Timeless Persecutions
Created by Oconto Falls School District adapted by Mrs. Momosor
Do witch hunts happen today in our society?  Has the witch hunt ended?  Or is history doomed to repeat itself?

In this project you will be researching modern persecution and its affects on our society.  You will be presenting your findings to the rest of the class in the form of a play and to me in the form of a written paper. 

This project has been adapted to prepare you for the reading of Arthur Miller's
The Crucible.
Your group will be required to complete the following:
1. 20 notecards
2. A formal five paragraph essay on your assigned topic
3. A play demonstrating the type of persecution you researched and how it could be resolved.
Extra Credit Opportunity
Have each character dress in costumes that would be appropriate for your play.  (Costumes must be recognizable costumes, not everyday clothes)
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