Winter 2002/2003
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Here's a couple of shots of our Halloween costumes for this year. I went as a vampiress, and Donna was my prey. The photos were taken at a club in manchester N.H. called frontrunners. We had a great time although we both thought the "dead" makeup  made our skin look too unhealthy( even though that was the general Idea). What do you think? =)
These shots were taken one night we were just hanging around the house. Even in the winter I just can get away from my miniskirts. Good thing we were staying in where it was warm.
The fashion magazines all say the "antique" look is in. Who am I to argue with that. Thanks to Newport news I was able to show My "classy" side. We were going to meet with some friends of ours at a local club ironicaly named Friends Landing.
Actually most of our time out is at Friends landing as it is in Haverhill M.A. which presently is our hometown. These next two sets were shot on the way out to the club. This one I'm wearing a really comfortable "whisker" skirt and an off the shoulder sweater. Lately ive been leaning more towards comfort than style, and more earthy tones. I think earth tones go better with my darker complextion anyways.
This particular night at the club would be no different. By now I think you've figured out that Denim is one of my favorite materials, as I wear it all the time. Heres one of my most comfortable pairs of Mudd jeans teamed up with a favorite sweater. My tummy got a little cold that night as the outside temp. was down in the teens. Cant wait until warmer weather!
This night was an extremely cold one if I remember it right. We had been to the mall and I picked up this really cute purple top. Not quite winter wear But I tuffed it out. Had to zip the lower panel in my jacket though. The extra length helped with the cold, and kept the wind from blowing up it.