A Look Inside the Classroom
Week of:  September 21, 2009
Math:  basic addition, adding zero, adding 6, 7, 8, 9, problem solving.

Chapter Test 9/23
Speed Drill 9/25
Language Arts: What is a sentence.  Action and Naming part of a sentence. 

Weekly Journal writing activities
Reading: Bag of books based on reading levels, Journal writing, weekly activities and guided reading with reader
Words to practice:  go, on, the, cat, sat
Words to practice: animals, birds, cold, fall, flowers, full, look, of, see, buds, is, lots, pick, pups, will

*These words will be a focus in the classroom this week.  For extra support review them with your children at home.
Science: Living vs. Non Living
Social Studies:  
Getting To Know You and Getting Along In School
Weekly topics through Scholastic News