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Topic: Is Anyone Watching Television anymore?
  The topic seems to be a very interesting one, because I keep talking about it. It's like why not talk about something different. Then, again that would mean that I would have to discuss something other than Television.

Is there anything else to talk about, I mean we could talk about the Rosie and Donald feud and I hear its getting uglier by the minute. I think that they should simply just agree to disagree and move on. I mean what's done is done and Donald Trump handled that whole Miss USA the best that he could and came to the conclusion of that everyone needs a second chance, and if the Miss USA goes into Rehab that maybe the girls that are growing up, would take into consideration that everyone is human and that we all make mistakes. There is no need for Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump to throw rude comments  and insult the other. That is just my own humble opinion. I think maybe we could all get a long a little better in this world and maybe there would be less WARS.

Getting back on topic is anyone watching television anymore. What is your opinion on this topic? Let me know through the messageboard, or email me.

Talk amongst yourselves,

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