Advancing Children Through Integrated Volunteering Education
Thank you for visiting ACTIVEIllinois, the web site of Rachna Khatau, Miss Fox Valley 2005!  The purpose of this site is to help kids like you become volunteers.  Check out the next page (by clicking on the big VOLUNTEERING link below) to learn all about different volunteer opportunities and how to get involved!  Looking to jump right in?  Check out monthly volunteer ideas (by clicking the This Month! link to the right) and get started! You'll be glad you did...
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Miss Fox Valley 2005
KIDS: Does your school require you to do community service?  Does your school help you become a volunteer?  Then I want to hear about your school!
ADULTS and LEGISLATORS: Interested in helping ACTIVE become a bill?  Learn more and join me and the Illinois Coalition for Community Services! 
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Hey Parents! 
Ever wonder why we should encourage kids to be volunteers?
Beyond the warm and fuzzy feeling that you get, there are many other benefits to being a volunteer.  One key benefit of volunteerism is that we see a significant decrease in youth violence through greater participation of our youth in the community. Here are a few other great benefits of being a volunteer:  
1.  Kids who participate in volunteering and community service are less likely to act violently or use drugs. 
2.  Kids who volunteer have a heightened sense of self-esteem, self-respect, and self-worth.
3.  Volunteering teaches valuable life skills, including empathy, leadership, teamwork, and fund-raising techniques, just to name a few!
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A Warm Fuzzy Tale
How does it feel to be a volunteer?
Click on this link to read a short story about warm fuzzies.  Check back soon for directions on how to make your own warm fuzzies!
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