My Thoughts
You will all pardon me for asking, but isn't this supposed to be a free country we live in?  Yet the government forcibly  "protects from ourselves" by illegalizing marijuana.  I don't litter, vandalize things, swear in front of children, etc.  I govern my decisions with my concience.  When I want to smoke weed, usually I have to sleek into the shadows (under bridges, in allies, etc.).  I don't hurt anyone else, I  probably don't even hurt myself.  Why should I be treated this way? 

There is as much evidence which says weed is bad for you, as there is evidence that says weed is good for you.  Just from experience I know that there is very little addiction.  I quite often smoke weed everyday for two straight months, and then take a week or so off without any withdrawl symptoms.  On top of that I am in grade nine piano, and as long as I am not stoned at the time, I can still play fine, I havn't become "permafried"... why not?  Getting permafried comes from excessive drinking and other drugs, not weed.  As well as piano I do Karate and am successful and happy at that.  The government hasn't illegalized addictive things such as alcohol or tobacco, and it runs a large gambing operation itself!  (Far more addictive then weed).  Now although I don't belive weed to be addictive, or detrimental to physical or mental health, my real concern is that the choice is not left up to us. 

Legalization would be great for our economy as well as morally correct.  If marijuana were to be legalized we would save money by not supporting the innocent people locked in jail, we would save on drug equipment and personel, we would save on court costs, and we could raise money with marijuana taxes.  Control would return to the government rather then dealers and smugglers, possibly forcing them out of buisness.  Police could focus on seerious and violent crime.  As for out aching natural forests, one acre hemp will produce the paper of four acres of trees, as well as paper the whole plant can be used for different things (clothes, rope etc.), and hemp oil contains the lowest percentage of saturated fats, and the highest percentage of fatty acids.  As well as things good for the country, the prices we pay for weed would drastically drop, and people could have some assurance of quality control.  In Holland three grams sells for $2.50. - $ 3.00, and the quality is much better.
Disclaimer:  This was writen while stoned and any subsiquent editing done will be done while I am stoned.  As a result the preceding may or may not make sence.
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