it to rise in complete resistance to the power of gravity. The ship can then be directed by atomic jets in such a manner that a safer form of locomotion will be made available to all.

Certain influences within the very heart of seeds will be revealed through advanced studies in cytology. Within the heart of the desert cactus is locked a secret whereby the arid areas of the world can indeed be made to blossom as the rose and produce all manner of fruit and vegetables with far less moisture than is currently required, thus alleviating water shortages.

Obtain first the wisdom to live peaceably, to deal gently and courteously with one another, to promote the education of mankind the world around, and especially by honest efforts to prevent the increase in number of those indigent individuals who are prone to commit crimes against society.

A higher way of life than vain competition must be pursued. Men must become God-spurred and less motivated by status seeking. Teach this truth! The sharing of the grace of heaven is a message of eternal watchfulness from the Great White Brotherhood to all upon earth.

Surrounded by an aura of godly but needless fear, men have persisted in passing on fallacies from generation to generation in the name of God and Holy Writ.

The registering of discord and wrongdoing upon man's four lower bodies (the physical, mental, memory and emotional bodies) is effected by scientific law, cosmically ordained and itself the very instrument of creation. As creators, men have sown the wind and reaped a karmic whirlwind.

Forgiveness does not absolve the soul of the requirement to balance energies misused by the alchemical fires of transmutation. The balancing of wrongs done to every part of life, including the self, must be accomplished in full with cosmic precision; hence every jot and tittle of the law must be fulfilled either here or hereafter.

The precious violet flame, an aspect of the Comforter's consciousness, is the friend of every alchemist. It is both the cup and the elixir of Life that cannot fail to produce perfection everywhere when it is called into action.

The climax or initiation of the ascension can and will come to all when they are ready for it - when at least 51% of their karma has been balanced (this means that 51% of all the energy ever given to their use has been transmuted and put to constructive purpose) and their hearts are Just toward God and man, aspiring to rise into the never-failing light of God's eternally ascending Presence.

When this gift is given, the appearance of age drops from him as swiftly as a smile can raise the lips, and the magnetism and energy of that one becomes the unlimited power of God surging through his being. The dross of the physical, the weariness of the emotional body, tired of hatred and its monstrous creations, the ceaseless rote of the mental body - all drop away and are replaced in perfect ease by their divine counterparts.

Thus that which once hopefully descended now ascends back into the Light from whence it came.

Alchemy can be mastered in order to illumine the mind, to heal any unwanted condition, and to spiritually exalt man's total nature from its base state to the golden standard where the golden rule is law.


Whatsoever bindeth is not the friend of the alchemist.

Spiritual Alliance

Man is a limited creature.

To Penetrate Matter

Matter that presents so hard an appearance to the eye is actually composed of the whirling energies of Spirit.

It is possible for faith and doubt to live side by side in the consciousness of the individual. The presence of two opposing forces causes vacillation.

Formulas for Precipitation

The presence or absence of certain factors may either lengthen or shorten the time of precipitation even though all other components be in order. Therefore, when these factors are known, they can be systematically eliminated in order to shorten the time of manifestation. The primary deterrents to precipitation should be recognised as:

  1. inharmony in the feeling world;
  2. a sense of loneliness or abandonment, and
  3. a sense of smallness or insecurity or doubt.

Sometimes the presence of these factors can be minimised by a simple act of faith. At other times it may require more earnest application to the Deity and a strengthening of the positive counteractions which are designed to eliminate completely the negative influences manifesting within and without one's world.

The need for perseverance. Frequently failure to persevere in the correct course has nullified all fruitage just before the harvest from the invisible world was ready to release itself into the hands and use of the seeker.

The positive power of some of the great and vital alchemical factors should be considered. Chief among this list is faith. This includes a belief in the whirling power that keeps the electrons in vital motion revolving around their nucleonic centres. This power resembles a tightly compressed, almost omnipotent spring. It is central to every solar system and atom whose magnetic flux and emanation, while centred in its own nucleus, is able under cosmic law to tie into limitless energy fields to produce whatsoever miraculous manifestation is the requirement of the moment - when the individual is able to convince himself and the universe that his course is right.

There is a cosmic need to protect the secrets of creation from the eyes of the curious.

Order is heaven's first law: chaos has often been spread in the name of idealism.

The word altar signifies a sacred place of change, the place consecrated to the science of wondrous change. We must first choose a course of action based on the highest knowledge made known to us. We decide what we want to change and why it needs changing. This gives motive power to our alchemical experiment.

At the same time we recognise the limitations of man's knowledge and the superiority of the God-self and of the elder brothers of Light to assist in working out our own destiny. The second course of action is to be aware that right change can be produced without conscious knowledge of what that change ought to be. We simply invoke from God the purity of his divine plan for right change.

St Paul referred to a "cloud of witnesses". This cloud of infinite energy is everywhere present (like the ether popularised by scientists of the last century) but nowhere manifest until it is called into action.

Create! - and the Cloud

To bring about change is a creative act. Alchemy is the creative science whereby man is enabled to obey the original fiat of God "Take dominion over the earth!"

The power of vision is central to our invocation. Therefore we shall create in our minds first a milky white radiance, and we shall see this milky white radiance as an electronic vibratory action of vital, moving, ineffable light. The concentration of the light, which we call the density of light, is that which makes the milky white colour. If the cloud were attenuated, we would be able to see through it as though the scenes around us were enveloped in a fog.

Having created in our mind this form of a bright translucent cloud, we allow it to enfold our physical bodies and to occupy our forcefield. For a moment we become lost in the midst of the cloud, and then it seems as though it has always been there. Its atmosphere is familiar, comfortable.

We recognise that the mind has the power to expand its circle of influence, but we must not try to move far from the parent tree of self. Let this bright and shining cloud at first be nine feet in diameter around oneself. Later, perhaps, we shall expand it to a diameter of ninety feet, then nine hundred feet and further.

In our early meditations we shall concentrate on intensifying the action of the white light in our minds. From thence we shall transfer that action to the nine foot area around the physical form. Once we have developed the sense of this cloud being around our physical form, we shall understand that whereas the cloud can be made visible to the physical sight, our primary concern is to keep its high vibratory action purely spiritual.

Those familiar with electronics and the working of a rheostat will understand that by a simple twist of the dial of consciousness we can intensify the vibratory action of the cloud. In this case we coalesce more light around each central point of light, for our cloud is composed of many light points whose auras diffuse and blend with one another, making the total effect one of a lacy yet highly concentrated white radiance, a pure swirling cloud of cosmic energy.

What is this mighty cloud that we have created, this forcefield of vibrating energy, and why did we create it in the first place?

It would be more appropriate to use the word 'magnetize' rather than 'create' for we are actually magnetizing that which is already everywhere present in space. We are amplifying an intense action of the light from within its own forcefield - more than would normally manifest in a given area. We are therefore drawing upon universal God-power to produce this cloud that first penetrates and then hallows our immediate forcefield in order that we may have a spiritual altar upon which we may project the pictures of reality that we desire to create.

Bear in mind that this cloud can be used therapeutically for the healing of the nations and the soul of a planet, or you can use it as a platform to invoke (as Christ did upon the Mount of Transfiguration) the presence of the Ascended Masters to assist you not only in your alchemical experiments, but also in your administrations to life.

Where you are yet ignorant of just what you ought to produce for yourself and others, you can in a gentle, child-like manner, ask God to produce out of the great pool of his light-energy the miracle of his healing love not only in your life and in the lives of your loved ones, but also in the lives of the multitudes in the world at large.

These periods of meditation should at first not exceed fifteen minutes per day. Once spiritual power is gained through these meditations upon the cloud, try to understand that the creative cloud, once dispersed by your fiat at the conclusion of your creative ceremony, will continue to expand and to expand throughout the universe as a globe of translucent white fire, eddying in ever-widening spheres to contact all that is real and that is really yours.

The cloud, as the manifestation of the power of your creative energy, the fire of your Spirit, will draw into your world the very consciousness of God himself.

The Science of Picturisation

Once you have held the vision of the cloud and turned it over to your Higher Self to sustain, to the latent God-faculties within you, your God-presence will sustain it for the required period. In time you will find that the glow of the cloud will softly suffuse itself through your physical body, and as this takes place there will come a sharpening of the mind and a new sense of awareness of all life everywhere.

As you perform this ritual-exercise of creating the cloud through attunement with the creative power of the universe, becoming thereby a co-creator with God, you will gain a feeling of detachment from the world as though you were merely an observer to what is taking place around you. This will occur as you allow yourself to flow automatically into the great creative power of the Macrocosm.

This experience in flow, whereby the lesser consciousness of man flows into the greater consciousness of God, is what is known as "going up into the mountain." It is called a mountaintop experience because through it man discovers the Summit of his being, the place where the lower self is wed to the Higher, and Matter and Spirit merge.

Throughout this ritual therefore your consciousness must be kept pure, charged with love, aware of the infinite potential of the cosmic mind of God, and completely identified with all constructive momentums.

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