This is the campaign website for my 3rd-Edition D&D Oriental Adventures campaign.  We play over OpenRPG, a freeware program you can download from the OpenRPG website. Games are currently on Sundays at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time, on my server, which is currently titled simply "Ark's Oriental Adventures Campaign".  I open my server at 4 pm EST to answer questions and help players with any pre-game stuff.  I am using a modified version of the standard Oriental Adventures setting, Rokugan, and in my modified setting I am allowing a broader selection of races and classes than is normally allowed in the standard Rokugan setting.  This website will contain campaign info, session logs, maps, and other resources for the players, when I am finished.  I will alert players of new website additions at the beginning of each session following a website update.  For now the website is just bare bones text and backgrounds, but soon I should have some graphics of some sort and more links.
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Probably-Necessary Legal Stuff : OpenRPG is open-source software distributed under the GNU/GPL License, and is part of, a product of, or an affiliate of (not sure which, they lack any sort of "About Us" page)  3rd-Edition Dungeons And Dragons (3E D&D) and Oriental Adventures are copyright, trademark, rights reserved, etc. and property of Wizards Of The Coast.  Rokugan and the Clans are copyright, trademark, rights reserved, etc. and property of Alderac Entertainment Group.
7-16-04 ---> Well, obviously I haven't updated in quite a while.  The Oriental Adventures campaign came to an abrupt end as it became impossible to get most players to show up consistently, and I grew tired of cancelling sessions due to only 1 or 2 players showing up each time.  I may finish updating these pages at some point, though it takes forever to add session logs, and I hope to eventually re-start this campaign.  For now, I am running a few
other games, including my Rhunaria campaign now linked here.

4-12-03 ---> Added log for 3-9-03 session.  Might be able to add another log on Monday.

4-06-03 ---> Added log for the 3-16-03 session.  Will try to do more updating this week if possible, think I will have the time.

3-22-03 ---> Added log for the 3-2-03 session.  Hope to add another log tomorrow, and more on Monday I hope.

3-16-03 ---> It's been much longer than expected, but I'm back to updating the site.  Added logs for the 1-5-03 and 2-2-03 sessions.

2-15-03 ---> Added log for the January 26th session.  I've also added a guestbook, as well as adding more graphics to the pages and adding backgrounds to most of the logs.  Will continue adding better graphics and such as I get around to it, and will also be adding more logs soon hopefully.  Also planning on updating the campaign overview page, whenever I can find enough time to review all the old logs and add their descriptions to it.....  If you have any problems with the extra graphics, or think they just look stupid, go ahead and e-mail me or leave a comment in my guestbook.

2-14-03 ---> Noticed an error with the map page, think I fixed it.  Also added a link for the January 19th session log.  Can't seem to load that log into pagebuilder, so had to just leave it in the geocities html editor format, meaning that I can't add a header or background or anything since I know almost nothing about is difficult enough to learn, and causing me no end of frustration in my college courses...  Anyway, I've moved the logs to a new log page, and moved the list of old updates to a separate updates page so as to unclutter the main page....  More site additions and updates to come, and hopefully some more logs will be added over the next week or two.  If I can get past my recent problems with pagebuilder, I should have all of the logs posted by the end of next week, hopefully...

2-12-03 ---> Added log for the November 17th session.  Unfortunately, it's the only log I've managed to load this week, and I can't seem to get pagebuilder to load any of the other logs remaining.  I can't seem to figure out why the stupid pagebuilder won't load the logs, since they're no larger in file size than any others I've posted.  I'll keep trying, but for now, don't expect many updates this month. }:^(

2-01-03 ---> Added log for the January 12th session.  Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but pagebuilder's been very uncooperative each time I've tried to load new logs, and it's been very annoying of late.  I'll keep trying to load the logs that I've edited, but with pagebuilder being so unreliable this past month, I don't know for sure when I'll get the things loaded.
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