My Profile....
Below you will find out a little bit about myself.I've included a couple of half-size photos, as well as some thumbnail links to pictures of some of my favorite places to be.
Jessica....but whats in a name.
Haverhill, Massachusetts
April , 1971
Slim....well you decide.
Nationality: hiding that.
Dark Brown
Incase you missed the nose, I'm NativeAmerican.
Family Status:
Married with children....
(no not the tv show)
I have two really cute cats who love and accept me. =) as long as I feed them.
Click on their thumbnail to see them up close.
Fishing/Flyfishing, Shopping, Being me.
Favorite Color:
Purple....just about any shade.
Favorite Food:
Cheesecake....It's absolutely sinful.
I enjoy spending Quality time with my loving family, as well as quiet time by myself.
Long walks on the beach, especially at night(and usually with my fishing rod).
Hiking along some of my favorite rivers in the N.H. WhiteMountains(usually with my fishing rod).
Ok, ok enough about fishing.As you've probably guessed, I do quite a bit of it. It helps me to think.Here's a shot of one of my favorite flyfishing spots.Its like paradise.
Here's a couple other places I go When I need to think,or want to feel better about myself. Nature has a funny way of making everything right with me.
I'd have to say one of my biggest likes is talking. By now you already know this =) so on that note, lets move on....
"Stupid people": This statement covers those who are narrow minded, commonsensory challenged, selfcentered, egotistical, unsympathetic, hippocrates, and generaly anyone else living in my neighborhood. =) Just kidding.
Favorite Fashions:
Short skirts with high heels. Long dresses with slits. Buttondown sweaters. Tight bellbottom hipsters.
Favorite Music:
80's rock / "Hair bands"
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