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I have received a ton of e-mail asking about me, so I have decided to write a little about myself, & why I started this site.

Let me first start by saying that I am not conceited or anything. I was given the nickname of "Purple Princess" by a fellow employee while working during my last year of high school, because a lot of my wardrobe consisted of, (obviously), Purple & the nickname has somewhat stuck since then. When encouraged to start a site, I had no idea what to call it once I decided what the topic would be, so I used my nickname as part of the title, as well as the basic color scheme of the site, purple.

I'd also like to mention that I am not d/Deaf nor am I hard-of-hearing (HOH). I am simply a hearing person with a huge interest in ASL, the deaf, and the Deaf Culture. In fact, I am not fluent in ASL, as of yet, but I am learning. I started teaching myself out of books when I was younger. Then at the age of 25, I decided to take a college course in ASL. I was only able to take one semester. I am now 31 and working on going back to continue my studies in ASL and the Deaf Culture. I hope to get an A.S. Degree in this area.

The reason I started this page is a long and kind of silly story, but I’m glad it happened. I got my first computer in 1998 and prior to that had absolutely no knowledge of computers. I very quickly learned not only how to use it, but how to do many other things. My fiancé got his first computer around the same time, and learned as much as I did, if not more. He’s a DJ, (& now a computer tech), so right away he decided to start a web page to try and start “advertising his services.” Since HE had a web page, he kept insisting that I too start one.

“I’m not a DJ, and don’t have any other kind of business, why would I start one,” I asked. In fact, “I have no idea what I’d do, or what I’d call it,” I added. Well, he kept insisting and I kept hesitating.

I’m a poet and always run across sites of other poets posting their work for others to enjoy, but I’m too critical of my work for that, so I said “no” to that idea. I am starting to try to become a model/actress, so people suggested I start an online “portfolio”, in hopes that the right person sees it and I might get lucky and be discovered. Again, I said, “Nah.” I’d feel like I’m being stuck up or something. Plus, I don’t trust the web enough to have my pictures online for just anyone to see. So there went that idea. Then, one day I was bored so I decided to see what I could find online about ASL, the deaf, Deaf Culture, or even hard-of-hearing and I had a hard time finding anything. It was very frustrating!

I did, like many of us do when we finally find something we’ve been searching hard for, and stuck pretty much any site I found regarding ASL in my “favorite places” so I wouldn’t lose it. Finally, it hit me, “I found the subject for my web page! I’ll start an ASL link page!” That put a huge smile on my fiancé’s face. “Finally”, he commented.

In searching for ASL in particular, I would find things other than American Sign Language, and would get very frustrated. I thought, “If I am having this problem, I’m sure others are as well!” So basically, my site is my online ASL “bookmark!”

My “web page” has since turned into a “website” with a few different pages. I have even started the ASL Web Ring and a couple of online groups/clubs for ASL students since then. I have also been asked, and have since become, a volunteer Webmaster of a link page on DeafSpot.net. The page I work on is: Deaf-Related Links

I have found that I really enjoy receiving e-mail from others asking for my help regarding this subject. I, unfortunately, can’t help everyone, but I do my best, even if I have to do the “research” myself.

Why do I have such a passion for all of this? Well, I can’t say for sure, but one reason might be because my older brother, (who died when he was four and I was three), was born premature and with several handicaps including being deaf and blind. I did not end up having to learn ASL to communicate with him, but had lived, I would have.

Later in life, my younger brother was baptized by a couple that have a deaf daughter. I have always been able to communicate with her without using sign, (my Mom calls it a gift), but I always wanted it to be easier. That’s when I finally decided to go out and buy a sign language dictionary and start teaching myself, only I was teaching myself Signed English.

After I get married, (whenever that may be), and we start having kids, I plan to teach them sign language from almost birth. I hear that it is a good idea for several reasons. To find out some of the reasons, check out the following addresses: Baby Signs, Baby sign language, and SIGN with your BABY! Until that time, I plan on trying to help my Godchildren & my new little niece learn "baby sign" whenever I get the chance.

My Collecting Interests:


I collect the "Love Is..." comic panel & have since 1993 or so, though I have a few from 1990 in my personal collection. I am now also starting to collect the "Blue Girl" series of Holly Hobbie that I once had when I was a kid.


My Other Interests:


I am also interested in Christianity, poetry (both reading & writing), Harley-Davidson motorcycles, my limited edition Honda Rebel 450 motorcycle, & Minnie Mouse. (I just thought I'd throw that in to let you know a bit more about me.)

Anyway, enough about me, I hope you continue to enjoy my site and keep sending me those e-mails. I’ll do my best to try to help you out! J


PS   If you like my site and find it helpful to you, please let me know either through e-mail or, (if you want), you can “vote” for my site at either (or both) of the following addresses: Deaf Watch Award &/or Talking Hands Award. Thank you all for the compliments so far, and thank you in advance, for any others I may receive in the future. My site’s not much, but I do work hard at it, and I do my best to help keep you informed!


God bless & happy signing,

<><  "Purple Princess" (~.~)

                              I support Deaf Awareness


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