My name is Rachel Dione W. and I was born early Sunday morning,
July 8, 1973.    Two brothers and four sisters welcomed me into this world.  A      year and five months later my younger brother was born.  Due to illness, my oldest sister,  Michelle, passed when I was 3 months old.
My father had the priviledge of naming me "Rachel"  (a beautiful woman from

Interest/ Hobbies:
My hobbies and interests include writing
poetry, computer & computer design, , internet, sketching, the arts, theater, movies, music, photography, bowling, basketball, softball, watching football, watching reality shows, spending time with my beautiful family and my church family, fitness, stand-up comedy, and situation comedy.  I love laughing and making others laugh. 

I am a spiritual person who looks for the same in others.  My friends have to be positive, unselfish and considerate.  Although spiritual, I am not religious and many times do not agree with its' doctrines & traditions.  My spiritual gifts include prophesy, teaching, showing mercy and serving.   I am a work in progress and I don't expect people to be perfect or near perfect.  Also, I am very discerning of peoples motives.
I feel at ease in almost any social situation.   It is easy to build rapport & I strive  to maintain relationships and networking.  I think before I speak and form careful considered judgements about people or situations.  Aware of the impact of my emotions on others, I am able to attune my own style to others' emotional reactions. 
I do not intimidate others and do not appreciate verbal intimidation.  I enjoy talking and putting people at ease.  I use a fun, indirect style of communication.  I am witty, spontaneous, quirky, silly at times, and can find the  good in all situations.  I am much like my
mom who continues to teach me the importance of giving in any situation. 

Thanks for taking the time to read all about "me."   You don`t know how much     this means to me.  GOD bless you and may you follow the path HE has already     laid  for YOU ! (sometimes I can be very sentimental)
Again, THANKS!

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