Mistral Adoptions
[see a mistral]

Mistrals are small, winged, drake-like creatures, native to Fae lands. Before any were adopted out, the mistrals lived happily in Aikousha. The domesticated strains that are adopted out here live off magic, like their wild cousins, and in the absence of an abundant raw magic supply, will require a perennial high-energy food source, for example, nectar, honey, rock sugar, etc. They are highly intelligent, and speak fluent Fae but poor English.

The graphics used in this adoption agency are not drawn unique to each adopter, however, they are changed with every switch of theme (2-4 clutches) and it is possible to get single/double-uniques through breeding, contests, or special clutches. Note: Due to that fact that this adoption agency has been taken over by Shoukea, you can no longer get these unique changes in looks/themes etc.
current themes:
miniwing - classical elements
furrytuft - multi-coloured minerals
swirlycurl - fruit

>>1 EGG -miniwing<<

I have to give very awesome credit to Shan who drew these awesome creatures!

MY adopted Pets!