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&bsp; Greetings, and welcome to the Hero's Guide to the Realms. Presumably, you have already done some adventuring there, and you have a working knowledge of the game. If not, go here and download the latest OGNALL file for MRA so you can get started.

  Now that we've gotten that out of the way... my name is Durgan, and I will be your guide in this place. This site covers a variety of topics related to MRA - basically, anything a hero needs to know to survive and succeed against the ravening hordes of monsters. Unless noted otherwise, all information related here is from my own observations. I will be continually updating information as things change or I gain new insights, so be sure to check back often.

  Questions? Comments? Want to send me something? E-mail me.

What's New?

  9 Feb: Added a new pic to the Weird Stuff page (Mirabell in the pub); added the link to IUN on the Dungeons page; and updated the Events section.

  p;2 Feb: I took the morning off from my usual work schedule and updated the site (it needed it, badly...). So here's what's new: Added a bunch of namers to the Namers page. Added info on Valadia, added the link to GOM (forgot that one), and updated some other information. Updated the Rune/TP levels on the Places page, and added a bunch of new ones (up to Val 4). Updated the Events page.