My Story Room
The Journey into Life
By: Bethany Plancke
As I look back over my life, and wonder where I have been going. Or, have I just been going down paths that don't seem to go anywhere. During a time, which I thought maybe, my life was getting on track, but lead to a dead end. Can life get anymore complicated? The answer is yes. You then wonder if there are really angels out there.
In the early 90's, a movie came to the box office, which was called, "City of Angels,"; starring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan. The premise for the movie was about angels trying to get us to appreciate life, because you never know how long you have on the earth. Ironically enough there was a song called, "Angel"; by Sarah McLachlan in the movie. One of the lines in the song, "Spend all your time waiting for that second chance." Which is saying that if you spend all your time waiting for that second chance, what is the point of living, if you don't get out do something. Another line in the song, "You're in the arms of the angel may you find some comfort there." If you know that there are angels among us they will comfort us no matter where the path will lead you.
The journey of life leads you down many different paths, and when you take one path it takes you to another fork in the path then you must decide where you want to go. The perfect bible story about life journey is,"The Prodigal Son." Where a young boy gets his inheritance and goes out into the world and lives life to his fullest. When his money runs out and becomes desperate to get back he had lost. But, when it failed he must face the fact and must return home and face his father. He tries telling his father that he is no good and that he's not worth being his son. The father will not hear it and tells him that he's glad that he is back. The father has a party to welcome back his son into the family. The last line of the story, "My younger son was lost, but now is found." I didn't realize what that meant, but after reading the story over and over, I realize that when you take that journey you find out just who you are and what you have learn in life.