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Miss Melinda's Homepage
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"We all have things we do well and things we need help with; Don't single people out for silly reasons."
A Little Story
by Melinda
    Once upon a time, in a town not so far away the clouds never parted and the sun never shined.  The people were unhappy.
     There were actually 2 seperate groups of people: Norms and Specials.  Norms didn't like specials. Nobody was really sure why, but that's just how it had always been. Maybe it was because some Specials talked differently or because some couldn't talk at all.  Maybe it was because some couldn't see or because some couldn't hear.  Maybe it was because it took some Specials a long time to learn how to do things. Or just maybe it was because some Specials had chairs that helped them get around. Whatever the reason, the fact was that Norms didn't like Specials.
  One little Norm named Inclusion, spent a lot of time watching the Specials.  She started to think that maybe they weren't so different after all. She didn't think it was right that the Norms didn't want the specials to be a part of their town, so she had a big IDEA. She fought and fought for the Specials to attend the same schools as the Norms. Soon the whole town started to include the Specials.      
    After many years had passed, the town looked very different. Nobody could remember who was a Norm and who was a Special. Everybody just worked together. Now the sun shines down on the town and everyone is happy.

  Welcome to my homepage. This page contains a little bit about me, my experiences, and my beliefs. I just graduated with a BSE in the Study of Exceptional Students.
    Children in general fascinate me. Every child is so different. Each has something special to bring into your life.  I try not to place children in groups based on common characteristics, but there are moments when it is unavoidable such as right now.
    I am particularly fascinated by children who have challenges. I prefer this term to person who has a disability because in my view "disabled" and "disability" focus on what a person can't do, rather than what they can. A challenge is not insurmountable, it just takes a little extra time. I am an eternal optimist. When people speak of me, I'd rather they focus on my accomplishments, not my shortcomings. I think most of us operate this way.
     Also, I should mention that I think it is most important to see children with challenges as CHILDREN first. The fact that they have difficulties in life is not WHO they are, it is merely a FACTOR in thier life.
     While I am always interested in learning about new people and challenges, my particular interests focus on children with developmental delays and children with behavior issues. I am also very interested in learning new interventions to help students use their strengths and improve their weaknesses.
    Well to make a long story short, the rest of my site will focus on my experiences with various children and adults with challenges as well as information I find interesting and helpful. Thanks for stopping by!
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