I have loved and lost, fought and suffered, bled and laughed. I've traveled all over the world and have studied in a university in communist Cuba as well as ridden elephants in Thailand and painted Chinese characters at the top of Mt. Fuji.  When I am in a contemplative mood, I will ponder the Theory of Everything over a cup of Green Cactus Tea (hot). I also like to test my endurance by seeing how far I can push myself against a strong current in a river, or submerging myself in cold water until I begin to get woozy and then jumping into hot water. Sometimes I seek to reconcile the contradictions inherent in believing in a naturalistic view of the universe while maintaining that we have free will and can be influenced by the Devine. Afterwards, I watch The Simpsons. I have enjoyed the company of an African Spider Monkey named Gizmo. Once, I participated in a sťance in which we successfully summoned the spirit of Dick Tracy, but what he said was completely forgettable, as I have forgotten it.


All the above is completely and utterly true.  But it has been taken out of context, so it may not give you that accurate a view of who I am.  Let me try the more traditional route.

My name is Mike, and I have just returned from living in Japan where I was a teacher and a cultural ambassador (it said so on my buisness cards) for the Japanese government. This was a great experience for me, as I firmly believe that nothing broadens the mind like living abroad. Your mind just has to twist and turn in all these ways that it is not used to, that it can not help being stretched and expanded. There is nothing like seeing, "No things don't have to work that way to _work_" to make someone realize that there are ~other~ ways.

It's weird how if you stay at a place, almost any place, long enough that becomes your home. I remember referring to Japan as my home to my mother once and she got . . . almost offended at the thought. But the heart goes where it stays. And now that I am back in Oregon I find my heart gravitating here.

Currently I am going to graduate school and working on my Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies. This is basically a combination of many different areas, thus allowing me to broaden my field of interests. I am capable of learning history (the field I desire to get a PHD in) by myself, but this program will really teach me the methodology while at the same time exposing me to new modes of learning.

I've also just joined a local rock climbing gym. I'm just starting out, but it is very fun.  I used to work out at a gym, but that was so boring I had to listen to music to keep my mind occupied.  But with rock climbing I'm totally focused.  And completely sore . . . ow.   But it should get easier as time goes by.

This Webpage is used as mainly a place for me to post my Alternate History, and whatever else I feel I want to share with the world.
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