The topic is PREJUDICE.
1) Right   now, without stopping to plan or concentrate, write down the first 10 words   you think of when you hear the word prejudice.
2)   Now, look at those words, and write at least two more words to accompany each   of your first 10   words, so that you end up with a list of at least 30 words. You   can add phrases to your first words, descriptions, opposites, or synonyms.
3) Now, read over your   entire list. Your job is to write a haiku about PREJUDICE. A. It can be  literal; that is, a direct statement about PREJUDICE.
B. It   can be figurative; that is, using imagery, metaphors, similes,   personification, or the like to represent PREJUDICE.
C. It can be symbolic;   that is, you may not mention PREJUDICE at all, but you use something else to   stand for PREJUDICE.
4) As   you write, try to follow these guidelines:
A. Your   1st line should have 5 syllables, your 2nd line should have 7 syllables,
and your   3rd line should have 5 syllables.
B.   There should be a noticeable break between the 1st and 2nd line or between   the 2nd and 3rd line.
C. The   end should conclude with some thought-provoking comment.

D. If possible, use   nature to convey your principle idea.
E. The   title of your poem should be PREJUDICE.
5)   Share your draft with a classmate.
6) Write   on a piece of nice  to be displayed in the room. Be sure to put   the title of the poem at the top of the page and your name at the bottom  right of the page.