Many thanks to my editor, Clotho, who has painstakingly proof-read
and offered insightful suggestions for my stories. 
I've only been watching the series since the introduction of Jack Christey (Steve Bisley) to Water Rats. 
Recent events in the show have turned my hand to writing a bit of fanfic for Jack, Alex and Mick.
Silent Tears 12K 28/8/00
Jack contemplates his life in the aftermath of the events in Final Chapter/Silent Running.  Spoilers for Season 5
Days Like This
Nominated for the Best Detective Story & Story Most Wanted to be an Episode for the Water Rats Fanfiction Awards
Part 1 14K 8/9/00 Part 2 23K 28/11/00
A dead body, an uncommunicative six year old and an unconscious woman appear to be three unrelated investigations for the Water
Rats until they begin to dig deeper.  Life on the harbour is not easy for the team as they face opposition to their investigations.
Shadows of Truth
Part 1 18K 11/1/01
Shadows of Truth deals with the events which took place in Family Values/True Believer and tries to fill in the gaps for the scenes we did not see.