Journey: What keeps You Stable
          You've read my articles on Journey through life, and how to make lemonade when given lemons. It is now time to tell you how I get through life and what helps me get out of the blues mood. Writing, writing, and more writing is what keeps me from going crazy. I have notebooks upon notebooks that I have written in and I still don't know what I am going to do with them. Some of them are my journals, where I keep my thoughts in and other notebooks have thoughts for stories, or articles. People have a crutch that keeps them sane, where writing is my reality crutch what is yours.
          Many people need to have something to lean on or else they won't be able to function properly and get stressed out at every little thing. Their crutch could be knitting to sports (e.g. Weight lifting). A lot of people don't do  time out for themselves, and they start to panic. Though, some people thrive on chaos in their life, and be able to take it in stride.
Some of the things that could help you to have a stress free lifestyle is to take the time for yourself, and don't listen to all of the negative talk that the people will tell you. Listen to your heart not your mind. Another thing to enjoy a stress free lifestyle is to laugh and have fun. The best therapy is laughter, and it makes you feel ten times younger. Let worries just flow out and wash away. Worry for about fifteen minutes and then take a deep breathe and relax.
          In the end you will feel a whole lot better about yourself and a stress free life.  So, remember to smile, laugh, and don't forget to leave your worries at the door.
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