Hey Everyone! This is just the starting page for now b/c I wana see how everyone likes this. So, this is just the beta test for now and soon, (when I get more time) It will be finished ^_^
Menu (Where The Good Stuff Is!) ^_^
February 19th:

It's been a while since I updated (Sorry!) The Gundam Seed Part of The site will be up soon (as soon as I get around to it) so, it will have summaries, screencaps, character info, and other things (That's my early march/after hospital project) And, I'll be in the hospilal in March so, i'll do it when I get out. But, for now, you can see the 2 character infos listed ^_^
January 29th:

The site has been started! I might update every few days or so (whenever I get something + add new things) So, a lot needs to be put up so give me at least a week for everything ^_^