Good Trips!

Don't you just hate those trip sites that really let you down?  Well... This probably will too.  Well... well fuck you.  I did my best to find and make good trippy shit.  Here is my collection, I will continue to add to it.  Keep in mind that these files are intended to be informative as well as trippy.  Because yahoo has a bunch of security concerns I can't just upload an .exe file.  If you don't have winzip just go to the web site and download it.  It's not very big and it's well worth it, not just for these programs but for many others. I think that this program is my best work (as far as trips go).  It will really trip you out.  You will need winzip to open it. 

realms.gif This thing is really fucked.  You will go what the hell for a bit, but then it will spin the other way and you wont belive it. Needs no explaining.  I added a table of contents.  Most files will not be formatted properly if not opened with wordpad not notepad.  It is best to unzip, and sort to folders.  Once you open a file with wordpad, you can make it able to be opened with notepad my pressing the save button. I worship the guy who made this.  This is the trippiest thing that I have ever seen.  Very good with music. A wierd thing, it's like looking into water while there are many small ripples.  A little bit customizable. A pretty cool trip thing.  Similar to zonerings. A sweet little program.  Takes a little work to figure out.  You must unzip all of this into one folder or you will have several problems keeping things strainght.  This includes a screen saver maker, and several pre-made screen savers.  Can be really trippy.

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