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...confessions of a romantic mind...
This would be the part where I have to present myself....
Well, I am a 21 year old law student from Germany, and my friends seriously consider the possibility that I was born 200 years late.
I am a serious Austen addict, and can randomly cite the movies and books, which is useful at times, disturbing at others. i am also a post addict, and there is nothing that I love better than getting letters or sending them. I have a wide variety of classy, not kitschy papers, and love to buy new ones - that leads me direct to my second passion, which is travelling. I love discovering new places and cultures, and have thus far been so lucky as to be able to see quite a bit of the world.
I always end up buying something typical (shopping is my girly perfection), be it dresses (I could enter Singapore Airlines service any day), papers (Florentinian, to be exact) or designer styled artficial sweetener holders, latest in France. Living in the center of Europe, close to Luxembourg,  Belgium, the Netherlands and France, I try to spend as much time as my studies allow becoming truely european.
Languages have always been my strong subjects, and I speak German obviously fluent, English and French near fluent, and i very much hope to improve my Italian soon. So far, I have only  posted stories in English, as inspiration seems to strike me more often.
My other obsession is Model United Nations - I have been organising and taking part in conferences for 5 years now, and it inspired me to search new angles to look at the world. My subject of study surely is due to the realisation that improving the world can be done only in small steps, which is why I have a rather idealistic and not so much monetary interest in the law. It is a postive fact that I always liked to read, and do not mind to do it quite a lot for the subject..... if ever a Hogwarts letter would be adressed to me, it should best be directed to the Library, where the risk of alerting 500 other future lawyers would be, admittedly, increased
I tend to be idealistic, romantic, not to say kitschy, and fluffy in my stories, which you may access by clicking below:
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