Metal Art
Custom Metal Fabrication
This is the view of Long's Peak as seen from our family shop located just North of Longmont, Colorado. These mountains have been here forever but they change with every passing  minute. The view is always beautiful but it's never exactly the same.

I'm a bit like this view when it comes to working with steel. Everything I make is custom, nothing is mass produced. There are no machine welds or laser cutters used. All welds are consistent with that of industrial manufacturing. A hand held gas torch is used to cut plate steel.  As a result every item is unique.

Don't get me wrong - I have an appreciation for the accuracy, quality  and repeatability of the machine processes. But the nature of custom "One Off" fabricating is more of an art form than a manufacturing process. 

I will have more pictures posted when I have time to work on this site. Other custom items available are Shelf Brackets, Rustic Hardware for your Cabin or Barn. Signs for entryway or roadside, armored mailboxes (thickness of steel is dictated by the size of the troublemakers in your neighborhood). Decorative entry gates with remote control openers, solar powered systems are  available to avoid running expensive electrical lines. 
Mailbox Topper
Horse Pair for Barn or Gates
Any Size or Shape
Horse Shoe Hooks
for your Tack Room or Cabin
Call or email for quote requests,
ideas or comments.
Rob Crow
(303) 485-8550
Longmont, Colorado
Horse Shoe Towel Bar
shown is 24" and 18"
Special requests are limited to
Your Imagination.
Any Size / Style You Choose
Boot Scraper
Notice Pony Shoe
Inside Bottom
Buy Sell or Trade - No Job Too Small
These are just a couple of past projects that I had pictures of...
Hyraulic Filter Cart
built for a Sawmill
Portable Shop Cart
Check back for more pictures and updates!

This site is a work in progress.