Edgar Allen Poe



 1.  Read and take notes from the websites on Poe: Biography 1, Biography 2.


    A. You will design a biography sheet to cover the life and death of Poe. See me for two pieces of white paper and supplies. You will need to include:

o        A time-line of at least 7 important dates in Poe's life

o        A list of six of his stories and four of his poems

o        A brief description of his life in paragraph form (10 sentences minimum.)

  2.  Read and take notes about Poe's death: How Did Poe Die?


o        Your assignment will be to write an obituary of Poe.

o         Include his birth and death dates

o         Also include your theory on his cause of death (Minimum 7 sentences.)


  3.  You will find Poe's grave at this special grave finder site.


       A.  Where is his grave located?

o        Write a brief description (5 sentences).

o        Design a new grave marker for Poe this should look neat and be creative, it should fill one entire sheet of computer paper. It needs to be done in color.