About... the site...
...a short history of nearly everything.
Originally, I only posted the stories on fanfiction.net - but then, the numerous down-times and the prospect of having my own "grounds" were to tempting as not to open up this page. Thus, you find them now all collected here. Unfortunately, I couldn't work out how to access the review function directly, which is why simple links have to do. (If you want to leave a review, which are always greatly appreciated, please access the link, then click on the story title, and access the ff.net function at the bottom of the page, send me an email, or leave a remark in my guestbook, accessable from "HOME".)

The design is admittedly, very basic, and it would be very kind of you to think of it as puristic rather than an inability to use Yahoo! Page Builder. I am definitely not a professional, and so I chose the "simple" varia to prevent the site from being overloaden.

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