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Go to the bottom of this room and climb on the turning motorcycle for a ride to the Bike Night Room to learn more about the Blackstone Valley CMA Chapter!!

Fire Truck A NEW ROOM HAS BEEN ADDED!! The North Smithfield Professional Fire Fighters Local 3984 Station 1 had their first Annual MDA Ride For Life this past Sunday, August 21st, 2005. Enjoy the pictures and look forward for more future events!!

Steam Engine Train
Another New Room Has Been Added!! Steam Engine Driven Trains!!
Amazing, and it's right here in Holliston, Massachusetts!!
WLS -"Waushakum Live Steamers"!!!
SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2005

Go to the bottom of this room and enjoy your train ride to the WLS Train Yard!!!
This local club has been around for years and so few know about it. I recently had the pleasure of being exposed to such a facinating hobby!! The club did such a great job with the land and set up of the tracks, from the depot to bridges to tunnels!! It is an experience to remember!! There are both coal driven and electric driven trains! Enjoy viewing the recent pictures as you enter the world of LIVE STEAMING!! Go to the bottom of this room and enjoy your train ride to the WLS Train Yard!!! I also have place a link to their site for you to read the history and events that are open to the public!! Their August meet is the largest event they hold!!


A New Room Has Been Added!! Enjoy Being Part Of History In The Works. I am the Secretary of THE ANTONOV FOUNDATION which is About "Being Dedicated To The Restoration, Preservation and Operation of Historic And Vintage Airplanes"!! Go To The Bottom Of This Room And Climb Aboard The Flying Airplane To Take A Short Flight Into The World Of Aviation!!!

MUSEUM OF FLIGHT is in the process of being established through The Antonov Foundation at the Richmond Airport in Rhode Island. Visit this room often and watch the process unfold from ground breaking forward!!! The foundation dismantled the Hangar in the Great Swamp last fall and transported it to it's new home at the Richmond Airport. The ground preparation for the hangar location should begin within the next few weeks. As everything unfolds, pictures will be placed in the room. Watch for future announcements. Go to the bottom of this room and The Aviator is waving at you to follow him through "History in the Makings!!

car spinning A NEW ROOM HAS BEEN ADDED!!

Rendezvous Leather held their first "CRUISE NIGHT" June 14th, 2005!! Come and join us every Tuesday Night from 6:00p.m. till 9:00p.m., in Uxbridge, Massachusetts on route 146a at Rendezvous Leather!! Trophy for Best in Show, Food, Ice Cream, Marshmellow Pitt, Raffels and Music by DJ "Big John.

motorcycle Another Room That Was Built in 2004 was the Motorcycle Vintage, Custom, Stock, just about any type of motorcycle you could ever imagine has shown up at BIKE NIGHT held in Uxbridge, Massachusetts on route 146a at Rendezvous Leather!! Food, Ice Cream, Marshmellow Pitt, Raffels, Trophies and Music by DJ "Big John. And if you don't find what you want in the Store, Ask and it will be ordered!! People show up from all over to attend the well known "Bike Night". Go to the bottom of this room and climb on the turning motorcycle for a ride of your life!!

Poems My daughter has written a poem ISLAND of DREAMS which I have proudly added to my POEM ROOM which you can go to by pressing the floating bottle picture at the bottom of this room. I do hope you take a moment to read it.

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Aw, yes, the River Kids have finally arrived. You can visit their room by pressing the yellow duck below at the bottom of this room.


Also you'll find two new additions to Serenity's Room. One being My Insights of Cape Cod. The other, The Tall Ships. In 1992, The Parade of the Tall Ships took place in Boston Harbor. There were a few of these Tall Ships which ventured going through the Cape Cod Canal. What a day it was there. The weather was perfect, the sights fantastic.

Seagull Line

There is also another connection, bringing you to Rose Wharf, at the Boston Harbor. What a day it was, viewing so many Tall Ships as they paraded through Boston Harbor. You may visit these additions by pressing the Bouncing Bobber below at the bottom of this room to enter Serenity's Room. These new additions certainly do brighten up the rooms as you wander through them. I'm sure you'll find them interesting and amusing. It's with pleasure that I get to share with you my serenity of the ocean, venturing through new places, the adventure of boating and enjoying the wonders of natures.

As you stroll through each room, I welcome you to take a side trip to some of the special places I have come across. You'll find these "links" sitting on the floor, up against the lower wall, waiting for you to open them up and take visit.

Clipper Ship

I would first like to show you around the state of Massachusetts. My personal favorite areas are Cape Cod and Newport. You will have the opportunity to visit these places with me soon. For now though, come and stroll through Historical Boston, our state capitol. Below you'll find the Link to AVIS IN BOSTON. What a nice presentation they have put together, bringing you through the Freedom Trail, pointing out the most significant places including the USS Constitution, historically known as "OLD IRONSIDE", which is the oldest commissioned warship in the world.

In Serenity's room (press the bouncing bobber at the bottom of this room) you'll see a few pictures of The Taunton Yacht Club of which I have been an associate member since 1994. The Taunton Yacht Club does have quite a history which I will link you to. Once the boating season starts up, there certainly will be some interesting stories on some of the unusual adventurous cruises.

Never a dull moment there!
SunCloud With Rain Cloud With 

As I do so enjoy being around the majestic serenity of the ocean and enjoy the fun and excitement of boating, I can't express enough the importance of all boaters having the knowledge of safe boating. Through the encouragement of so many at the Taunton Yacht Club, I did take the boating course provided by the Taunton River Power Squadron, District 14, which is a unit of the United States Power Squadron. I have been a member with them since 1995. Seeing that I grew up living by the ocean and my folks always did have a boat, I thought I knew a lot .. how wrong I was. This course taught so much and was so interesting, especially the charting. If you are a boater and have not gone through any classes, please visit the link I have provided to the USPS Home Site.

I have also included a link to the Legendary Lighthouses, I was originally planning of doing a section on New England Lighthouses, but after reading through this site, I certainly would like to give PBS/ONLINE, WPSX3 AND LIGHTHOUSE DEPOT credit for presenting such a fascinating site. I do hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Lighthouse Line

MY FIRST AWARD! My sincere thank you and appreciation is extended to EwaNevaland for presenting to me her Crystal Dolphin Award. When you have a moment, visit her Special Place in Paradise .. Hawaii, which her dolphins will bring you to.

Dolphin Award

MY SECOND AWARD!! My sincere thank you and appreciation is extended to Cinders for presenting me her "Tip Of The Top Hat" award. If you enjoy musicals, you certainly will enjoy visiting her site Cinder's Place in Cyberspace"!!

MY THIRD AWARD!!My home was submitted into a contest at Apache and Peace for the month of December year 2000. I was awarded First Place. A warm and sincere Thank You goes to all who voted for me!

MY FOURTH AWARD!!My sincere thank you and appreciation is extended to Nautical Nan for visiting my home and presenting me with her "Nautical Nan's Light of the Web Award". Seeing I enjoy anything nautical, I found her cabins a pleasure to peek in! It is a fun site to go through with lots to offer, lots to see and lots to do! She also has cabins for children to adventure through! Sure hope you will take a moment to see all she has to offer!!

Please do come back again, I know you will enjoy your next visit. I'm known as "Misssit" residing in Massachusetts, and I do hope we will get to know each other and share fun times together. And by the way, since you took the time to stop by, would you mind taking another moment and sign my Guestbook?

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