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May 8th - The Arrivals in Bangkok  
Misses Bolivia, Andrea Abudinen, Lebanon, Nadine Njeim, Slovenia, Dalila Dragojevic, Croatia, Jelena Glisic, and Georgia, Rosudan Bochoidse, arrive in Bangkok.
May 9th - More arrivals & the first official photos are taken
Miss Bolivia's swimsuit photo.
Miss Slovenia's swimsuit photo. Miss Australia's swimsuit photo. Miss Greece at her moment of arrival.
Misses Israel, Venezuela, Turkey, Slovak Rep. and Serbia & Montenegro arrive in Bangkok.
Miss Puerto Rico, Cynthia Olavarria, at her moment of arrival.
Misses Aruba, USA and Antigua & Barbuda pose for an evening gown group photo. Miss Namibia getting ready for her photo shoot.
May 10th - Delegates visit Thai Prime Minister
A group of delegates visited the Government House in Bangkok, where they were able to interact with Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra.
May 11th - More photo shoots of the delegates & visits to Thai Temple
Misses Guatemala, Spain and France pose in their gowns.
Left, Puerto Rico's Cynthia Olavarria poses in her evening gown.
Right, Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Costa Rica, pose in evening gowns.
Above, Misses USVI and USA posing in swimsuits.
Above, Misses Mexico and El Salvador.
Misses Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Nicaragua pose in their gowns.
Miss Lebanon poses with a Thai girl during her visit to a Thai Temple.
Smiling as usual is Miss Dominican Republic, Renata Sone, arriving in Bangkok.
Miss Puerto Rico during her visit to a Thai Temple.
May 12th - Cynthia tapes her intro and Canada arrives
Miss Peru in Maung Boran.
Miss Puerto Rico in Maung Boran.
Misses Philippines, Puerto Rico, Peru and Panama, tape their introductory segment that will be aired on May 31st, in the final telecast.
Miss Panama in Maung Boran.
Miss Japan in Ayut Thaya.
Miss Canada finally arrived.
Miss Universe 2005 - Page 2
Miss Universe 2005 - National Costume Competition
Miss Universe 2005 - Preliminary Competition
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Image credits: AFP, Yahoo News, Thai Miss