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The night of June 1st, 2004, was full of surprises.  Some of those positive and some of those not so positive.  There were a few "bloopers" in the telecast (Personaly had never seen so many).  To mention a few, the taped introduction of the delegates for Georgia and Germany was unexplicably repeated four times and when the tape got back on track it was going by Miss Guyana, so the world could not even see Miss Greece (a pre-pageant favorite) in her intro, and since she did not place, the viewers did not see her at all.  The parade of nations was as bad as last year's pre-taped segment.  The country of Colombia, appeared as "Columbia" in some graphics.  Also the performer of the night, latin diva, Gloria Estefan was victim of real bad sound problems in her first song.  She managed gracefully and by her second song the incident was history.  The hosts were Billy Bush and Daisy Fuentes, both repeating from the 2003 competition.  Daisy was great as usual, but Billy looked kind of confused and nervious at times.  We could live without him next year.  And on to the Top Fifteeen.  It is meritory to point out this year's pageant had the toughest competition we have seen in years.  The lucky ladies were: Puerto Rico (it was a great relief to hear Alba's name first, after Joyce and Denisse being called last in their respective years), Norway, Trinidad and Tobago, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, USA, Angola, Switzerland, Australia, Colombia, India, Jamaica, Costa Rica and Mexico.  The surprises among this group were Misses Mexico, Angola, Chile and Costa Rica.  
Personally I think delegates like Greece and Ukraine should have been there.  Another surprise was the fact that Venezuela, a country that had been making the semifinals for over 20 consecutive years was left standing among the delegates who were not called.  Ana Karina was a beautiful contestant, yet not favored by the judges or the stiff competition.  Then there was the evening gown competition.  Here, the best in evening gown were: USA (in a blue dress; its color reminded me of Cindy Nell's gown from 2003), Paraguay (very elegant, yet simple white gown; one word "sexy"), Colombia (ever since I saw the dress in her wardrobe presentation photos, I knew it would be one of the best on stage; it definitely was), Puerto RIco (Alba's gown definitely suited her naturaly tanned skin great, and the design was the best since Denisse) and Australia (who's proposal of a gold and black detailed dress looked gorgeous on her).  On the other hand, Mexico, Trinidad and Costa Rica wore particularly disappointing gowns. 
Then the Top ten was announced:  The lucky girls were: Jamaica, India, Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica, Paraguay, USA, Puerto RIco, Australia and Colombia.
This was followed by the swimsuit competition.  This is the moment to comment on the stage, the stage was huge and elegant.  While the delegates, walked to the front of the stage in their swimsuits (all in bikinis) a simulated rainfall would appear behind them.  One of the latest best swimsuit competition productions, together with 1998 and 2002.  The delegates that had amazing bodies and runway skills were: Paraguay (one of the best, sexy, sexy sexy; she ate the catwalk), Australia (she has nothing to envy her own country's Elle for), Puerto Rico (looked tall, fit and walked great on the runway), Jamaica (very fit, although she kept waiving to the audience) and USA (great body).  Not so nice were: Miss Colombia (great figure but in my opinion she was trying to hard and it did not work), Miss India (nice body but she was too short), Miss Ecuador (on tv it looked like her hips were a little low and out of proportion).  
Next, the Top five were called: Paraguay, USA, Puerto Rico, Australia and Trinidad & Tobago.  They all answered just one question, which were different and formulated by themselves and the reigning Miss Universe.  The best answers were those of USA, Puerto Rico and Trinidad & Tobago. 
Amelia Vega took her last walk as Miss Universe 2003.  Let me tell you if she would have competed this year she would have taken the crown again, simply stunning.  I did miss the fhe fact that she did not say one word in Spanish, like Susie in her last speech).  Also some special awards were announced, Miss Congeniality was Italy, Miss Internet was Puerto Rico and the best national costume was Panama. 
The final standings were as follows: Trinidad & Tobago (4th RU), Paraguay (3rd RU), Puerto Rico (2nd RU), USA (1st RU) and Australia was crowned Miss Universe by Amelia Vega. 
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Image sources: Getty Images and Yahoo News