Misty's Webpage: Browse a Little
My name is Misty Brooks.  That's me in the picture.  It was taken a week before my wedding, right after I had gotten my hair done.  My wedding was on May 20, 2000 to a wonderful man named Shawn, whom I met at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN.. 

Shawn and I have graduated from APSU and have since moved to California to pursue graduate school.  I decided to make this website as a tribute to my friends and family.  Browse through and get to know them as I know them!
May God bless you in all that you do.
I have now added a link for my friends from California.  More will be coming soon.
I have to talk about my friends from Austin Peay State University.  I met each of these people at my undergraduate college and love them dearly.  We went through a lot together and I have to include them on my webpage.  For Josh, Ryan, Jennifer, Mike, Kerri, Angel, and Becca, click on the APSU friends link. 

For my husband, click on Shawn.
I also have to talk about my friends from high school, who are very dear to me.  Darla, Jason, Latasha, and I were best friends in high school and since then, we've managed to stay in touch via Internet and telephone.  To see their site, click here.

To see my other friends from high school, click here.
Since I have such a wonderful family, I decided I have to put them on the webpage also.  I'll tell you a little about my family and about my husband's family.    Hope you enjoy looking at them too.
Eslick Family
Binkley Family
Brooks Family
Wood Family
I love my dogs too.  So I have to include a couple of pages about them.  They're so cute!!!
Okay, I decided that I absolutely have to talk about my favorite subject on this website too.  So, get ready to hear all about Dawson's Creek.  It was the best show on television, before the series ended in May of 2003.  I loved the show and was seriously addicted to it.  It was heartbreaking when the show ended after a six year run.  Click here to visit my Dawson's Creek webpage.