The Stoners' Basement
The Stoners' Basement is the best club I know of on the net.  It's a place for weed smokers from all over to hang out and chill.  There are cool pics, a exclusive chatroom, links, message boards and more.  Now that the founders have come down off their own personal multiple week highs (including me) we can get back to continually making the club a better and better place for weed smokers to hang out, and start getting the word out again that a club like this exists.  Our page is still growing (just like us next spring), we are now up to 24 members.  You will not find a more authentic page, made by people, some who like drugs, but all who really love weed.

Become a member and share your potshots, growing techniques, thoughts about legalization, weed experiences, and the current news drugwise in your life with the world!  It's made by my my good online toking buddy
ozzy_ozbong, and co-founded by me, trips and now maryjane299 as well.  This page is the absolute chronic!

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