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Out of this Rubble...


will come a magnificent healing garden.



Out of the devastating rubble of Hurricane Katrina will rise a vision of peace and
serenity for the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast who endured the worst natural disaster in the history of our country. This vision will be the Mississippi Renaissance Garden, a place where broken and devastated people who lost their homes, their automobiles, their belongings, their family members, their pets, their jobs and businesses, their churches, their restaurants, and everything they held dear to them, including their beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers, gardens and water gardens, can go to heal. This garden will have themed memorial gardens, fountains and garden sculptures, all beautifully created for the people of South Mississippi. It will honor all of the selfless people who were the heroes of the hurricane and the saviors of our Coastal region who came to help us rebuild. It will be a memorial to those who lost their lives to Katrina.

Horticulture for Humanity

The MRG Foundation hopes to encourage the planting and caring for our trees, of green spaces and of lovely gardens that will bring the beauty back to the devastated Mississippi Gulf Coast.
The Garden will have a Horticulture Center that will house the offices, the classrooms, the visitor's center and a gift shop. Plans are to exhibit garden art and photography that are related to gardens and landscapes, garden sculptures, and exhibits that will encourage a love of nature, an appreciation for the environment and an involvement with expanding satellite gardens all over the Coast. Classes on gardening and environmental protection will be provided, and tours and programs for school students will help teach the importance of protecting our environment and beautifying the region.

Vision to Reality

This vision will become a reality only when people like you volunteer to help.
A permanent site for our base garden is in the works. When we have land, the actual construction will begin. Much planning and preparation has already taken place, but there is much work to be done if the garden is to become a reality and fulfill its mission to be free and accessible to all. Funding and volunteer labor are needed.
The Mississippi Renaissance Garden Foundation, Inc. has been incorporated, and nonprofit status has been applied for and is pending, with a long period projected in government bureauocracy before it is granted. It is expected by Summer of 2007. Until then, it is now on the official list of charitable organizations in the state of Mississippi.
As a nonprofit foundation, all contributions will be tax deductible.
When the garden is completed, people from all over the country will be able to experience the beauty of the Renaissance Garden and view the memorials that have been dedicated to those who saved the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


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