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SIGN IT! The New Board Game for Learning American Sign Language

Keep Quiet- the Family Fun Game for ages 7 to adult

One place to buy the above ^ or below ¬ games

Keep Ouiet- Reward Game is a word changing game for everyone

Finger Alphabet Lotto

Number and Letter Games

Flash Cards

Beginning Signing Primer Flash Cards

Basic Signing Vocabulary Flash Cards, Set A

Basic Signing Vocabulary Flash Cards, Set B

Finger Alphabet Cards

Sign Number Cards

Flashcards, posters, puzzles, games, worksheets, software (some are printable for FREE!)

Dolls & Teddy Bears

Sign Language Barbie (on

Sign Language Barbie (on eBay)

Amplification For Dolls

Where do we go from Hear? (dolls)

Sites Worth Checking Out (various items available)

PYRAM.COM (a store based in CA)

Harris Communications Home Page

TTYs, assistive devices, books, videos, gifts, games, etc.

Sign language learning aides/games/posters/books (religious & non-religious), assistive listening devices, hearing aids, deaf products, TTYs, pagers, amplified phones, etc. of products for deaf, deafness, hearing impaired, hard of hearing

Jewelry, Crafts, & Other Novelty Items

Deaf Resources Shopping Index

Evergreen Sign Language Jewelry

Interpretations - Sign Language Jewelry, Clothing, and gifts

Homeroom Catalog for Teachers (do a search for "I Love You" & "Signing" here, they don't always have these items though!)

Various Novelties in ASL

"ILY" & other sign language clothing

Hand Expressions Inc. Sign Language Products

AGO gifts & Publications

Christmas Items

Christmas Ornament 1 (I love you)

Christmas Ornament 2 (I love you)

Christmas Ornament 3 (MC, Merry Christmas)

Videos & Exercise Videos Done in Sign

Videos 4 children & adults, (religious, Christmas & baby preschool songs, medical, legal, banking & money, patriotic, etc.)

Stories done in ASL

ASL Sign Language Videos

American Sign Language Videos

Various Sign Language Videos/DVDs

Happy Hands Kids Club: various items

Interax Video Sign Language Course

ASL in Motion, Inc. products page

Sign Language Videos

SIGN with your BABY

Baby Signs books Official Site

Sign & Say: Baby's 1st words (

Sign & Say: Bible Verses for Children (

Sesame Street Sign Language ABC with Linda Bove

Signercize Inc.!


Various videos including "Shape Up 'N Sign"

ASL: The Game Show Video

Signing Time videos & CD for kids

Deaf Magazines & Newspapers

Deaf Life Magazine

HiP Magazine for Deaf & HOH Kids & Their Pals-(No longer in print) Go here 4 back issues only

Deaf & ASL Greeting Cards Online & for Purchase

FREE Deaf Greeting e-Cards/Cartes Virtuelles SOURD-PRISE Online

Christmas Holiday Cards

Sign Language Gifts for deaf and hearing impaired children, their families, interpreters, ASL teachers & students

Greeting Cards & More

Software & CD-ROMs

American Sign Language Software

SignWriting Catalog

American Sign Language CD-ROMs

American Sign Language for Kids DVD

Cell phone & PDA software for learning ASL

Mobile-Mind Application 4 learning Fingerspelling on your cell phone (4 Verizon phones)

PalmASL 1.1

Palm OS PDA Software Collection V5.1-Learn languages including Sign Language

Instant Immersion American Sign Language

TTY/TDD's, Two-way Pagers, & Other Wireless Communication Devices

ADCO Hearing Products, Inc. - Technology for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Wynd Communications

Ultratec, Inc. The World's Leading Manufacturer of TTYs

WebLink Wireless

The Deafworks Company

Books & Dictionaries

DawnSignPress - San Diego, CA

Lost Angeles Rubber Works Books on Deaf Culture & Signs

Sign Me Up! book (also has CD-ROMs)

Potomac Technology--books & videos

Deaf & Sign Language Books

Sign Media, Inc. Video

Random House Webster's American Sign Language Medical Dictionary

Religious Signing book

Random House Webster's American Sign Language Legal Dictionary

Random House Webster's American Sign Language Computer Dictionary

Can I Help?: Helping the Hearing Impaired in Emergency Situations (Beginning Sign Language) (Signed English)

Medical Sign Language

Christmas Books Done in Sign

Mouse's Christmas Eve in Signed English

The Night Before Christmas (Sign Language)


Lost Angeles Rubber Works | Deaf Culture & Sign Language Rubber Stamps

Specialty Items Just for Kids

Child's Room Border in Sign, Posters, Handshape Charts, playing cards, flash cards & more

Child's Room Border in Sign, Poster, Handshape Chart & more

Light Talk Gloves (glow-in-the-dark gloves for signing in the dark)

ASL DeafGifts (shirts, gifts, books, jewelry)

Travel & Cruises for the d/Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing

Hands On Italia-Providing unique travel experiences for travelers who use sign language

Deaf Cruises by The Sunset Cruise Agency

General list of Deaf Travel Sites

Also Check Out the Links Below for Other Sites

DeafMall - Deaf-owned Businesses and Deaf Related Products and Services

Companies with Deaf Related Products

A general list of Deaf businesses & services

Hearing Aid Batteries Supplies, Repair, & more at discount prices from Buyers Haven

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