Remember, You Can do anything you want
In our lifetime, we have heard the expression, "I can't do anything!" How many times have we said this to ourselves, or heard other people say it,just too many to count, right. But, a lot of it has to do with what is going on in our life at the moment.
          As I was a child there were a lot of people that would tell me,I couldn't be able to do this or that. But, I showed them went out, to get my high school diploma, and even as a baby, I learned to walk bedause they told my parent wourldn't be able to. It"s not that I couldn't do those things, because I always knew that could it was I'll show them was just an added bonus to the people who said I couldn't. I was determined to do it my way. That's what  it comes down to is the only person that you should be listening to is YOURSELF!
          I am reminded of the children's story, "Jack and the Beanstalk." Where the story begins with Jack and his mother very poor, and Jack must go out and sell the cow. Along the way he meets an old crook that trades him magic beans for the cow. Of course, his mother is none to please and throws the beans out the window. The next morning Jack wakes up and notices the beans have grown into a beanstalk. Of course, he has to climb the tree, finds a castle, knocks on the door, sneaks inside to take a peek, and hears a giant coming, so he hides. Well, you get the picture because at the end he of course kills the giant and lives happily with his mother with the magic harp, and the chicken that lays the golden eggs. The story is a bit morbid, but it is a classic tale of starting out with nothing and ending up with everything. People can easily associate with this story saying that you can do anything that you want, all have to do is believe in yourself.
So, whenever, you feel like giving up just remember the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk," where he started from nothing and ended up with faith in himself. I wake up every morning with a smile on my face that I have everything that is important to me. "Can't", is not a word it's a contraction of two words of "Can" and "Not."  Plus, it's not in my vocabulary.    
Remember to just do your best and everything will fall into place.