Welcome to Kerri's Swappers and Penpal Site!I made this site October 26,2003,and am hoping for many people to visit!I would appreciate the help by linking me(if u have a webbie).Well Thats All i gotta say right now.

Links-When u go to the links section,There shouldnt be many in there.If u would like ur Website put in there(has to be a penpal/swapper site),Just email me!Click the email button on the left

Swappers- Okay,on alot of sites i went to,they wouldnt put their address or much about them,just a couple of words,Well if u dont sign the swapper book with details about u want to sign,or with your address,or email in it,im deleting it.

Penpals-About the same for swappers,accept u cant post anything for romance,and NO PRISNORS.This site is for forming frienships around the world.