A day filled with chores and duties,
Studying, reading hours drift by.
Sleeping til the sun half passes,
Resting when the moon full on...
What a day, what a night!

Dreaming of a loves desire,
Only in a paper airplane flight could such mystery fly.
Appearences fade and looks come and go,
Just wanting and needing and wanting my...
My own evermore and more and more!

Every half past awakens new horizons,
Self employed and to the revelle annoyance.
I wake only to a self slept bed,
Wondering how this all can be.
What a day already!

Wanting to please and secure and offer all,
Only to get scorn and naple drawn,
What a day, What a day!

Drawn forward, Drawn back,
I just want my Jenni back!
Here with me everyday, everynight...
Everymoment of every sleep awakened night...
I'm dreaming of you my star bright!
"April 20, 2001"
Poem 2: April 22, 2001
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